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Beatrice - My Husband, My Sissy (Stella Fyre)

Beatrice - My Husband, My Sissy by Stella Fyre

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Beatrice knew everything about David’s deepest, darkest, kinky desires, and she was enjoying dominating him. She even set up their cellar as a fully equipped dungeon and took lessons from a professional dominatrix, and she quickly found a dominant side to her own character that she had never suspected.

But she had hardly scratched the surface. Did those websites he visited really show her his desires, or were they only fantasy and not at all what he would want to happen to him in reality? She intended to find out, and what better way to find out than to make it happen. She could stop at any time if it became too much for him, but she was finding it all so exciting…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 5 / 2015

No. words: 31100

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


David was already in the dungeon. Beatrice, wearing the dress she usually put on when she was gong to dominate him, left the lounge and opened the door to the dungeon, feeling that her plans for today were going to be very satisfying for her if it all went as she hoped. She had only thought out the details that morning, and she was not at all sure that it would work out as she intended. She was still unsure whether it was the right direction for them to go.
David heard the door open and close, followed by the rhythmical sound of her footsteps clicking on the stone steps. Beatrice turned at the bottom to walk towards him. She stopped by the table, placing down the small shoebox. There was a chair under the table that she pulled out, but it was not for her to sit on.
She opened the lid of the box before saying to David, “Come here, slave.” David walked over to where she was without looking directly at her. When he stopped in front of her, his eyes were looking past her at the wall. “In all the times that you and I have been in my bedroom, have you ever watched me get dressed?” she asked him. “Answer me truthfully, because this is not a trick question.”
“Yes, I have watched you, Mistress.”
“Then you have seen me pull stockings up my legs.” She handed David a pair of stockings in a bag. “I want you to put these on your legs, and be as fast as you can.” David looked at the packet and noticed that his hand was trembling. He opened the packet and pulled the pair out together before parting them. He gathered the stocking up his arm as he had seen Beatrice do, and then he placed his foot on the chair. He put the ring of nylon over his toes before he pulled the stocking slowly up his leg. He did the same with the other stocking and stood in front of her once more.
Beatrice looked down at his aroused penis. “It seems that you like the feeling of nylon on your legs,” she said, as she smiled at seeing his face go red with embarrassment. She could not help adding to his torment by adding, “What a lovely colour of red your cheeks go when you blush, but you should not feel embarrassed to find that you enjoy exploring the feminine side of your character.” The effect on David hearing this was immediate. Beatrice watched as his face went from a glowing pink to crimson.
Beatrice reached over to the box again, and she withdrew a pair of slip-on shoes with high heels. She handed the shoes to David, “Now slip these on your feet, and I will be able to see what kind of girl you are.” Beatrice was mesmerised by the various shades of red David’s cheeks turned. Once the shoes were on his feet and he was standing upright again, Beatrice told him to walk over to his position and face her.
She watched as David walked across the room without too much difficulty, and she followed behind him. “You walked in those shoes as if you had been walking in high heels all your life. You have not been practicing in them while I have been at work, have you?”
“Good Lord no, Mistress.”
“You don’t have to sound so shocked, slave. We already know you have a feminine side to your character, and I would not have minded if you had tried them. Have you tried any of my other lingerie on, slave? My panties are made of fine nylon much like these stockings, as you know.”
David was almost in tears as he protested, “Mistress, at no time have I ever tried on any of your clothes. The thought has never crossed my mind.”
“Yes, well, you would say that, but I know that any man that would put on women’s stockings and high heels without a fight has to be effeminate. I think there is a lot of girly in you trying to get out, and with my help it will. You will like being able to wear sexy and girly lingerie instead of all that heavy trousers and jackets, won’t you?”
“No, Mistress, I have never thought about wearing clothes like that.”
“I am sure that you are correct, but now that I know your secret there is no reason for you to deny it. I can see by you penis that you are excited at the prospect of wearing more of my lingerie. I think you are a secret cross dresser, and I feel it a duty as your Mistress to help you pursue your clandestine ambition.”
David was now confused. He knew that he was not a secret cross dresser, and neither had he ever wished to dress in women’s lingerie. The reaction of his body to the suggestion was unexpected and he could not understand it. Why did he get excited at the sensation of pulling on the stocking? How was Beatrice going to help him with his cross-dressing ambitions? What was he saying, he asked himself. He had no cross-dressing ambitions, he was certain. What was she playing at? What was her game?
Beatrice was working on his mind, and she was pleased with the response she was getting from him. She walked over to the wall and brought back the cuffs, telling him to put them on his ankles. “I am going to leave you dressed as you are because I think it makes you look sexy. It will also help you find the girly side of your character. You want to find that girly part of you, don’t you, slave?”
David was thinking that she was expecting him to say yes, but he was also sure that was not what he wanted. “I am not sure I understand, Mistress.”
Beatrice was standing behind him now, almost laughing as he tried to squirm out of giving an answer. “Well, it is obvious to me, slave. The feminine side of your body is rejecting your manly parts. It is for that reason your feminine side wishes you to punish them with CBT. You don’t realise it yet, but deep in the back of your mind you wish you had a pussy, the same as I have.”
David could not believe he was hearing this. ‘She’s lost the fucking plot.’ He then thought, ‘surely she cannot be right? Has she read that somewhere in a medical magazine? Or has she been talking to the staff on the mental wards? God, it doesn’t bear thinking about.’
Beatrice had just finished fastening his ankles to the floor chains, and she remained squatting down in front of him. She smiled as she started to slide her hands up his stockings, starting at the ankles. “Does the fine fabric of the stocking excite you nerve ends, slave?”
“Yes, Mistress.” He knew there was no point in lying. He just hoped that during her interrogation of his feminine side he could evade some of the answers.
“Yes, slave, I also find that it does the same for my feminine nerve ends.” Beatrice heard him sigh, and it nearly made her burst out laughing. Perhaps he was hoping for mercy, but she had decided that there was none to be given while she was enjoying herself. Her hands had slipped up and over the top of the stockings, and she stood up with her hands resting on his buttocks.
“Your buttocks are firm, like those of a young girl, which is making me believe that I was correct in saying you are effeminate. I think that your buttocks should be encased in a pair of nylon panties that also cling to the flesh like a second skin. I have a nice pair of pink ones that I have never worn. You would like those covering your nakedness, wouldn’t you?”
“I am not sure about the colour, Mistress.”
Beatrice laughed silently to herself. “Of course you’re not sure about the colour, and as you have never worn pink panties before you would never know how sexy they would make you look. Have you ever worn sexy pink, girly panties before, slave?”
Beatrice heard him cough, which made her smile, and she listened to his answer. “No, Mistress, and I really can say that with all honesty.”
She was still smiling at that answer, knowing at the same time that this conversation was embarrassing him. “Well, that settles it then. I will give you a pair of my very best pink panties to wear. As you are a learner at being a girly, I think I will write on them ‘Sissy Panties’. Once you put on those panties, slave, that is what you will be until you have learned to be a real girl. I will then call you sissy when you are wearing them, and do you know why I will change your name?”
David realised that she was waiting for the inevitable answer, and he sighed before answering, “Would it be because I would then be a sissy, Mistress?”
“Yes, you are right, you sissy. I might make you walk around the house in your finery during the day. I might also invite Mistress Fagan to the house to see how you have turned into a sissy. You would like that, wouldn’t you, showing her what I nice girl I have married?”
David was trying to think of an answer that did not include the words yes or no. “Do you think that would be wise, Mistress? Mistress Fagan might get the wrong impression and think you are a lesbian.”
Beatrice slapped her hand on her mouth to stop herself laughing out loud. At least he was not letting the questions and innuendo get him down. “I understand your concern, sissy, but I don’t think Mistress Fagan is that shallow. I suppose, now I am thinking about it and you have come out of the closet by admitting you are a cross dresser, I could dress you as a maid. Then, any time I have guests here, you can serve us with coffee and scones, or is it tea and scones?
“Would you like to be dressed as a maid when my guests arrive, sissy? Or would you like to walk about the lounge serving us dressed as you are now, with pink sissy panties to hide your modesty? Tell me how you would like to be seen, sissy, and if you choose the correct dress I might give you a girly name.”
David was thinking, half a dozen of one, six of the other. “I would like to be dressed as a maid, Mistress.”
“As you have answered me so nicely with the correct answer, you may join me in the lounge with my guests. If you had said showing your pink panties with sissy written on them, I would not have allowed it to happen. There is no way that I would let you embarrass me in front of my guests; you would have been sent to your office in shame until they left.”
There was a big sigh as David’s head fell on his chest, putting another smile on Beatrice’s face. “Are the shoes comfortable, sissy? They don’t pinch at all?”
“Yes, Mistress, and there is no pinching.”
“I am so glad, because it means that I might have you in four-inch heels by the weekend. Won’t that be something? Put your arms in the air now, so that I might set your bonds.”
Minutes later, David was held tight and Beatrice was walking over to the wall. He realised that his wrists had not been pulled tight with the chains and he was wondering why. Beatrice returned half way back to where he was and stopped. She lifted her arms and threaded a cord through a large eye that had been screwed into an oak beam. She then tied a quick release clip to the cord, leaving it hanging down while she walked back to the table letting more cord off the reel on the way. When she walked back past him, she had two wedge-shaped pieces of wood in her hand.
“Stand on your toes, sissy.”
On the word ‘sissy’ she saw David’s face redden again. She smiled at his discomfort as she squatted down, removed his shoes and replaced them with the wedges under his feet.
“Relax, sissy,” she said.
Once again his face went a bright red. Talking in a soft, caring voice, she asked, “Do you like me calling you a sissy, slave?”
“No, Mistress.”
“Why don’t you like me calling you a sissy?”
“I am not a sissy, Mistress.”
“That’s not strictly true, is it? You are wearing girly clothes that are not meant for real men, so what does that make you?”
David knew that she had given him a loaded question, and he felt his heart sink. “It makes me a sissy, Mistress.”
“See? That wasn’t hard. Now, tell me what you really are.”
David’s face went even redder as he answered, “I am a sissy, Mistress.”
“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? I am a Mistress and you are my sissy.” Beatrice was still smiling as she walked past him to take the cord with the clip on the end. She returned to David and squatted down in front of him. Taking his sack in her hand, she felt the weight of his testicles as she attached the clip to the ring around the top. She went to the table again and returned with an eight-ounce weight and the parachute. She fitted the parachute and hung the weight on the end, gently lowering it until the full weight was pulling on him.
She stood up and asked, “How does that feel, sissy?”
“Heavy, Mistress.”
“I am so glad that everything seems to be going right this morning. I am punishing that nasty ball bag between your legs, one of the parts of you that your feminine side does not like.” Beatrice walked to the wall and took hold of the cord, gently pulling it tight. Once she felt the strain, she tied the cord to a hook. She looked at David as she pulled down on the cord a little, watching his face contort. “There, now all that I have to do is take the wedges from under your feet.”
She saw the look of concern on his face and tried to reassure him. “I know the length of this cord, and I know that for the length there is a good three inches of hard stretch. I am in no doubt that if you don’t stay on your toes you will be in pain, but it will in no way damage you. I am going up for a coffee in a moment, but I will stay here for a few minutes to keep you company. I might have to torment you to relieve me of my boredom, but I know you will understand.”
Beatrice walked behind him, and said, “On your toes, sissy.” As soon as David complied she removed the wedges, placing them back on the table. On her return she had the long riding crop in her hand.
Beatrice stood at his side and tapped his balls that were straining against the sack. The weight was pulling the sack down while the cord was pulling it up. The taps with the crop were not hard or heavy, but every now and again she would give them a harder stroke that caused David to grunt. “Is this hurting you, sissy?”
David knew that the only strokes hurting him were the odd ones she slipped in. “No, Mistress.”
She stepped closer and took hold of his penis. She felt the strength of his erection with the blood throbbing as it rushed through his system. “We will have to do something about this bad cock, sissy. If we don’t, you will never hid it in those pink sissy panties I have for you.” Once again Beatrice spoke softly to him with a smile on her face. Then she turned towards the exit and walked away.
David watched her place the crop on the table as she walked past, disappearing behind the wall to walk up the stairs. While he was watching Beatrice, his concentration slipped causing him to feel the pain in his genital region. It soon brought his mind back to reality and sharpened his concentration.
He had to take his mind off the pain he was beginning to feel where the weight was pulling down against the cord. He started to think about what was taking place and the way Beatrice was now calling him a sissy. He felt his face colour up at the thought of the word sissy. ‘Why has she started this feminine rubbish? Surely she wouldn’t really make me wear pink panties?’ To answer his question, he added, ‘yes she would. At least I will have relief when I change into my normal clothes. Once again, while passing things through his mind, David’s concentration slipped. He received the reminder immediately as the cord stretched his sack, causing a groan to slip from his mouth.
Beatrice was in the lounge watching his performance on the CCTV, and she too was passing things through her mind. It was all going better than she had expected. As her weeks of Mistress were going by, she was becoming stronger and more assertive. She was using her intelligence to twist words to her convenience, turning his world upside down. She could now torment his mind with no more effort than clicking her fingers.
As she watched him on the screen, Beatrice could tell what he was thinking by watching the expression on his face and noting when he blushed. There were so many things she could do to him now, and she had only just scratched the surface of what would be possible. She would move forward at his pace, not her own, because she did not want to frighten him away from the path they had started travelling together. She was enjoying this newfound domination role over him, and she wanted to continue it with his consent.
Beatrice glanced at the clock and saw that she had been in the lounge for half an hour. She then took her last look at the screen, noticing that David was now tiring on his toes and the contorted expression on his face was showing that he was feeling the strain. She changed channels, and then turned the television off.
David heard the door of the dungeon open and close, and straight away he felt thankful that Beatrice was returning. He then wondered if she would show him mercy from the cord and weight that was tormenting him. David watched out of the corner of his eye as she walked towards him, but she saw him looking at her. “Look to the front and not at me. I was going to relieve you of your burden, but now you can suffer it for a little longer as a punishment.” David inwardly cursed himself as Beatrice picked up the crop and walked past him.
David felt the crop bite hard across his buttocks, and Beatrice saw him rock on his toes. She knew that rocking like that would pull against the cord, giving him a little pain. This was a good form of punishment, she decided, and gave him nine more strokes, listening to him grunt on each stroke. It was not the pain from the crop that caused him to grunt, because the strokes were not hard. He was rebounding onto his toes after every stroke, and the discomfort from the cord must have been quite severe.
On the last stroke, Beatrice came to David’s front to look at the pain in his eyes. “You had better think yourself lucky, sissy, that I decided on that punishment before locking you in the cage for the night. Remember that you might not be so lucky next time.” She took the crop to the wall and hung it back in its place, and then she untied the cord and gave it slack. “You can now rest, sissy.”
After unclipping the cord from the sack ring she released the bonds on his ankles. She stood up and released his wrists. David had to stand with his legs apart because of the eight-ounce weight hanging down. After telling him not to move, Beatrice went over to the table and came back with something in her hand. She squatted down, and after she had adjusted the parachute there was a two-inch spring between the parachute and the weight. She looked at David’s face as she lifted the weight two inches and let it drop. The shock and expression of pain on his face was her reward for a well thought out plan.
“Now, sissy, I want you to turn about and walk over to the stocks.” The horror Beatrice saw on David’s face was priceless. She saw his hesitation, and said, “Don’t waste my time, sissy, or it will be the cage for you tonight, wearing the attachment.” She pointed to the cage to stress her intention, and she asked him, “Do you think you could put up with that weight bouncing about all night, sissy?”
He did not reply because there was no need. He had looked at the cage many times when he came down to the dungeon, and he knew that if he were placed in it there would be very little room for manoeuvre. He would have no choice but to be on his knees all night with the weight hanging down.
He turned towards the other wall, making the silver ball swing about between his legs. He was about to walk forward when Beatrice shouted, “Stop.”
Beatrice came around in front of him with the shoes in her hands placing them on the floor. “Have you ever seen me walk about the house without my shoes on, sissy?”
“No, Mistress.”
“Of course you haven’t, because females don’t do such foolish things with lingerie on their legs. Put those shoes on your feet or you will ladder your first pair of stockings.” She could not help but smile as David’s face went red once more.
David had a little trouble doing the task with the silver weight ball swinging all over the place as it worked the spring. As he walked the few steps to the stocks he realised that it would not get better. By the time he arrived at the stocks Beatrice was standing near them with half of the bottom board in her hand.
“Now shuffle forward and put your ankles in the round recesses.” They were about three feet apart, the same distance that his legs were already apart as he walked with the ball swinging between them. As soon as the front of his ankle touched the woodwork of the stocks, he felt the other half of the restraint being clicked and fastened in place with the pins.
There was a bar a little further up that his knees pressed against, where straps held them tight to stop him pulling away. The ball was still bouncing up and down slightly with every movement he made, making him uncomfortable but not really hurting. Beatrice then walked in front of him again and showed him that apart from her panties she was naked. “Put your head and left arm in the recesses, sissy.” Once David had bent over and complied with her command, the top board came over his neck and wrist followed by the pins to lock him in position.
Beatrice was now somewhere behind him, but he could hear her moving about. Moments later he felt an intrusion into his rear. Then Beatrice started to speak as if she had been reading his mind. “Yes, David, I am going to give you a girly fuck. Now, you had better listen to what I have to say, because it is very important. It will decide whether you sleep comfortable in my bed, or uncomfortably in my cage.”
While speaking to David, she also pushed the jelled phallus into him. “While I am getting my satisfaction by fucking you, I want you to play with yourself. There is one condition, and you must take it seriously. You must not cum until I tell you that you can. Yes, I know that sounds easy, but there is a catch.”
Beatrice had now got into a rhythm. “You have to play with yourself as if you were allowed to cum at any time, because when I think it is time I will tell you to cum. I will then expect you to orgasm no more than ten seconds after I give you permission. Now, here is the problem: if you feel that you are on the brink of orgasm then you must beg me to allow you to cum. If I forbid you and you defy me, then you will spend the night down here in the dungeon. The same fate awaits you if you fail to cum on time.
“You may begin. Excuse me if this is a pun, but your fate is now in your hand.”
Beatrice was keeping the same rhythm when she started to speak again. “In the last few minutes we’ve been down here, I’ve been thinking. One of the things that has put questions in my mind is that Mistress Fagan was allowed to fuck you. Do you think it is right to have sex with other people other than your spouse, sissy?”
David was trying to concentrate on getting things right and the question threw him. “No, Mistress, that is never right.”
“Yes, they are my thoughts exactly, so why did you allow Mistress Fagan to fuck you when you knew that you were my bitch? I noticed that you did not even put up a struggle.”
There was no way that David was going to tell her he had been unable to do anything because he had a mouth full of pussy at the time. She might not like being told specifics. “I cannot remember why, Mistress. Could it be that I was concentrating on other things at the time?”
“Now you are being silly. It’s women that dream the men having sex with them are film stars, and it is because of your poor sex that I have to go through Hollywood in my mind every time, discarding heart throbs along the way.”
It went quiet for a moment as Beatrice looked at his arm still moving. “You don’t like Barry, do you, sissy?”
“No, Mistress, I despise him. I would like to cum, Mistress.”
“Well you cannot, because I am not ready, and you had better keep that hand going and use your mind. I also think that because you had sex with another woman it is only right that I should have sex with another man, don’t you think?”
A strained, “Yes, Mistress,” left his mouth.
Beatrice knew that he was now in self-inflicted pain, and she said, “I think I will take Barry to bed to make amends. You won’t mind, will you, sissy?”
Another strained, “No, Mistress,” was heard.
“Then tell me what I should do, sissy.”
The pain was in his voice as David answered, “You should take Barry to bed with you, Mistress.”
“You may now cum, sissy.”

Author Information

Stella Fyre writes Femdom novels, often with the touch of the occult or supernatural. Her powerful scenarios are chilling and exciting, keeping the reader guessing at the next twist of the story right to the end.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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