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Abigail (Laura Lovecraft)

Abigail by Laura Lovecraft

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To most, Abigail Lefay is the eccentric owner of the occult fetish club, The Black Flame. But a select few know the truth; that she’s a powerful witch whose violent past has caused her to become a recluse in order to protect herself and others from her. But when the Mafia breaks a truce, Abigail leaves the sanctuary of her club to show the mob they're not the only family that should be feared.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 10 / 2015

No. words: 77130

Style: Supernatural Erotica, Paranormal Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Marco stomped on the burning underwear and strode over to the door, pistol at the ready. The two men stepped back and in unison kicked the door. It swung inward exposing the lit hallway which was empty.
“All those rooms are locked; they had to go for the stairs.” One of the men said, drawing his gun.
The two of them took a few steps into the hallway with Mario and Bellino behind them.
“What the hell are we going to tell the old man?”
“Let Donnie handle it. We’ll make up a reason for being here and say those fuckers jumped us. Tell him Ruine broke truce.”
“They his?”
“Looked like his, fucking big and black and looked like they could be into that voodoo shit.”
“Whoa, what the fuck?” One of the men ahead called out.
Bellino looked down the hallway and saw two of the overhead lights explode. Sparks showered down to the floor and that part of the corridor plunged into darkness.
“They’re shooting out the lights.” One of men in front whispered.
“I didn’t hear any…” Marco trailed off when two more bulbs blew out.
The men in front each moved to one side of the hall and going into a crouch, aimed their pistols at the encroaching darkness.
“Something’s moving.” Marco said softly.
“Let’s just fucking shoot.”
“Stand down, Willie.” Marco spoke, easing back a step. “You and Jake wait until I say so, let’s see what the game is, they would have shot at us by now.”
Another bank of lights exploded, then another. The darkness was more than halfway towards them and Bellino stroked the barrel of his gun as if it were his cock, a smile on his face. If they wanted to play he would be happy to show them who was going to win this game.
More sparks and this time Bellino made out movement just past the shadows. When the next set of lights blew out. There was silence, but there was something shuffling around, low to the floor.
“They’re crawling!” Jake yelled.
“Now!” Marco barked and each man squeezed off several shots.
There was the sound of splintering wood, but Bellino frowned at the sight of three small balls of flame, accompanied by a popping sound as if the bullets had gone off without hitting anything. They waited and Mario raised his gun as a shape emerged from the shadows.
“What the hell?” Jake asked at the sight of the crow which had hopped into the light.
The crow screeched at them and spread its wings as if challenging them.
“Bye bye birdie.” Marco laughed and squeezed the trigger, sending a short burst of bullets at the crow.
The bird didn’t move and squawked, flapping its wings and hopping around excitedly as each round exploded before reaching it. Bellino narrowed his good eye, refusing to believe what he had just seen and noticed the air was shimmering in front of them.
His nickname of matches was well earned. In his day Bellino had set over three dozen fires, never mind the half dozen people he had burned alive. He knew heat when he saw it. But where the hell was the fire?
The bird shrieked again and without being told Willie and Jake both fired at it. More small pops and the crow made a noise Bellino swore sounded like a laugh.
“Want to play with fire?” He raised the gun, preparing to hose it down with flame, but stopped when a figure emerged from behind it.
“What the hell is that?” Jake whispered in front of him.
The figure was tall and cloaked entirely in black. The hood of the cloak was pulled down to low to see the face and its arms were folded, the hands tucked into the sleeves.
The figure was walking slowly towards them and at the sound of clicking, Bellino looked down and saw the figure was wearing boots with stiletto heels, was it a woman?
He looked up when several more shots were fired. The figure raised its arms, putting its hands out. All the rounds exploded in front of it as if they had struck a wall and Bellino noted the hands were as white as chalk, the fingers were long and slender.
“She wants him.” The words echoed in Bellino’s mind.
“What the holy hell?” Marco stepped forward and squeezing the trigger sent a storm of bullets at the figure.
Jake cried out as the bullets exploded and he was struck by fragments of hot metal. The robed woman was walking towards them as the bullets went off around her like harmless fireworks.
“No way.” Marco lowered the gun. His eyes wide, “No fucking way!”
“Fire with fire bitch!” Bellino yelled and squeezed the trigger.
A thin stream of fire shot out at the figure and hit its mark.
“Yes!” Bellino cried out triumphantly as the figure before them burst into flames, “Burn you fucking whore, burn you….”
He stopped and a chill went down his spine. The figure before them was completely engulfed in flames, but wasn’t screaming or even moving for that matter. The flame burned brighter when Bellino sprayed it again, then as if a switch had been thrown the flame extinguished.
“Mother of God.” Marco whispered.
The robe had burned away to expose the woman beneath it. She was wearing a black skirt that went down to her ankles, but when she stepped forward, Bellino saw it was slit up to the hip on both sides, exposing high boots and thighs as white as her hands.
Her top was a black and blue corset laced up tight enough to show off a pair of large milk white breasts. Her arms were bare, but covered from shoulder to elbow with tattoos of some kind of demons.
Her head was down, her face covered by a mass of wild jet black hair with blue streaks through it. She moved towards them and Mario and Bellino took a step back for each one she took towards them.
Bellino sensed movement and saw Marco had ejected the clip from his pistol and was slamming another home.
“Defective rounds.” He whispered sounding as if he were trying to convince himself.
In front of them, Willie and Jake stood up and both fired from only several feet away. The woman waved her hands and this time the bullets didn’t explode, but veered past her to sail down the hallway.
“Who the fuck are you?” Bellino called out, “I want your name bitch! I…”
“I’m the daughter of the devil,” A raspy voice spoke from behind the mass of hair, “And I’m here to collect my father’s due.”

Author Information

Like her famous namesake, Laura was born, raised and still resides in historic Providence, Rhode Island. This Lovecraft's writing however, brings thrills of a completely different kind! As her photo states, erotica’s bad girl is not for the faint of heart. Although she has penned some sexy fun in the categories of group sex and general erotica, Laura has made her bones in the realm of hardcore BDSM. Currently Laura is best known for her dark and sexy series Tales of the Circle featuring a group of wealthy, powerful and sexually dominant men and women who rule the boardroom as well as the bedroom. The Circle has moments of both sweet romance as well as some of the roughest sex scenes this side of safe, sane and consensual. Her latest edition to the Circle Mythos Dark Genesis also contains aspects of erotic horror.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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