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The Perfect Sex Toy (Wayne Mitchell)

The Perfect Sex Toy by Wayne Mitchell

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    • Average 4.2 from 4 ratings

The Perfect Sex Toy is best described as a BDSM romance novel with a plot centered around erotic devices. It is the story of a young college coed’s transformation from a shy, sexually- repressed girl into a self-confident, almost wanton, young woman. That transformation begins when Alisha Donaldson is teased into applying for a job with a local company testing “intimate devices.”

She goes to the interview only because the girls who had teased her into applying were betting she wouldn’t go, and she needed the money. Much to her surprise, she is actually offered the job– and accepts it. Once a week, she goes to the test rooms of Masters Intimate Devices and lies naked on a bed while indulging in what had always been, at most, private fantasies. Mr. Masters, who appears to her only as a dimly-lit image on a computer monitor, recognizes that Alisha is much more than she appears and embarks upon a quest to create the perfect sex toy. During the weeks of testing, Alisha tests Magic Worms and Maiden’s Dreams. Then, after going through the entire Anal Trainer set of butt plugs, experiences the Pet Play Anal Intruder.

She also becomes Alice, the Living Doll for one test session before moving on to publicly test the Lover’s Embrace denial brassier and chastity belt which can also do teasing and edging. Finally she tests Mr. Master’s ultimate device, The Unicorn. Alisha thinks that she will also demonstrate The Unicorn at its unveiling party, but to her astonishment, another woman demonstrates that marvelous machine. After the demonstration video stream has been completed, Mr. Masters makes her the center of attention for the exclusive clients at the party as he finally unveils his Perfect Sex Toy.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2015

No. words: 46103

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One
An Unusual Job Offer

Alisha Donaldson sat nervously waiting for her interview. She wasn’t really sure what this job might involve. The notice posted on the job board in the lobby of the dormitory said only,

Uninhibited Female Student Needed to Test Intimate Devices
Excellent Pay - Flexible Hours
Text “Applicant” to 202-555-FUCK

She would never have given the notice a second thought except that there were several sorority girls at the dorm to bring a letter of invitation to a potential pledge. They were in the lobby standing around the board giggling. As she approached, one of them called out to her, “Hey, Lisha, this looks like the perfect job for you.”
Another struggled to contain her laughter and added, “But you’d better apply fast before they take the posting down for violating school guidelines.” That was followed by loud laughter.
Alisha was not “uninhibited.” In fact she was the opposite of uninhibited. She was shy– very shy– and extremely self-conscious about her body. While other female students would walk around their girls-only floor in not much more than a P & B outfit– and often in less, she would always be fully-dressed whenever she left her quad area. Even within the suite she shared with eight other girls, she was always fully-covered with a robe when she went from her room to their shared bathroom and shower area.
“Dare you to apply,” said Marlina, who had once been one of her suite mates. All of the other girls dissolved in laughter waiting for her response.
Teasing Alisha was a common game for the girls of Tri Delta. Her almost perpetual “deer-in-the-headlights” look when they were around almost invited them to pick on her. They expected her to turn pale and burst into tears as she often did. Or perhaps just walk rapidly away, almost running from their words. Everyone suddenly became silent, however, when instead of shedding tears or running away, she stopped, pulled out her phone and keyed in the number.
“She’ll never send it,” one of the girls stage-whispered loudly as Alisha typed “Applicant” into the text message.
When she held up her phone to show the “Text Sent” box on her screen, all of the girls stared at her silently with wide eyes. Then one of them said sarcastically, “That doesn’t mean anything. Miss Priss will never go to the interview, and even if she does, whoever it is will just laugh at her and send her back to her mommy.”
Alisha turned and walked away at that point. She didn’t want her tormentors to see the tears streaming down her face. It wasn’t just the pain and embarrassment of their public taunting that was causing her to cry. The tears came from the emotions battling within her.
These popular girls had no idea the level of conflict that roiled within Alisha on a daily basis. On one hand, she truly wanted more than anything else in the world to be able to flaunt her body like the other coeds did. But at the same time, her strict upbringing had filled her with so much guilt and shame that she couldn’t bring herself to wear short dresses or shape-revealing clothing of any type, regardless of how long or short the dress might be.
As she strode away, Marlina came hurrying up to walk beside her. “Are you going to go to the interview if they text you back?” she asked.
“Do you really care?” Alisha answered.
“Not really,” Marlina replied with a shrug. “It’s your business what you do, but I’ve got quite a bit of money riding on it. Everyone else is betting you will chicken out, but I’m betting on you... at two to one odds.”
She then leaned in close and said, “And I’ll split my winnings with you if you go to the interview. Just let me come along so I can get video proof that you actually followed through on this.”
Alisha did need the money. Expenses beyond her scholarships and college loans were starting to overwhelm her meager resources. She was one of the very few not-first-year female students who still lived in the dorms. Almost every other girl on campus joined one of the sororities or moved into one of the private apartments as soon as their mandatory first year in the dorms was complete. Alisha couldn’t afford the private apartments– even with several roommates– so she absolutely could not afford the cost of a sorority.
Besides, Alisha Donaldson wasn’t really sorority material. After all, who would want “Miss Priss” in their sorority. None of the sororities– not even the lowest of the lower tier ones– had invited her to join. She dreamed that some day they might, but she couldn’t change who she was or the fact that her family lived barely above the poverty level.
“They probably won’t even let me into the interview room,” she replied, almost sobbing.
“You don’t need to really interview,” Marlina answered. “That would be best, but I just need a shot of you going through the door. Tell them I am your ride and I’ll stay outside or in the lobby waiting for you to come back out. If you go in, we win.”
Two days later, nine girls were standing in the outer office of “Masters Intimate Devices.” The company was located in a nondescript building a few blocks from the campus. The exterior of the building was unmarked except for a company logo which consisted of the ornate script initials “M,” “I,” and “D.”
These three letters were arranged so that the “I,” which was much wider and taller than the other letters, stood significantly above the “M” and the “D.” From a distance, the logo looked almost like a phallus. Most students passing by thought it was a hilarious mistake made by a clueless company designer. Walking up the sidewalk to the front doors, Alisha looked once again at the logo and suddenly realized that the shape had been absolutely intentional. It was intended to be a phallus. Masters Intimate Devices made sex toys of some sort and their logo proclaimed that very clearly.
A young secretary-receptionist in an obviously expensive, tailored skirt and blouse greeted them as they entered. “It looks like everyone is now here,” she said. She directed them to some chairs and began handing out applicant forms. At first, the secretary skipped over Alisha and offered the clipboard to Marlina, who pointed to Alisha and said, “I’m just here as her ride.” The woman tried to hide the expression of surprise on her face as she turned and gave the form to Alisha.
A few moments later, she returned with another clipboard, which she handed it to Marlina and said, “Company policy. We need to know who’s in the building. If you really don’t want to interview, leave all the job questions blank and just fill in your name, address, and cell phone.”
As Alisha, Marlina, and the seven other girls who were obviously interviewees sat quietly filling out the forms, she took time to evaluate her competition. The clothing worn by the seven ranged from risqué to revealing to downright slutty. Their makeup matched their clothing ranging from overdone to tarty to beyond belief. One girl had very ornate tattooed flames which began somewhere on her feet and wound their way up her legs before disappearing under the center front her short skirt.
Alisha’s gaze went from the naked thighs beneath the extreme mini-skirts of each obviously uninhibited girl back to her own legs which were encased in a set of thick, black tights. Her eyes suddenly darted away as she realized that one girl’s dress was brief enough to reveal that she was wearing nothing beneath it–not even a skimpy thong.
Alisha’s dress, on the other hand was anything but brief. The reply text had indicated very clearly that all applicants should wear a dress. She had, but her dress was long enough to reach the middle of her kneecaps even while she was sitting down. She didn’t need a mirror to know that her makeup was barely visible and compared to any of the other girls, practically non-existent.
“They’re never going to want me anyway,” she thought as she shifted nervously in her seat.
That thought became even more magnified as each of the other girls was called in before her. Their interviews each lasted about twenty minutes, so it was a little under three hours until she was finally asked to step into the office. She turned and waved to Marlina– actually to the cell phone that Marlina was holding up to record everything– and stepped through the door the office.
The office looked like any other high-level manager’s office. It was large and luxurious with a huge desk located more or less in the center of the room. There was thick carpet on the floors and two comfortable-looking chairs sitting in front of the desk. A small side table stood along one wall with a crystal decanter set of some sort containing what Alisha assumed was brandy. At least the glasses had that odd snifter shape that she associated with brandy.
The only thing which made the office unusual was the large, well-lit, glass shelves which covered the entire wall behind the desk. Displayed on those shelves were dozens, if not hundreds, of dildos, vibrators, restraint devices, electro-stim units, and other sexual toys which Alisha did not fully recognize.
“Yes, that is our product line,” came a voice from behind the desk. “I always keep the prototype of each new product.” There was a pause and the voice said politely, “Please be seated.”
At first, Alisha didn’t understand why she couldn’t quite clearly see the man who was speaking to her. Then she realized that there was, in fact, no one behind the desk. Instead, a large computer monitor had been set up on the back edge of the desk. The shadow of a man in very subdued lighting was speaking to her from the screen. His image was life-sized and the overall effect gave the impression of him sitting behind the desk, but he was obviously in some other location.
“Pardon the secrecy,” he said, “but we keep the nature of our business and the identities of the majority of our employees carefully guarded.”
He chuckled slightly at Alisha’s expression of alarm and said in a light-hearted way, “Don’t worry. Everything is legal and absolutely on the up and up, but people at the country club would treat me very differently if it was common knowledge that I owned a sex-toy company rather than a plastic molding company that made medical devices.”
He paused a moment and then continued, “These are our main offices. Our production plant itself is at a totally different location. That is where I am right now.”
He coughed slightly and his voice became a bit more serious as he said, “I am Mr. Masters. If you are hired, you will be working here at our offices, which are also our test facilities. Eventually, you will get to see our plant and eventually you will meet me in person. Until then, we are limited to this video link. Are you comfortable with that arrangement?”
“Yes,” Alisha said quietly.
“You don’t seem to match our selection criteria,” he began.
Alisha shifted nervously in her chair awaiting his dismissal, but instead he continued with, “but somehow you intrigue me.”
He paused for several moments. Alisha could hear him shuffling papers on a desk or whatever. After another few moments of silence, he continued, “And the more I look at you, the more I think that you are actually closer to what we truly need to test our new products... despite being nothing like what we thought we wanted.”
“I don’t understand,” she said.
“Our devices are primarily for the sexually adventurous,” the voice replied, almost with a laugh. “And we are attempting to increase our market by improving our products. Better products mean better sales. And to improve our products we need to know what the sexually adventurous woman wants and enjoys. That’s why we need the testing. And that’s why we advertise for uninhibited females.”
Again there was a long pause before he continued, “Our goal is a bigger share of that sexually adventurous demographic. But watching you in the waiting room and now sitting in front of me here, I have suddenly realized that the really big un-tapped market for us is not the sexually adventurous, but rather the sexually repressed.”
After another long pause he said softly, “... like you.”
Alisha blushed, partly in embarrassment, and partly in shame that he had publicly named her secret. Her sexuality was definitely captive deep within herself.
“You are sexually repressed, aren’t you?” the shadowy figure asked.
When she didn’t answer, he added, “And coming here wasn’t your own idea, was it? You got tricked... or dared into it, didn’t you? Probably by Marlina, the girl who was with you in the waiting room.”
“I got teased into applying and Marlina has a bet riding on whether or not I would go through with the interview.”
“So why did you come?” he asked.
“She’s going to split her winnings with me,” Alisha answered in almost a whisper.
“So you desperately need the money?”
“Yes,” she answered, hanging her head as she spoke.
“That makes you even more perfect for the job,” he replied.
“The job is simple,” he continued. “We need someone to test our products and tell us what can be done to improve the experience. That means an interview after each use. And during your sessions everything is recorded. In addition you would be wired to our computers to get real time data as to what is actually happening in your mind and body.”
His voice almost sounded eager as he added, “I am on a quest to build the ultimate sex toy... the perfect sex machine, and you could be an integral part of that quest. Are you interested?”
“You mean you are offering me the job?” she sputtered.
“Yes,” he answered firmly. “The pay would be one thousand dollars per session. We are assuming four sessions a month for the next three months or so. You would be a contract employee of D.I.M. enterprises, which means you would be responsible for your own taxes. Most students don’t make enough to pay taxes, but you will probably need to put some of that money away for tax time. You could be making a significant amount of money this year. We will help you set up what you need to do. We could even automatically deposit monies to both your checking and savings accounts. I assume that would be satisfactory with you?”
He paused a moment to let Alisha respond, but she remained silent. He continued, “You would also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Everything we do would have to remain absolutely secret. No one can even know that you are working for us. We would arrange the sessions to fit in around your school schedule, but we would need at least four sessions a month for the next three months.”
Alisha continued to sit silently as what he had said slowly sank into her mind. She literally was unable to speak.
“I tell you what,” he said after a period of silence. “Let’s make that two thousand dollars a session.”
Four sessions a month for three months at two thousand dollars a session was twenty-four thousand dollars! She wouldn’t make that working forty hours a week for a year at one of the minimum wage jobs most college students end up with.
“I know that this is a big decision for you,” the image in the monitor finally said. “Why don’t I give you until close of business tomorrow to think about it. If you want the job, just text ‘Accepted’ by five pm to the number you used before. If I hear from you, I will give you further instructions. If not, or if you text back a refusal– in whatever wording you desire– I will fall back on my original plan and hire one of the sluts who came in with you. OK?”
“OK,” mumbled Alisha as she slowly shook her head up and down.
“I’ll be waiting,” the voice said and the screen went dark.
Alisha sat frozen in her chair, her eyes scanning the various devices displayed behind the desk. She was unconsciously gnawing on her lower lip as she imaged herself using one of the dildos.
The voice of the secretary standing beside her jarred her back to reality. “Thank you for coming today,” she said brightly. “We will be awaiting your response.”
She then ushered Alisha back into the outer office where Malinda was waiting.
“Well,” Malinda greeted her, almost laughing, “did you get the job?”
“He will text me,” she replied, not sure why she withheld the truth.
“Yeah,” Malinda said with a grin, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”
She put her hand on Alisha’s shoulder and said, “Looks like you don’t have the job, but I’ve got you on video going in and coming out of the interview and that’s all we really needed. Your split of the bet will be $180. Not bad for two hours work, is it? I bet you would have done a lot more than that for that kind of money.”
“If you only knew,” Alisha thought as Malinda walked before her out the door and back to their car. “If you only knew.”
As soon as she got back to the privacy of her dorm room, Alisha took out her phone and texted one word, “ACCEPTED.”


good book, it fekt short for me, i hoped it would be longer 4 out of 5 (xzinik)

This is the best book l have read in a long time. I did not want to put it down. All the time l was reading it l was wishing it was myself who was Aleshia.I spent all the time l was reading the book playing with myself and had to stop regulary to give myself an orgasm. The best l have doe in a long while 5 out of 5 (saffler)

a good sized book but it was a long time to get going,at least for me not bad but not really good 3 out of 5

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