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Phantom Pain (V.W. Singer)

Phantom Pain by V.W. Singer

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An Edwardian occultist, scientific genius, and sadistic sex cultist dies along with all his female followers, making Crowhurst Castle the most powerfully haunted house in all of Britain. But it has remained hidden and largely unknown to the public because his descendants dream of finding his fabled wealth, rumoured to be hidden in the Castle.

But time is running out for the Castle, and in desperation the current owner arranges for an investigation team to search out the Castle's secrets. But the ghosts of Crowhurst Castle have other ideas, and almost immediately the team is caught up in a nightmare of erotic and sadistic fantasies, hallucinations, and worse. The expedition turns into a fight for survival, but the real question is, who or what are they fighting?

Join the team and experience extreme paranormal sensuality from an era before the term BDSM was even invented.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2015

No. words: 107270

Style: Supernatural Erotica, Adult Suspense/Thrillers

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The enormous main hall of Crowhurst Castle glowed with the light of massed ranks of candles, gaslight, and the radiance of the flames from the huge fireplace. Polished woodwork, brass, and silver gleamed warmly, as did the bare skin of the thirteen naked women gathered before the man who stood before the huge ornate mantelpiece. Cornelius Crowhurst studied his twelve disciples in satisfaction. They were some of the most beautiful women in England, and they were devoted to him, body and soul, as they were about to prove.
Standing beside Crowhurst, Kirsten was equally as naked as the other women, but she was not a disciple or believer in Crowhurst's power and teachings. To her mind, she was something much better. She was his sexual slave. Her slavery was a voluntary one, but she was effectively bound to him by her own will as she would have been by a steel collar and chains. She was deeply submissive, and her submission fulfilled a great aching need inside of her. In general, Crowhurst was kind or at least polite to her, even though his anger and his whims could be very cruel, both physically and emotionally, which she differentiated from the punishments she received because it aroused him and gave him pleasure. She viewed such sexual inflictions as being perfectly within his rights as her master, and though she did not enjoy being hurt, she did enjoy being of service to him, and that enabled her to endure his carefully measured torments with equanimity, and even a degree of happiness. Now she was going to watch some of the other women being punished.
To be precise, punishment was not an accurate description since they had done nothing wrong and they felt no disquiet. Indeed, all of them faced the prospect of being the recipient of severe pain, and being used sexually in a manner that was unconventional to say the least, with joyful anticipation. The Master required it and it would purify their spirit, so they were willing to give of themselves gladly. They had witnessed for themselves the miracles that their pain and suffering could produce in the Master's hands, and like all true believers, that was reason enough. They were willing to die for him because he promised an eternity of joy and spiritual comfort to those who wholly gave of themselves.
The Gatherings – that was what Crowhurst called them – which were really punishment sessions were organised based upon a schedule and roster developed by Crowhurst. In general this meant a session once a week or at most once a fortnight if other matters intervened. If a disciple was ill or still in too much pain to participate, they were allowed to exchange their times with another who volunteered to take her place. It was an amazing affirmation of their devotion that every fit disciple always raised their hand when volunteers were called for.
“My beloved Disciples! I welcome each and every one of you to today's Gathering. Prepare to renew your devotion to our cause, and to be yourselves renewed.” Crowhurst raised his hands to the level of his shoulders, palms upwards in blessing. His eyes closed in concentration, and he heard all of them gasp in wonder as a sensation of warmth and contentment entered their nude bodies, dispelling any feelings of cold or discomfort they might have been feeling.
In addition, each of the women felt a different warmth. It was as if a strong but gentle hand had lovingly touched them between their thighs and cupped their breasts. Several bit their lip in order not to cry out in lustful desire.

Author Information

Hate "lifestyle" BDSM?

Do you like stories that make sense? Female characters who are not just whimpering victims? Do you like the idea of an author who has actually whipped girls' pussies and crushed their clits with his fingers and listened to them moan - and had them come back for more?

Do you like detailed, exquisite, pussy torture?

Do you like it when the girls offer themselves up to you for punishment?

No ropes, no chains, but pure submission. For love, for fear, for money. Does it really matter?

Imagine her saying, "Take me and hurt me any way you like. I'll scream for you, and I'll come for you. As much and as long as you want."

Or, "I know this really great way to torture my clit. Would you like to try it?"

No impossible tortures or instant healing.

Sound good?

Polite comments or questions are always welcome.


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