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SHOW HER NO MERCY (Kim Hardwick)

SHOW HER NO MERCY by Kim Hardwick


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    • Average 3.0 from 1 ratings

Carol, being a good mother, can't say no to her son. When he asks her to buy some soda, instead of saying no, she goes out and takes a shortcut through a dark and deserted part of town. She stops to check out an abandoned car and that's when things went SOUTH of her. The two perverts take her to a biker bar where the sex starved criminals inflict suffering on her. Between getting bred and getting hammererd, Carol is in for one painful sex training session. For adults only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 6 / 2015

No. words: 3444

Style: Dark Secrets Erotica, Adult Suspense/Thrillers

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Mom, don’t forget to get some soda!” Nicky was addicted to soda, Carol, his mother, was convinced. She knew it wasn’t healthy for him, but she could never find it in her to say no to her ‘baby’. Even if it was bad for him.
At forty three, Carol had given birth to Nicky, her only child, late in life (she was thirty eight). Her friends and family warned her she was overcompensating by spoiling him; she knew they were right, but she just couldn’t stand the look Nicky gave her when she said no. And besides, she thought, it’s only soda, at least it wasn’t drugs.
Carol decided to take the short cut to the Walmart Super center instead of the main route in order to save time. The traffic at this hour of the afternoon was horrendous. And it also gave her time to reflect on the latest argument she had with her husband this morning.
It seems as if she and her husband have been fighting all the time. This time, it was about her husband staying out late most nights and the fact that she found a lipstick smudge on his shirt.
The argument this morning was really ugly. She wasn’t sure if the marriage could survive. The thought of her and Nicky going off on their own frightened her. At her age, it would be hard to find a man, even though she had kept herself fit and was attractive, and had a good job.
It was while driving to Walmart, with her mind on other things, rather than on her surroundings, that she approached a broken down vehicle ahead of her. Because this part of the road was off the beaten track and a part of town zoned for industrial use, there were no houses or pedestrians about.
She pulled up to the seemingly abandoned car, and came to a stop. She was wondering what other alternative she had except to back up and turn around, when the side window on the passenger side was smashed in.
The crashing sound, along with the rapid movement of people had caught Carol completely unaware and left her in shock. Before she could respond, someone had opened the door on her side (which she had neglected to manually lock or fix the automatic lock feature that had shorted last year) and a pair of rough, tattooed hands reached in and grabbed her by the collar.
Because she was strapped in by her seat belt, she was still in the car and was thinking of putting the car in reverse and escaping, even if it meant dragging the assailant along the road, when the same hands reached in and punched her hard and with a knife, slashed the seatbelt and dragged her out on of the car.
She shook her head, stunned by the blow; she was being kidnapped and she wasn’t sure if it were real or a dream.
“Look, this bitch has some cute little lacy panty. I think she knew she was going to be used as a fuck doll today!” The deep and guttural voice laughed at her impending doom. There were two men, at least, and the breeze on her ass told her that her skirt had ridden up and her lacy bikini panty was exposed. She knew it wasn’t going to be good with these perverts because these panties were awesome in showing off her great ass. It was at this moment, that Carol wished she had let herself go like her sister. If only she were a fat whale.
Oh God, please let them have condoms; she was fertile and hadn’t taken the pill in weeks, she thought as one of the perverts ran his fingers under the hem of her panty. He reached down and began to play with her anus and then, after inserting the finger and probing around, pulled out and started on her pussy.
“Please, let me go; I have money; my husband can pay you good money!” She was crying like a little girl. She was never more afraid in her life.


Not the best I have read by Kim Hardwick dissapointed 3 out of 5 (mick)

Author Information


My stories deal with how all women love PAIN AND DOMINANCE. We embrace it; we welcome it. I personally want second helpings.

The more I sample life's simple pleasures, the more convinced I am that all us women are HARD WIRED to being DOMINATED. Some of the more sophisticated and adventurous add a touch of PAIN and then add EVEN MORE PAIN, but for the majority of us, the simple act of being HOG TIED, TRUSSED UP and then TOLD WHAT TO DO BY A DOMINEERING MAN, is the ultimate expression of what being a woman is.

Growing up as a plain Jane type, in Northern New Jersey, I lost my virginity at the ripe old age of 23 and have been making up for lost opportunities since.

One lover, multiple lovers, cross species partners, anal hooks, blow torches, nipple clamps, extreme nipple torture, I've tasted all that life has to offer. And now, writing about my experiences allows me to share with readers, my future friends, the joys of SCREAMING, CRYING OUT FOR MERCY, and the nuanced concept called MERCY.

If you enjoy reading about the depravity that exists in all of us, then I invite you to read my stories. Please note, I do not provide Kleenex, nor pain killers.

Post Script: To fully mire yourself in total and unmitigated smut, please visit my personal webpage where I frequently post musing concerning forbidden subjects too risque for Amazon. You have been warned dear.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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