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Monica`s Travels - Part 2 (Richard Alexander)

Monica`s Travels - Part 2 by Richard Alexander


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THIS IS PART 2 OF THIS EPIC STORY - The final 14 chapters is over 97000 words

The fifth story in the Monica Chronicles, Monica’s Travels represents a watershed in the development of the characters, as glimpses of the often harrowing the past lives of Monica and her team are exposed, and the gathering of the talents at Bilboes revealed. These cameos are unveiled during a round-the-world holiday that turns into a nightmare chase as Monica and her friends are once again the target of the evil forces of the bondage world.

The story has all the ingredients of a classic B&D novel, from the gothic horrors of ancient castles and torture machines to modern medical and vacuum devices. In this frantic search and escape story, our hero and heroines stumble through the exotic captivity of an outlying Hong Kong island to a medieval castle on the Welsh border, before pursuing a kidnapped Monica to a bondage convention in New York and ultimately a deserted mental asylum in California.

Tight bondage, fetish, torture machines, villains and gorgeous women are woven intricately into this inventive, suspenseful and fast-paced adventure.

Finalist in the 2004 and 2005 SIGNY Bondage Writer Awards Richard Alexander has produced another masterpiece of bondage fiction in Monica’s Travels. At nearly 200,000 words and 350 pages this truly represents value for money.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 08 / 2007

No. words: 97375

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  


Excerpt One:

The stairs twisted towards the outer wall and merged into a gloomy stone passage, passing through a big wooden door then ending abruptly in a solid iron grille stretching across a hole that looked out over the valley. For a moment I wondered where Mary and Shawnee were, until Warren shone his torch on the distorted features of Mary’s face trapped beneath the scold’s bridle. But it was only when Pearson came up behind Leila and myself, with the fluorescent light that I saw the full horror of what they had done to my friends.

The pair sat side by side on a low stone bench below the grille, facing us. Each was locked in an identical device which held her body bent forward, knees close to chest. I looked closely and saw that the contraption began with what was like a pair of bilboes trapping the ankles. Four iron strips rose from the bilbo bar, two on either side of each leg, to meet at the throat where an iron collar encircled the throat, making the victim unable to straighten up. The wrists were trapped below the breasts, roughly palm to palm, anchored between the vertical bars.

“Interesting device, isn’t it,” Pearson said, like a guide. “It’s called the Scavenger’s Daughter. A corruption on the name Skivington – the chap who invented it. Very uncomfortable after a few hours - just about impossible to move.”

Excerpt Two:

Emma’s arms were secured by velcro straps to stainless steel bars running beside her body on the black vinyl padded bench. The bench sloped slightly upwards towards her head, which was cradled in a dentist’s chair headrest, anchored by a strap across her forehead. Her mouth was held open by a whitehead gag, the ratchet device holding her jaw wide and allowing a clamp to be fitted to her tongue such that it was held protruding beyond her lips. The clamp was as long as a pencil and extended either side of her mouth, such that any attempt to retract her tongue brought the ends of the clamp up against the corners of her mouth. It was a very uncomfortable situation, and poor Emma could do nothing other than roll her eyes at the goings on around her.

Her body was further trapped by further velcro straps at the neck, above and below her breasts, at her waist, and over each thigh. Marilyn was as usual singing the praises of her products.

“The tongue clamp, as you can see, is a wonderful, much maligned and under-used gag, particularly when combined with the whitehead. If you love to hear your slave moan and squeal, this is the way to do it. Isn’t that right, Emma?” Marilyn gave one of Emma’s nipples a hard twist. Emma let out an incoherent cry from her open mouth. Without the use of tongue or lips to enunciate, it came out as an animal-like moan from deep in her throat, totally different from the nasal hums that traditionally emanated from the nose of a gagged slave.

“Having the air way clear like this means one can play with the nose,” Marilyn went on, producing a double curved steel nose hook with plugs, and inserting it into Emma’s nostrils. The hook ran up each side of her nose before joining above the bridge and continuing with a thin cord. Marilyn pulled on this, increasing the pressure and distorting Emma’s nose as she squirmed and gurgled, before the cord was finally tied off.

“This leaves us free to work our way down this lovely body,” said Marilyn. “Emma has such lovely tits that it seemed only reasonable to use them to show off the latest in suction devices.”

Excerpt Three:

“We’re going to have a little lesson in history, Monica,” Portia’s voice whispered. At any other time it might have sounded sexy and beguiling. Now it sounded full of menace. “You have no idea how long I’ve looked forward to this moment… How I’ve mentally toyed with which switch to hit in regard to each indignity you’ve heaped on me… Should I start at the beginning, and work back? Or start with the most recent humiliation you and your team have inflicted on me? I wonder how long you can stand what I have in store for you? You needn’t worry about fainting. I have you monitored for body temperature and pulse rate. I can freeze you or steam you, or bring you to an orgasm while your nipples are making you scream with pain. Except that you can’t really scream, can you? You can only make those plaintive woo-woo noises which sound so pathetic, yet funny at the same time.” She chuckled. “This is going to be just sooo… much fun, I’m almost wetting myself in anticipation. And of course Jade will be here later to take you through her own personal history of suffering at the hands of Monica Armstrong…” A sigh of pleasure. “God, this is fun! So – are we lying comfortably? Then let us begin…”

Author Information

Richard was a finalist of the 2004 Signy Bondage Writers competition - and is thus one of the best writers on this subject around.


Publisher Information

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