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The BRAT of Holy Rosary Academy (Kim Hardwick)

The BRAT of Holy Rosary Academy by Kim Hardwick


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Jackie Murphy, a senior at all girls Holy Rosary Academy, has two serious problems during her last year of school and they both involve PAIN and NIPPLE TORTURE.

What this soft skinned, wide hipped SLUT does in order to get her teacher to RAVAGE HER WOMANHOOD AND DESTROY HER NIPPLES is just TOO HORRIBLE FOR WORDS!

A 4700 word story that digs DEEP into the SWEATY, SMELLY world of YOUNG FERTILE WOMEN who DEMAND PAIN AND BIG, MONSTROUS MEN to ripped them to shreds!

You WILL NEVER look at uniformed Catholic school girls the same way again, knowing that deep down, THEY ARE ALL PAIN SLUTS!

For adults and members of the clergy only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 07 / 2015

No. words: 4668

Style: Young Adult Bondage/BDSM, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Mr. Conlon, my history teacher, stopped his droning on and on about some stupid shit that happened so long ago that honestly, nobody could give a shit about, and said, “Miss. Murphy, perhaps you would care to tell the class about ‘Manifest Destiny’ and how it shaped our nation’s history?”
Without batting an eyelash, and still looking out the window at a squirrel climbing up a tree, I answered, “Not today; I’m on the first day of my period.”
After the other girls stopped giggling, Mr. Conlon, who just stood there by the blackboard glaring at me, said, “Miss Murphy, please stay after class. That is unless you want to be expelled from Holy Rosary Academy in the middle of your senior year.”
That brought low volume whispering and gasps from the other bitches in the class, but I was in such a bitchy mood, that I just turned away from the window and gave Mr. Conlon an ‘I don’t give a shit’ look.
Ignoring me, he continued with his boring lecture and as soon as he turned his back to me, I gave him the finger. Even after girls about me started to guffaw and giggle, to his credit, he just kept he just kept going on with his stupid boring lecture. It was such a torture.
Torture. Yes, I’d have to remind that scumbag that he wasn’t living up to his end of the bargain. I didn’t sign up for his advanced college prep history class to have my sanity destroyed by fucking history class. I signed up because he promised he would torture me, whip me, and shove his cock up my ass then down my throat, and then give me the A I needed. Douchebag was going back on his word.
He was going to give me an A alright, of that I was sure. My beef with him was his not giving it to me enough. I told that fruitcake that I wanted him to fuck me hard; treat me like a fucking rag doll. I told him that motherfucker more times than I care to remember.
But he still holds back. He just won’t belt me one across the lips. I still want to wake up with a black eye and missing teeth. The douche wont’ go that far. I seriously hate his ass.
If all he’s going to do is tie me up a bit, and then shove his baseball bat up my ass, then I have no use for him. I don’t know how else I can let him know that I want to be one stroke away from being sent to the hospital. In my meeting today, I’m going to give him the ultimatum. Either treat me the way I want, or I’ll find someone who will; like a cop
“Miss Murphy, I was hoping there wouldn’t be a need for this conversation. Frankly, this going back and forth with you is exhausting. Our understanding dealt with a quid pro quo. You provide me with something I want, and I provide you with something you need.” While he was explaining himself with words I barely knew, I walked over to where he sat and forced myself on his lap. I made sure my cotton panties were touching his lap, and not my woolen skirt.
“I don’t get it Eddy, you promised you would spank me and treat me like a tramp, but you just spank me like a fag, and you never do anything fun to me.” I like how pissed off he gets when I call him a fag.
“First of all, when we are in school it’s Mr. Conlon, and secondly, please get off my lap, do you want me to lose my job? Jesus H. Christ.” He was definitely nervous. I love how he gets all flustered.
“But, Eddy, I thought you liked my soft round ass and my tits. I even wore my white undies, the ones you love.” I lifted up my skirt and showed him my white panties and turned around so he could look at how it hugged my round bubble butt.
“Don’t you want to touch my ass? I thought you liked my ass best.” I was being such a bitch.
He really looked uncomfortable, and stole looks at the door, and then my ass as I wiggled it in front of his face. Turning to the door, he reached out and started to squeeze and fondle my ass, then worked his way down to my pussy. He gave my pussy a squeeze and then pushed the hem aside and started to insert his fingers up my wet and waiting pussy.
“Hmmm. Mr. Conlon that feels sooo good! I know that your big, fat cock would feel so much better. Hmmm. Don’t you want to tear me apart with that big cock of yours and shoot your load up my unprotected teenage womb?”
Mr. Conlon didn’t answer me in so many words, (hell, he didn’t say anything), but by the way he was working his fingers inside my vajaja, I could tell he was really aroused. His grabbing onto my hip with his left hand, to prevent my being pushed off his lap, only proved it.
“Miss Murphy, I really must insist that you come with me this afternoon and discuss your deplorable lack of discipline. I must insist on it!” He was panting which is always a good thing. Just thinking about what this talk would consist of got me all hot and bothered. I started to squirm my butt, hitting his fingers back with my own thrust.
His hitting my G-spot with his forefinger was my undoing. I was holding out; giving it back to him as good as he gave it to me, until he found it. Damn, I can never say no to the G-spot. In a few minutes, I was flopping about his lap, totally out of control as my orgasm shook me to my toes. I also sprayed his pants with my pussy juice. I’m a squirter; have been since my first period when I was 11.

Author Information


My stories deal with how all women love PAIN AND DOMINANCE. We embrace it; we welcome it. I personally want second helpings.

The more I sample life's simple pleasures, the more convinced I am that all us women are HARD WIRED to being DOMINATED. Some of the more sophisticated and adventurous add a touch of PAIN and then add EVEN MORE PAIN, but for the majority of us, the simple act of being HOG TIED, TRUSSED UP and then TOLD WHAT TO DO BY A DOMINEERING MAN, is the ultimate expression of what being a woman is.

Growing up as a plain Jane type, in Northern New Jersey, I lost my virginity at the ripe old age of 23 and have been making up for lost opportunities since.

One lover, multiple lovers, cross species partners, anal hooks, blow torches, nipple clamps, extreme nipple torture, I've tasted all that life has to offer. And now, writing about my experiences allows me to share with readers, my future friends, the joys of SCREAMING, CRYING OUT FOR MERCY, and the nuanced concept called MERCY.

If you enjoy reading about the depravity that exists in all of us, then I invite you to read my stories. Please note, I do not provide Kleenex, nor pain killers.

Post Script: To fully mire yourself in total and unmitigated smut, please visit my personal webpage where I frequently post musing concerning forbidden subjects too risque for Amazon. You have been warned dear.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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