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Frisky in Mexico (Amelia Stark)

Frisky in Mexico by Amelia Stark

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This book is the first volume in the ‘Frisky: Pony-girl’ saga.

20 year old Emma Carter is snatched from her bed in Mexico by a gang of ruthless bandits and taken to a farm where she begins the slow transformation into a Pony-girl. The journey is gruelling, as is the initial fitting of all the paraphernalia associated with the sport of Pony-girl racing. Once she has been fitted with a leather corset-harness, hoof-boots, bridle and bit, her training begins in earnest. She has to learn how to run in her new gear and pull chariots with a view to competing in races for her new owners – the Greenways.

Emma, or Frisky, soon finds out that the people who run the sport treat her sadistically in order to achieve victory on the track. While running in her first race, the athletic youngster is spotted by a billionaire from Dubai, who immediately covets the English girl. If you are looking for a book with plenty of Pony-girl action, humiliation, masterful training and intense sexual situations then look no further than ‘Frisky in Mexico’. This is very much a story for adults only (18+). Definitely not for those with delicate sensibilities.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 3 / 2016

No. words: 40331

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The temperature in the back of the truck was unbelievably high, making me wonder if I was going to survive the journey to wherever I was being taken. My breath was coming in short sharp gasps, partly because of a tubular gag, which had been forced into my mouth and partly because of the stifling heat. My throat was as dry as a piece of burnt toast and my head was buzzing as though it was full of angry hornets.
I was lying on my side in a thick layer of smelly straw, but it didn’t protect me from the harsh road conditions, during what had been a long and painful journey. To make matters worse the vehicle stank of shit and leather making me feel sick and dizzy.
What felt like leather straps were fastened around my head and under my chin, ensuring that the unresisting bit painfully pulled my cheeks back at the sides of my mouth. The strapping around my head seemed to be connected to a high collar which was wrapped tightly round my neck, severely restricting my head from moving. The shape of the collar stopped me from bending my head forward and only allowed me a little movement in either direction sideways.
My elbows and wrists were strapped together down the center of my back and felt as though they had been wrapped in a close-fitting sleeve. The tightness of the straps were causing me considerable pain, making me wonder if my elbows and shoulders were becoming dislocated.
A tightly cinched, broad leather corset had been fastened round my waist, which bent my torso into an uncomfortable curved shape. The people who were responsible for snatching me had tied my feet together and after pulling them back behind me had tied them to my wrists, effectively hog tying me.
I could feel thick leather straps buckled uncomfortably round the top of my thighs, while my feet felt as though they were encased in some sort of tight footwear. Unfortunately, because my feet were fastened to my wrists, it was impossible for me to shift my position, or even roll about to see what I was wearing.
Not only were my shoulders killing me, my back was aching severely, adding yet another pain to all the others screaming from every joint in my body. The restraints and pains were bad enough, but there was a far worse aspect to my situation. The awful thing was that my tits and pussy were totally exposed. My curved, restrained posture meant that my body was arched, causing my naked breasts, stomach and vulva to thrust forward in a most undignified manner.
As my head began to clear I realized that I was effectively at the mercy of the people who had snatched me and wouldn’t be able to protect myself when they eventually came to release me. I wriggled about in an effort to hide the short stubble on my mons and pudendal cleft, but couldn’t twist without causing myself a lot of pain. Knowing that anyone looking down at my naked body and seeing the gash of my sex peeping out at the apex of my thighs, made me want to die!
I had been moaning since regaining consciousness about an hour earlier, but tried to keep as still as I could to save my energy, even though I was sweating profusely in the intense heat. The leather bit tasted foul and seemed to fill my mouth, which had become sore and extremely dry. Weirdly, my tongue felt bloated and I couldn’t seem to find a comfortable position for it, above or below the tubular gag.
I knew it was day time, because I could see flashes of light through cracks in the rear doors of the vehicle as we bounced along what felt like an extremely rough road. A cacophony of groans were rising from every corner of the trailer, so I guessed that there were other girls in the same predicament as myself.
When the vehicle finally came to a juddering halt, a cacophony of complaining sound rang out around the interior of the vehicle, including my own throaty protest. I was relieved to be lying still, but on the other hand dreading the next atrocity that the criminals were about to do to me.
I guessed that I had been snatched from the hostel where I was staying, because the last thing I remember was going to bed after spending the night out on the town. A young attractive Mexican lad had become friendly and attentive during the evening and bought me several drinks. On reflection I remembered telling him, after I had gotten pretty drunk, where I was staying. I was enjoying myself so much I just didn’t think about the consequences. I now assumed that the young Man who called himself Paulo was part of the gang of thugs that had snatched me.
The moment I met my new friend Mary at her hotel, she warned me about wearing skimpy dresses and told me to be on my guard. She had sensibly worn jeans and t-shirt, which on reflection was more practical in the kind of clubs we frequented. However she had been in the country for several months, compared to the few days I had spent in Mexico City, which made her a lot more streetwise.
Because I was travelling on a tight budget I had to choose a hostel in the seedier part of town. The place was a dive and thinking back now, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the guy on the desk was part of the gang as well!
As I lay there in the hot smelly straw, I remembered that the club was such a dark and dingy place that I probably wouldn’t be able to identify the guy who I had danced and drank with. My friends had warned me that teenage girls often disappeared in this part of the world and were never seen or heard from again, but I had dismissed the stories as scaremongering urban legends. My parents had also warned me about the dangers, but I was determined to backpack around Mexico, a decision that I was ruefully regretting, while lying among the putrid straw.
I was also wondering how long I had been unconscious. A few hours? A day? And what had happened to me since I had been snatched? Had someone violated me? So many questions flooded through my brain, none of which I knew the answer to.
I couldn’t tell if anything had happened to me, while I was unconscious, because of all the sharp pains emanating from all over my body; and because I was finding it difficult to separate one throbbing ache from another. Apart from my arms and shoulders, one of the most intense pains came from my feet and ankles. It felt as though they had been squeezed into extremely small unyielding boots, which were forcing my feet to point my toes awkwardly.
A dreadful moaning broke out again when the vehicle moved back and forth several times, causing us even more pain; but thankfully the engine was switched off, signaling we had arrived at our destination. However, we were left to stew in the scorching heat for some time, making us stew, while imagining what dreadful plans the bandits had for all of us.
The truck had been stationery for about ten sweltering minutes, when I heard sounds of doors opening and voices chatting away in Mexican. A brilliant, intense light flooded the interior of the vehicle, blinding me for a short while. The sound of several pairs of footsteps thundering up into the lorry, reverberated around me, as they approached where I was lying. A dark figure leant over my quivering body and began to untie the rope between my hands and feet.
I immediately tried to remonstrate with my abductor, with grunts and gurgled screams, but was roughly pushed forward onto my knees, with my head on the floor. The man untied my ankles and then forced my knees apart, leaving me with my butt in the air. I tried to squeeze my thighs together to hide the split fig of my labia, undoubtedly protruding from between the top of my thighs, but my captor had other ideas. THWACK! THWACK!
“Neeeeiii!” I screamed through my gag, as several streaks of lightning seared across my buttocks.
“Stay still and shut the fuck up!” my subjugator exclaimed, as I tried to shuffle forward to avoid further blows on my exposed butt cheeks. I felt unbelievably vulnerable, being bound and gagged and unable to defend myself from the man’s sadistic blows. He grabbed my hair and painfully hauled me to my knees, which embarrassed me even further.
I was not a shy girl, but knowing my bare boobs were bouncing and jutting forward and my sex was shamelessly on display, made me blush deeply. The man grabbed my shoulders and hauled me to my feet, but when I found my balance, I discovered I couldn’t straighten up. I had to adopt a bowed stance with my knees bent, my ass sticking slightly backward and my back at about 30 degrees to the ground. Short chains had been fastened between the base of my corset-harness and my thigh straps, which were effectively stopping me from standing erect.
A deafening racket soon developed in the small confines of the box wagon, because my fellow passengers were all being lifted to their feet and beaten by their handlers. We were all crying and protesting, bumping into each other and stamping our heavy boots on the floor of the wagon. The interior of the wagon was in chaos for a while, but I gradually began to make out the shapes of the men and other girls in the dark shadows around me.
When I finally found some space and got my balance the man grabbed my right boob and began to tweak my nipple between his fingers. “Mumph!” I complained when his other hand slid round to my butt cheeks and squeezed the taut skin, testing the consistency of my firm globes. Then, he released my tit and dropped his hand over my belly to explore the black stubble on the mound of my vulva, before attempting to force his hand between my thighs.
“Uhhhh!” I moaned, while trying to squirm away from his probing fingers.
Thankfully, he withdrew his hand and slapped my butt. “Silence you stupid animal!” he yelled aggressively with an American accent. THWACK!
“Aeeeeiiiiiii!” I screamed, when another pain exploded high on my thigh.
“Plenty of time later for playing with them!” another man growled. “Let’s get them out of here and moving!” the authoritarian voice urged.
I tried to get a look at the man’s face, but a combination of leather blinkers on my bridle and the other occupants of the van, blocked my view. I had a few glimpses of a couple of the other unfortunate victims and realized that we were all wearing the same bridle-like strapping around our heads. My sobbing became a scream, when one of my nipples was yanked, almost pulling me off my feet.
“Get a move on bitch,” growled my tormentor, with real menace in his voice.
“Muuuph!” I groaned from the pain that shot through my breast, but quickly kept up with the sadistic beast that kept pulling my nipple.
I was stopped at the end of the truck so that a chain could be fastened to a ring on the front of my posture collar, which only increased my fear that something even more terrible was about to happen to me. The brusque handler pulled the chain, forcing me to trust him, because I couldn’t look down to see where I was going.
I stumbled forward, half walking and half lurching down the wooden ramp into the bright sunshine, which thankfully was slightly cooler than the interior of the truck. A hand grabbed my ass, making me yelp with surprise, for the tip of his fingers had deliberately prodded the projecting lips of my pussy.
“Get a move on you lazy animal,” growled a voice in my ear.
I stumbled onto the stony ground trying to free my ass from the persistent hand, but had to take another two steps before his fingers fell away. However, the kidnapper had managed to get a finger into my quim, which I was horrified to admit, was wet and succulent. Was the punishing treatment and the bondage restraining my body turning me on in some way? It was a scary thought and one that I put to the back of my mind.

Author Information

~~ Amelia’s new Paperback site ~ https://www.amazon.com/author/astark
~~ Follow Amelia on facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/amelia.stark.98
~~ Keep up to date on her website ~ https://www.ameliastarkserotica.co.uk
~~ Follow Amelia on Twitter ~ AmeliaStark_18
~~ Email Amelia at ~ Amelia.stark@mail.com
Amelia was born in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in a beautiful country setting in the midlands. Working from a small cosy office and with only the occasional company of her pet cat, Amelia weaves her stories, morning, noon and night. She entered the literary world on a notion that she could write more interesting stories than she was reading; and thinks she has succeeded in her goal. An avid reader of BDSM, erotica, horror, science fiction and detective novels, Amelia is determined to bring some or all of these subjects into her own work and hopefully thrill her readers.
All of her work belongs in the BDSM category, but she has written in a wide variety of niches such as Urban, Interracial, Pony-girl, Puppy-girl, thriller and adventure. Her most popular books to date are the Hijack series (3 books), the Frisky series (3 books), the Husni series (9 books) and the Caged & Transported series (8 books/4 compendiums); but there are many more in the library to choose from. 45+
There’s a new paperback site that will grow quickly during the back end of 2016 and on into 2017 - https://www.amazon.com/author/astark


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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