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The Shackel's Ranch - Part 2 (W.L. Dowd)

The Shackel

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    • Average 4.3 from 14 ratings

In ‘The Shackel’s Ranch – Part 2’ the stunningly attractive Shackel family continues to enjoy the perverse pleasures and privilege of owning an impressive array of personal sex-slaves and pony-slaves. This incredible Ranch is a harrowing place where tight bondage, highly degrading training and merciless treatment awaits all those unfortunate enough to find themselves ‘sent’ there. Permitted by the Sultan to operate their secluded and sadistic facility as they saw fit, the egregiously wealthy and depraved Shackels preside over their captured slaves without concern of reprisal.

Already housing two lovely married couples in their human pony-slave stables, who have been made to endure the daily humiliation and depravity of their pony training since their arrival, Marla & Michael, alongside Lexi and Diego, are about to have some company in the stables!

One morning, after the family thoroughly enjoyed watching the cruel punishment of one of their adorable domestic servants for a seemingly minor lapse in judgment, Jackson Shackel received an unexpected phone call from the Sultan.

In a completely unexpected turn of events, their remote and private ranch was tapped to be the site for a pony-slave competition. Per the Sultan’s explicit demands, the Shackel’s Ranch would be the host site for an intensive competition designed to create the finest pony-slaves possible for shipment oversees. To that end, the Sultan had already dispatched his finest and most loyal supporter to the ranch. Mistress Christine, with her slave-boy Jason in tow, was already in-route and would serve as the opposing trainers to Katelyn and Jackson Shackel.

But before the competition could begin, more highly alluring pony-slaves would be needed. Reaching out to his extremely corrupt and greedy friends in the Brazilian government, the Sultan already had those wheels in motion too. Seized at the airport and falsely accused of terroristic intent, Sue & Steve a young married couple, and Tina & Eric a newly engaged couple, suddenly and horrifically found themselves sentenced to life as indentured pony-slaves. After spending a week in basic pony-slave training at the Brazilian prison, the couples were sent to the Shackel’s Ranch to begin their life sentences and to compete under Christine’s unmerciful control!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2015

No. words: 51700

Style: Bondage/BDSM Fantasy, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Sue and Steve Malix, a young married couple in their early thirties, were the first folks to be detained from a newly arrived plane. Married for 5-years now, the couple was on their dream trip. Having successfully acquired the appropriate travel papers, after paying the mandatory and hefty ‘travel tax’ to the Talistaun, they were jubilant about starting their long awaited vacation.
Sue was an undeniably beautiful woman, who stood 5’ 6” tall with hazel green eyes and a captivating smile. A brunette with blonde highlights, her seductive flowing hair swept sexily across her shoulders. Sporting a more robust feminine figure that screamed sexy but not dainty, her firm and curvy figure supported a set of beefy firm breasts that stood out magically from her body.
Her husband Steve was also a very attractive individual. A bit of a fitness freak, he strength trained at least four times a week, and ran 3-miles most every day that he wasn’t in the gym, making him a sturdy, strong and fit man at 5’ 10” tall. Sporting a headful of thick light brown hair and sexy hazel eyes, he had a smile and persona that matched his wife.
Both were friendly outgoing folks who enjoyed doing most everything together, but Sue clearly possessed the more assertive personality between them. Blessed with a natural ability to draw out the best in anyone they interacted with, they never failed to enjoy a trip or social event, but today things would be very different for the happy couple.
Exiting the plane and arriving at the customs counter, the smiling couple happily presented their travel papers to the government agent as was required.
After taking the papers from the happy couple, the agent took several moments to review the documents, before looking down to his clipboard to reference a list of names.
“Mr. and Mrs. Malix, please follow me,” the agent said rather sharply.
Not thinking much of it, the couple responded, “Sure,” as they followed the agent through a nearby door.
Suddenly surrounded by four agents, they had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.
“Is something wrong?” asked Sue.
“Just follow me Ma’am.”
“Where are we going?” Sue asked a bit more nervously this time.
Not getting an answer as they continued down the stark and eerie corridor, her husband Steve chimed in, “Sir, we would appreciate an answer. Is there something wrong with our papers?”
Still not hearing an answer as the other three agents seemed to tighten the circle around them, they were now getting a very strange vibe from the stoic men.
“Look,” Sue said rather loudly, “you need to tell us what’s going on, or we’re not going any further.”
“Ma’am,” the first agent quipped as he stopped and reached for a doorknob to his left, “in here please.”
But before Sue or Steve could respond, one of the other agents opened a second door directly across the hallway and said, “Sir, please follow me.”
While they hesitated in a state of confusion, the agents grabbed each of them by an elbow and rather forcefully prompted them into the separate rooms, before slamming the doors shut.
“Sit down Ma’am.”
The dank room was clearly an interrogation room. It had a metal table with a hard chair on each side, and a large one-way mirrored window on the back wall.
“W-What the hell are we d-doing here?” Sue asked nervously.
“Mrs. Malix, SIT DOWN!”
Unsure how to respond, she slowly dragged the metal chair away from the table and rather apprehensively sat down.
“I-I want to s-see my husband.”
“He’s busy right now,” the agent exclaimed as he placed a very sturdy looking canister on the table.
“Do you recognize this, Mrs. Malix?”
“Ahhhhhh, No, No I d-don’t.”
“Really… because we found this in one of the suitcases shared by you and your husband!”
“No, No, I’ve never seen that… What is it?”
“Like we have to tell you,” he said as he grabbed ahold of the scientific looking container and began to wave it about.
“It contains a nerve gas agent, Mrs. Malix… otherwise known as a terrorist’s weapon of mass destruction!”
“WHAT! What are you talking about! What in the hell is going on here!”
“I’ll make this very simple for you to understand. You and Mr. Malix are being placed under arrest for imminent terrorism, with the intent to inflict mass murder.”
Feeling like she was about to pass out, she managed to say, “A-Arrested…Terrorism… WHAT?”
“Yes, you are under arrest and will be immediately transported to the local prison for processing and trial.”
“WHAT! I-I w-want a l-lawyer.”
“That will be arranged for you shortly. But for now, you are in our custody.”
Reaching under the table and retrieving a large paper bag, he dropped it onto the table and said, “Your clothes go in here, and you will redress with the issued outfit inside the bag. You may keep your shoes on Ma’am.”
“No, No, I-I won’t get undressed!”
“Mrs. Malix, you can choose to cooperate with us or we WILL disrobe you ourselves!”
And with an evil smirking look in his eyes, he continued, “And we will enjoy that!”
Shaking her head in objection and disbelief, she thought better of her initial response and slowly reached out for the bag. Opening it and looking inside, she reached in and pulled out a faded and worn, orange garment from inside. Looking back into the bag for more items of clothing, she asked sheepishly, “Is th-this i-it?”
“You won’t need anything more… now get undressed!”
Seeing that the agent wasn’t planning to leave the room, and with no idea who or how many others may be watching from behind the large mirrored window, she inhaled deeply, stood up from the chair, and turned around so that her back was to the agent and the mirror.
Feeling totally overwhelmed and still in complete disbelief, she didn’t know what else she could do as she reluctantly reached for the buttons on the front of her bright and cheery sundress and began to undo them.
Terrified, she stripped down to her bra and panties and then reached for the orange garment that looked like a flimsy dress or short gown of some sort.
“Undergarments too, Mrs. Malix!” the guard abruptly called out.
Gasping in response to the idea of stripping naked in the open room, she responded in a desperate tone, “Please, please, I-I can’t. Please don’t make me do that.”
“Mrs. Malix, my patience is running thin. If this is how you’re going to respond to authority, we will have to take additional measures with you!”
She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but she feared that it wouldn’t be good. Beginning to pant and gasp in horror, she slowly lowered her yellow G-string panties to the floor around her 2-inch heeled sandals, before reaching for the clasp on the front of her matching bra.
After nervously fumbling with the taught clasp, her bra sprung open to release her magnificent girls. Resting high on her chest, her firm globes stood out proud as her plump nipples rose to the occasion in the cool room. Moving more quickly now to cover herself, she scrambled to make sense of the orange garment before slipping it over her head.
Working desperately to cover as much of her sexy body as she could with the garment, it quickly became clear that it was not meant to be overly concealing. Carefully designed to maximize one’s humiliation, the sleeveless attire had thin shoulder straps that held it up just high enough to cover her nipples, while barely extending low enough to conceal her womanly treasures between her legs.
Made of thin cotton, similar to an ordinary undershirt, the gown hugged the sexy curves of her body quite nicely, while doing very little to conceal her jutting breasts and hard nipples as they pressed outward against the meager cloth.
Nervously turning around to face the agent and the mirrored window, she lowered her head in shame as she spotted the word, ‘INMATE’ scrolled on the garment across her jutting breasts.
“Did you not listen to me Mrs. Malix! Your clothes go in the bag!”
Again, feeling as if she was about to pass out, she reluctantly picked up her sundress and undergarments, and dropped them into the paper bag as sternly instructed.
“That’s better, Mrs. Malix.”
With her head still lowered and her straining eyes peering upward, Sue replied, “P-please Sir, I-I’m innocent… W-we didn’t d-do anything w-wrong, we didn’t.”
“That’s for the court to decide… Now let’s get you ready for transport.”
Watching with a look of terror on her face, she saw the agent retrieve a wooden box from under the interrogation table and place it on the table with a thud. Lifting the hinged lid, he reached into the box with both hands and gathered up a complete set of metal cuffs and shackle chains.
Hearing the chains rattle about as he pulled them from the box, her heart nearly stopped when she saw the bundle of shiny restraints land on the table in a pile.
Shaking her head as her wide eyes stayed focused on the pile of chains; she started pleading, “No, No, please, you w-won’t need those.”
“It’s protocol Mrs. Malix, just protocol.”
Stepping closer to Sue on the other side of the table, the agent continued, “Now turn around for me, and stand very still.”
Feeling quite helpless, she spun slowly in place until her back was to the agent. Again facing the room’s door as she did when she had undressed, she felt the agent’s strong hands grab her wrists and pull them together behind her back. And as a wave of nausea rumbled through her stomach, she felt and heard the cold handcuffs click closed around her wrists.
Closing her eyes in a futile attempt to escape the horror of being shackled like some kind of dangerous criminal, she felt the agent close another set of metal cuffs around her ankles. Next, he wrapped a chain around her waist and secured it snugly in place, before firmly pulling her elbows together in order to apply a 3rd set of cuffs. With her body securely cuffed, he proceeded to attach additional lengths of chain to her wrist, elbow and ankle cuffs, which were then fastened to the waist chain behind her back.
“Now, just to be sure you clearly understand when you should walk and in what direction, we have one last thing for you, sweetie,” chuckled the agent, as he reached for her neck with a tall leather collar in his hands.
Quickly wrapping the leather collar around her neck before she could effectively protest, he pulled it tight and buckled it in place. Then, taking a hold of the leather leader that was already attached to the collar’s front D-ring; he prompted Sue toward the door.
“This way, Mrs. Malix.”
With her ankles hobbled by the array of restraints, she slowly shuffled forward as the agent opened the door. Reaching the door’s threshold, he suddenly stopped her in place without any explanation. Left standing in the doorway, fully restrained and barely covered by the immodest gown, she couldn’t imagine what he was waiting for, until she heard the door directly across the corridor unlatch.
Watching intently as her heart began to race once again; she saw the other door swing open and her husband Steve suddenly appear at the opening. Fully restrained and collared in the identical manner that she was, she couldn’t stop scanning his bound body with her frantic eyes. Still wearing his topsiders but otherwise dressed in nothing more than a pair of orange prison issue pants that had INMATE spelled up the front of his left pant leg, she was captivated by his appearance.
Made of the same meager fabric as her dress, it was obvious that he too was denied any underwear. Standing shirtless in the doorway, his powerful pecs and abs were prominently on display by the way his arms were cuffed behind him. But what made Steve’s appearance much more foreboding, was the large red ball gag that filled his mouth! The awful image sent an ice-cold shiver up her spine.
Seeing Sue’s eyes now glued to the red ball in her husband’s mouth, the agent at her side leaned in close and spoke softly into her ear, “He must have gotten a bit mouthy. I suggest you take note of that.”
While both of them were struggling to understand how they ended up like this, neither one could peel their frantic eyes away from the other. Feeling exceptionally exposed by their modest coverings and tight restraints, their eyes shared a mutual look of terror and extreme humiliation.
Allowed to momentarily stand in the doorways to absorb the horrific view of each another, their concentration was broken by the arrival of another hapless couple being escorted down the corridor. Passing by them rather quickly, Sue and Steve recognized the couple from their plane. Apparently on their way to be ‘interrogated,’ the gorgeous young couple appeared to be in their early twenties. And after spotting Sue and Steve in the doorways, the couple nearly came unglued.
“OH MY GOD!” the young woman yelled out as she passed by them.
“ERIC, W-WHAT’S HAPPENING!” she yelled out as she began to struggle with the agent leading her along.
Continuing to push the young couple down the corridor another 15-feet or so, the strong guards quickly shoved them into separate rooms on either side of the passageway, just as they had down with Sue and Steve earlier.
“Hmmm, more foreign criminals,” the agent near Sue chuckled as he grasped her collar’s leather leader and pulled her into the now empty corridor.


Another fine installment from W.L.Dowd! The ranch is starting to fill up with new slaves and the maybe the Shackels have gotten more than they bargained for in their deal with the Sultan. I'm looking forward to reading about the suprise to come in part 3. 5 out of 5 (J)

In my opinion a sequel rarely holds up to the original, but in this case it rivals the first! I really enjoyed the couples abductions and degrading misery, and the intense whipping scene on the deck was nearly perfect. 5 out of 5 (kirk)

Another entertaining book by this talented author. I liked how the pony theme was weaved into the fabric of the story while not dominating the entire story with nothing but. If Dowd holds true to form, I expect to another installment which I look forward to. 4 out of 5 (dan)

An excellent read and enjoyed a lot. A great story that wasn’t as predictable as you might think. Some surprises for sure and very erotic with BDSM and forced slavery. 5 out of 5 (dom)

Exactly my cup of tea. Couples and friends bound and driven into degrading slavery together and the breast bondage and nipple torture was enthralling. The emotional bonds between the characters was a real turn on. Please bring on part 3. 5 out of 5 (slaver)

A very nicely paced and descriptive story of abduction, slavery, degrading bondage and domination, punishment and harsh training. The servant’s punishment scene was particularly memorable for me. Definitely a story that any fan of forced B&D and enslavement will enjoy. 4 out of 5

Much slower and less interesting than the original. 2 out of 5

Author Information

A multiple award winning author whose 30+ years of enthusiasm and experience with bondage and domination will stimulate your deepest and darkest fantasies. Using my unusually wild and vivid imagination for tormenting sexual domination, deep humiliation and unrelenting pleasures, I write for the enjoyment of my loyal readers. So, please take a moment to rate my books and drop a quick review, it motivates my writing! And as always, comments, feedback or just a quick note to say 'hi' is ALWAYS WELCOME at wldowd@email.com


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