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A Game With Andy (Stella Fyre)

A Game With Andy by Stella Fyre

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For Andy, it seemed as though everything had gone wrong. Losing his job after being wrongly accused of sexual harassment and then finding his fiancée had false evidence of his infidelity, he might have thought it could not get worse. He was wrong. His fiancée, Brenda, was determined to have revenge. Andy woke up to find he was dressed in women’s lingerie and tied to the bed, and Brenda warned him that she had photos of him and would send them to everyone he knew unless he did exactly as he was told.

Brenda had Andy taken to Mistress Fiona, a professional dominatrix, for some severe punishment for what Brenda believed he had done. But after administering the beginnings of the punishment and listening to what Andy had to say, Mistress Fiona began to suspect that something was not quite as she was being led to believe…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 1 / 2016

No. words: 60450

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM and Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Andy awoke, confused and with a headache. He had no recollection of going to bed. More confusing still was to find that his arms were outstretched and his wrists were fastened to the top corners of the bed and his ankles were similarly restrained to the lower corners.
Brenda appeared, looked at him and laughed. “Wow, you are in a strange position”
Andy tried to speak, but found that his mouth was held tightly shut with sticky tape.
“Now don’t move and be quiet,” Brenda told him, and then laughed again. “You do realise you are naked apart from the new clothes I bought for you? I must admit you do look pretty. You have been a naughty boy, haven’t you? You sexually harassed a friend of mine at work, and your stupidity got you the sack.”
Andy tried to shouting through the gag, but she only laughed and told him to be quiet. “You have also had girls staying in your flat all night, so I expect you have been sleeping with them too.”
Andy tried to shout again, but Brenda pointed a remote control unit at him and pressed a button. An intense pain went through his genital area, and this time the noise he made was a scream.
“Now listen in, you traitor. If you don’t want to feel that pain again then you will shut up. I don’t want to hear any excuses, because I know they will be all lies. You will only speak when I say you can. Do you understand, Andy?” Brenda watched as he nodded his head, and she smiled at his discomfort, knowing that she had him right where she wanted him. He was now under her power, and the feeling that she could dominate him was exciting her.
“Do you want to know how you are dressed? Well, I took a few photos of you while you slept, and if you look at the computer monitor…” She pressed the remote and he saw the pictures of himself lying on the bed in women’s lingerie. His face went white.
“Now listen, you two-timing shit, and that is what you are. From now on you will do everything I tell you to do without question. You are my slave, and I’ll warn you now that if you don’t do what I tell you without question then I’ll see to it that all your mates see those pictures. They’re all programmed into my computer. If you disobey me, an e-mail will be sent with them attached to all your mates and most of my girlfriends. While you were sleeping I waxed your body, and the only hairs you have on your body now are on your head. The key to that command on the computer is around your waist and in the elastic band around your genital sack. The suspender belt has a fine wire running through it and down the suspenders and clip, where they in turn are attached to the stocking tops. As long as none of these connections are broken, the little clip that is attached the clasp on the suspender belt sends out an ok signal. If at any time the contact is broken, then it automatically sends a danger signal and then in a split second the computer program sends the photos. The one around your genital sack works when it is being stretched. That is the one that has the electric shock running through it, and you do know that it works. Now, I’m sure there are many questions you would like to ask me, so for you to do so I will remove the gag. By the way, this is all being filmed and it is going to be put onto a DVD. Mind you, I don’t want to hear bad language or shouting, so get composed.”
Brenda walked up to the head of the bed and looked down at him. “Are you composed?” she asked, and saw him nod?
As she took the tape from his mouth his head jerked forward and he said, “What the Hell is going on, Brenda?”
Brenda stuck the tape back across his mouth, saying, “Now that was not a very good start. I didn’t want to do this but I have no choice.” She picked up the remote control and pointed it at Andy, saying, “This is strength three.” Then she pressed the button.
Pain like no other he had ever experienced shot through his genitals, causing him to nearly pass out and making tears come to his eyes. He screamed into the tape gag, but to Brenda it was just a gurgle. She laughed.
She put the remote to one side and again walked to the head of the bed. “Now, you don’t want that to happen again, do you?”
He shook his head, so once more she took off the tape and this time he said nothing.
“Good, you are learning. Have you any questions?”
“Yes, I have. When will I be able to take these clothes off?”
“You can’t. They will stay on you until we are married in six months’ time, but don’t worry: I will give you a new pair of knickers now and again.”
“What will people say?”
“Unless you tell them, they won’t know.”
“How do I know you are telling the truth about the chip in the clasp?”
“For God’s sake, Andy, I’m computer programmer and this is all basic stuff. Look, I’ll tell you what…” and she put her hands each side of his waist, “you watch the screen and I’ll undo the clasp.”
A look of sheer terror crossed his face. “No! No! I believe you. Just leave it alone.” Andy knew that she was all she said she was, and more, and he had seen what she could do with a computer.
“There is one other thing you might like to know, and that is for the last three months since I found out you had been two-timing me, I have been putting a powder in your drinks, and I notice that your breasts are beginning to grow. It’s from Sweden, and it works slowly at first, but after the first three months it makes them grow as quick as hell. Don’t worry; I will check the size and get the appropriate bra.” She smiled again. “I wonder if I will get as much of a thrill out of feeling your breasts as you do feeling mine.” Then she leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.
He felt his cheeks redden. He had noticed recently that there was a lot more flab around his nipples.
“Right, now I’m going to release your left hand, and then you can release the rest of your bonds while I go downstairs and talk to mother.” She then switched the computer off, and looking at Andy she told him, “If the circuit is broken, the computer automatically starts up. Put your clothes back on, and come down at your own leisure.” Once more Brenda gave him a wicked smile. He also noticed that before she left the room she switched off a video camera that was standing on a tripod in the corner. She then picked up both the camera and the tripod, and walked out with it over her shoulder.
A short while later, Andy plucked up the nerve to go downstairs. He was about to enter the sitting room when he heard Brenda and her mother laugh loud. He had a sneaking feeling that they were talking about him, and he felt his face go red again. He was getting mixed feelings deep inside him about what was happening. There was deep embarrassment and even fear, but at the same time there was excitement of a kind he had never experienced before. As he stepped into the room and they both looked at him, he felt his face turn deeper red. It was warm, and Brenda’s mother must have seen his face flush. “Why don’t you open your shirt buttons, Andy? Feeling faint in this weather is nothing to be embarrassed.”
Fear struck him, and he blurted out, “No, no, I’m fine, thank you. I must be getting home as I have some letters to write.”
“I will see you to the door, Andy,” Brenda told him, and she stood up and she walked out the room in front of him. At the door, she said, “Remember what I told you, Andy. Make sure you don’t breaks the links, or you know what will happen,” and again he saw the wicked smile.
“What happens if they get broken accidentally? When I’m asleep, for instance, what if they break then?”
“You’d better make sure that doesn’t happen then, hadn’t you? Actually, they are very strong wires and links, so don’t worry about it. It’s not likely to happen by accident, unless you are very careless. I will be around later to check on you, as I don’t want you to get lonely.” She then gave him another smile.

When Andy arrived back in his flat, he stripped off all his clothes and stood in front of the full-length mirror. He turned his back and looked at the clasp over his shoulder, and sure enough he could see the little black box no bigger than his fingernail. There were several thin wires coming from it, and they did not look very strong.
Suddenly, he had an idea. He picked up the phone and dialled a number. “Hello, Dave, is that you? Listen, a friend of mine has asked me a question, and I think you’ll know the answer. His father has had a security system connected to his garage while he is away on holiday. It’s a wire, and apparently if you tamper with it or break the connection it turns a computer on then sends a pre-recorded message to the police. Is that possible? Oh, it is. I thought it was a bluff, and you say it’s instantaneous? Well, thank you anyway.”
Andy put down the receiver. He then looked at the elastic around his genitals and noticed a thin, bare wire running through that too. He stepped back to the bed and fell asleep, thinking about the predicament he was now in.
It was dark when he heard knocking on the door. He sat bolt upright and panicked. Then he realized that he was in his own room and the knocking was on his own door. He slipped off the bed, put his jeans on and then his shoes, and stepped over to the door. Looking through the spy hole, he saw Brenda. When he opened the door, instead of coming in she stood in the hall and told him, “We are going for a walk.”
Andy looked at his watch and commented on the fact that it was ten forty-five and a bit late for a walk. As he spoke, he noticed that she had a bag in her hand.
“No, this is the best time for a walk,” she snapped. “So get out here and escort me home.”
They walked to the centre of the village and then down the alleyway. There, Brenda stopped. “Right, Andy, show me that you are still dressed the same way as when I left you at my door. Show me my lingerie.”
He was only wearing a tee shirt and jeans, and he was feeling nervous. “But Brenda, someone might see me.”
“They will if you don’t get a move on,” she told him.
Andy undid his belt, and then looked all around to make sure there was no one anywhere near them. He lowered his jeans, but he kept hold of the waistband.
“Take off the jeans and tee shirt,” Brenda ordered.
“You’ve not got a bat’s chance in hell of that ever happening,” he answered.
“Is that what you think, Andy?” Then she pointed the remote at him and pressed it on number one.
He felt the jolt, and then in almost a shout, he squealed, “Ok.” Then, as she released the button, he pulled off his shoes and stripped off his jeans, followed by the shirt.
“That’s better. Now hand me your shoes and jeans.”
As he obeyed, she handed him a pair of girl’s knee-length boots, adding, “Now put these on. Be quick. The pubs will be closing soon, and then there will be men, women and girls all over the village.” As soon as Brenda said that, Andy’s heart skipped a beat and his stomach began twisting inside.
He put his feet in them and zipped up the sides. “Now what am I supposed to do, Brenda?”
“You have to get back to my place without being seen.” She walked off without another word.
He was dumbfounded and his face was a mask of horror, but by the time he had thought of anything to say, Brenda had walked out of the alley and disappeared from view. He had that strange feeling in his stomach again, but he thought to himself, ‘no use standing here. Better take the long way around; at least that way there will be small trees hedges and bushes to hide behind.’ At that moment he heard voices and the sound of girls giggling not far from the end of the alley in the direction Brenda had gone, so he quickly ran to the other end, hoping that he was fast enough not to be seen. As he came out of the alley there was a hedge, which seemed like a good place to hide while he worked out the next part of his route. Andy darted over the road and behind the hedge just moments before four girls appeared out of the alley. They were still laughing and giggling. They looked up and down the road, and then they walked straight towards where he was hiding. Panic took over as he wondered whether they had seen him or even if they could see him now through the hedge. He could see them clearly enough through the foliage.
The girls stopped on the other side of the hedge. They talked for a while, and then split up and went their separate ways. Andy waited a few moments to give them the chance to get well ahead of him. The last thing he wanted to do was catch them up, and there was no way he was going to hang about once he left the relatively safety of his hiding place.
Looking over the hedge, he checked both ways and then stepped out onto the path. Glancing at his watch, he noticed that there was only five minutes left before turning out time at the pubs. Brenda’s house was at the end of the road, right opposite a pub, and he sped up, almost knocking the hinges off the gate as he rushed into her garden. There was a big bush in the corner of the garden, and he made straight for it and hid behind it. It was getting cold, and he had to make a decision whether to ring the bell or not? And, if not, what else was he going to do?
He could hear the landlord shouting in the pub on the other side of the road shouting. “Drink up, ladies and gentlemen. Time to go home.” Andy was once more getting strange feelings deep inside him, knowing he had to act now before the punters walked out onto the street. He ran from behind the bush and pushed the doorbell button, and had a greater shock when the outside light came on and he heard Brenda’s mother shout, “Don’t worry, Brenda. I’ll get it.”

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Stella Fyre writes Femdom novels, often with the touch of the occult or supernatural. Her powerful scenarios are chilling and exciting, keeping the reader guessing at the next twist of the story right to the end.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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