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Halloween Bites (Tessa Kealey)

Halloween Bites by Tessa Kealey

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Halloween is a time for fun, pranks, and parties. But it is also a time for horror, fear, and thrills. Sometimes the past haunts you no matter what. Sometimes death will find you no matter what. Sometimes Hell awaits in the most innocent of places. And sometimes, just sometimes, pleasure beyond imagining awaits you along with it.

This is a collection of three short, chilling, and VERY hot tales of stalkers who have come from the past, from beyond death, or from beyond space. Stalkers who will take their victims on a ride through pain, terror, and pleasure.

Stalkers who chose Halloween as the night they bring horror to their helpless, sexy victims.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2015

No. words: 18975

Style: Adult Horror Stories, Paranormal Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


This dark mask seemed different than the other flimsy, playful masks. It was made of hard leather. The surface was a dull, matte black and fitted extremely tight to his face. It seemed very expensive for just a costume. Plus, the rest of his clothing was casual. Black jeans and a black t-shirt stretched tight over a broad chest. As her gaze lingered on his "face", she peered into the darkened eye holes and saw the coldest, darkest eyes staring back at her, assessing her.
Is that what’s scaring you?
Anna didn't know, but she created more distance between their bodies. At most, it was still only a few inches, but it let her breathe. He pulled her tighter against him. So tight that she could feel him hardening. She struggled in his grasp as panic bubbled within her. His hold tightened around her waist, almost crushing the air from her lungs. Finally, he released her. Letting her know that she could get away only because he allowed it.
As she found her voice, at last, she whispered breathlessly, "Sorry about that. Someone pushed me..."
She let her voice trail off as he stared down at her. He was definitely making her uncomfortable. She excused herself and moved away from him. Leaving her empty cup on a counter, she grabbed another drink from the table. One of the men was filling cups with alcohol. She didn't know what she'd just grabbed, and she didn’t ask. With a gulp, she downed almost all of it. As she left the kitchen, she set the empty cup on a side table.
As she moved through the crowd again, she felt the hair stand up on her arms and looked back over her shoulder to see the masked man still staring after her. She quickened her pace to put some distance between them. In the living room towards the front of the house, people were dancing, but with nothing close to the nakedness she'd seen in some of the side rooms on the way to the kitchen. She found herself pulled onto the make-shift dance floor by a guy dressed as a devil. He had on a full red leather suit, very close fitting. When she turned her back to grind against him, she felt his hands move under her skirt to her hips exposing her panties as he pressed his hardening cock into the crack of her ass.
Her head was spinning, but she felt great. Another set of hands pulled her, and suddenly she was dancing with the man dressed as a cowboy. Anna laughed and wondered what happened to Pocahontas. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they danced. His arms wrapped around her, his hands groping her ass, slowly caressing as he pressed tight against her body. He slipped his hands under her skirt and slid his finger along her slit. She barely noticed where his hands were as he kissed the side of her neck. That spot on her neck always had such an effect on her. It made her dizzy and disoriented. The alcohol didn't do much to help her clarity, either. When he tugged her panties aside and slipped a finger into her pussy, all she could do was moan.
All of a sudden, she felt a tug on her arm that had her spinning away from the cowboy into the arms of someone else. She heard a low growl from above her, "I suggest you move along, Cowboy."
The threat in his tone, and the fact that Anna didn't protest made the cowboy shrug and wander off. It took Anna some time to realize she was no longer dancing with the cowboy. She’d had too much to drink too quickly. She tried to shake off her drunkenness. A vague sense of danger pricked her nerve endings. She lifted her head slowly to see who her new dance partner was. It was the guy in the mask. The alcohol was definitely slowing her reaction time, and she swayed as she tried to keep looking at his face. Her legs wouldn't support her anymore. The grip he had on her was the only thing keeping her from falling into a heap on the floor.

Author Information

Tessa loves writing about taboo subjects like non-consent, dubious consent, slaves, blackmail and anything that involves a woman being held against her will but then learning to love, and even craving, the forced seduction.


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