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Morgan's Curse (Ken Haramiru)


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Over a thousand years ago, Merlin cursed his cheating lover Morgan Le Fay to switch bodies every time she has sex. She's doomed to inhabit either a pregnant female body or a near-powerless male one, forever. She and her succubus servant are determined to end the curse by killing the newborn Merlin while he's still helpless. This story is around 26,000 words long.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 1 / 2015

No. words: 26000

Style: Open Minded Erotica, Open Minded - Creatures and Monsters

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Argyle nodded as we drove west into the mid-afternoon sun, the car reaching the speed limit with some slight effort. The succubus reclined in her seat, letting out a deep breath and shifting around a little. “Breasts can be so tiresome, master”, she purred as she traced her nipples' outlines with her fingertips. “They always get hot, and the nipples always get hard and then soft, and then hard again. I don't know why you prefer staying in a female form”, she pouted.
I shrugged. “I spent my first hundred years in a woman's body. It's comfier to me than having a dick between my legs, getting in my way walking and trying to do my thinking for me.”
My attention was drawn to the passenger seat just in time to see Argyle pull off her tank top. Her rack was now only covered by a dark, translucent bra which didn't do much to hide anything. The darkened circles of her Latina areolae peeked through her bra enticingly, but then I snapped my attention back to the road with a muttered curse.
In a female body, Argyle's advances pose no real temptation to me. But a male body's urges are much harder for me to control and predict. I gritted my teeth and kept driving, keeping in mind that as long as our contract holds, I must endure her attempts to seduce me. Sometimes, our contract was almost as troubling as the curse I was trying to break.
Speaking of which, I may as cover that now. The road out of Vegas is very long, and even more boring than it was long.
As I mentioned earlier, my full name is Morgana Le Fay. I was half-sister to King Arthur, former lover to Merlin, and if I must say so, amazingly well preserved for a thousand-year-old sorceress. But I once cheated on Merlin with a hot slab of beefcake named Lancelot, and in his rage, he un-anchored my immortal soul from my body and cursed me to an eternity of wandering.
The rules of my curse are simple: if I'm a man, my soul jumps into the first first woman I impregnate (and impregnation is almost guaranteed with each fuck). Once I'm in the woman's body, by definition that body is already pregnant. If a man cums inside me while I'm pregnant, my soul transfers into him; that's how I took over Rudy's body. If I fail to transfer into a man before giving birth, my soul gets trapped in the baby.
One of the minor annoyances about this curse is that I rarely get to finish an orgasm before I transfer. Of course, I did have one way to have an orgasm any time I wanted, except that she'd eat my soul in the process. That would be my assistant, Argyle.
The misinformed would call Argyle an incubus or a succubus, but demons fueled by sex magic are both and neither. These demons may at any moment choose to be male, female, or both. And like most demons, they burn incessantly with a lust for Power.

That, of course, is why Argyle serves me. She believes that some day my guard will drop, and she'll seduce me in a moment of weakness. Our contract dictates that in exchange for her fealty, I must feed her the souls of the damned and may never command her to stop trying to seduce me. This last clause has produced some embarrassing public scenes over the centuries, but Argyle has learned with time that any success with me will be in private.
Argyle had decided to be particularly distracting this time. She tilted her chin up provocatively and ran her fingers down her throat, to her shoulders, and then down the gentle curve of her right breast. I watched as her fingers fidgeted on the soft slope of her breast, and then she pulled her bra down and outward, just enough for me to see as she took her nipple between her two fingers and began to idly stroke it. My cock hardened at the sight, and I cursed my luck as this turned out to be one of the more hormonal male bodies I've used. Maybe this is why Rudy became a rapist.
She squirmed in her seat, fully aware that pheromones were wafting from her nether regions and filling the car. “May I at least suck you off, master?”, Argyle inquired.
I shook my head. While Argyle can only devour souls through vaginal sex, getting a blow job while driving across the Vegas desert in a rattle-trap car was probably still inadvisable from a safety standpoint. “I'd really rather not get pulled over. I just want to find Merlin, kill him, and end this damn curse.”
Argyle pouted for a moment, then sat up and looked as we approached an SUV with a huge fraternity logo across the rear window. Her face lit up with a grin as she lifted up her bra, then flashed the frat boys as we pulled even with them. A cheer erupted from the cracked windows as they spotted her perfectly-formed light-brown rack. I rolled my eyes and muttered to her, “I'm not letting you eat them.”
She was facing the window now, cradling her bare tits in her hands to show the guys as we passed. She shot a glance over her shoulder at me and said, “Sometimes a girl just likes getting admirers.”
I rolled my eyes again. “A girl likes admirers, perhaps. But a demon just wants lunch”, I retorted.
The SUV's driver hit the gas pedal, pacing us as flashes began to come from inside the SUV. Apparently, some of the frat boys mistakenly believed that flash photography from behind rolled-up windows would produce useful results. In response, Argyle opened the car's sunroof and stood up through it, her bare chest fully exposed as she waved at the van of guys.
I hit the gas and accelerated, pulling ahead of the frat boys as Argyle pouted. Her breasts bounced with every bump of the freeway, and as the van began slowly to shrink into the distance she sighed and sat back down in her seat. “You could've let me at least take a nibble out of one”, she pouted.
I shook my head. “Just a nibble, huh? I've heard that one before. So have a lot of the souls you've eaten.”
“Can't help it”, Argyle mewed as she snuggled against my arm. “Demon.”
Damn her, she'd perfected 'cute' down to a tee. This was going to be a very long drive.

Author Information

Ken Haramiru lives in a large city on America's west coast. He's gainfully employed at a large, faceless corporation, and owns several adorable pets.

He's written science fiction off and on since his teens, but either couldn't finish stories due to writer's block, or they were fan fiction and thus unpublishable. One day not very long ago, he got frustrated and just wrote a sex scene to move the plot along - and it worked!


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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