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The Reluctant Leader (Michelle Knight)

The Reluctant Leader by Michelle Knight

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Susan's life was going nowhere. She felt like a small cog in a big wheel whose only reason for existence was to fight the door-wolf. Turn up for work, pay the bills and live an unexciting existance with no meaning and little emotional reward.

Mark had achieved wealth, status and had built a successful company, but after living, loving and losing in dramatic style, his life was empty. He wanted to do something of meaning without risking the dangerous highs and lows of love again.

Susan became Mark's submissive in an effort to fulfil them both and kick start new chapters in their souls. However Cupid's arrow struck and, together, they made a life. The past wasn't about to die so easily and one day, when all was calm, it decided to ring the doorbell...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2015

No. words: 52000

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Male Dom - M/F, Mainstream Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Something about this particular incident, however, felt wrong. In front of him he had the husband of the victim, pleading to drop the charges against the accused. In an adjacent interview room, the victim herself was also pleading for mercy to be shown to her attacker. The local papers, however, had stirred up emotions in their report about the incident. “Violent drunk attacks millionaire's wife in her own home.” Little details, like the fact that the attacker had legitimate access to the property, didn't seem to matter to the headline grabbing press. This had all the hallmarks of getting horribly complicated in a way that he didn't want to get involved with.
“But Sir.” he addressed Mark. “You can see things from where we stand officially. That woman viciously attacked your wife and here you are, wanting to drop the charges.”
“Yes, officer. I mean Sargent. I know, but you don't understand.” Sgt. Evans waited patiently for Mark to pass him that extra piece of information that would supposedly complete his understanding of the complex situation. And then it came ... “She's my secretary.”

External Reviews

This was not a long book, but a heavy story. In this the author has created not only a story, but also what I hope is an eye opening experience to readers. I know it was to me. We delve into the laws surrounding bdsm type relationships. Let me tell you, some of them completely take away ones rights to personal preference. Some of it is still bouncing around in my head while I try to digest it all. The story is bridged nicely with the first book, The Companion, also a great book that gives reader a look into a realistic bdsm relationship, not just whips, chains, and orgasms. The first book focused mainly on the submissive side of the relationship, this one follows a dominant new to The Scene (what the bdsm community refers to itself as). The main character is in a normal everyday relationship, but wants to understand how her friend is happy in a bdsm relationship. Well, she gets schooled. There are bumps along the way. This is not hard core kink. Yes, there is some ugly bumping, but it's not the main focus. There is a lot of understanding to be gained from reading this. Some of this may give you uncomfortable feelings, and push you to really open your mind. I took a step back about halfway through the book to really survey my own marriage. In doing so, I realized that while I may not be a player in The Scene, but there is a dominant role, and a submissive role that both my husband and I play. Yes, that role bounces back and forth sometimes, but it's there. The writing is top notch, but that doesn't surprise me when it come to this author, she has successfully written in this genre, and science fiction as well. It is obvious that this is written by someone well studied in the culture, it shows in neon lights. This is high on my list of book recommendations. Especially to anyone curious about what it really is like to be in this type of relationship, for anyone wanting a little more understanding. Rating 4/5 (Blog on BookLikes)

Author Information

Michelle's first book was in 1996 and she has been writing ever since; and getting better, or so she promises!


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