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Irontown 1 (Adriana Arden)

Irontown 1 by Adriana Arden

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    • Average 3.8 from 4 ratings

When Melanie Paget is brought in by the Shackleswell police for vagrancy, she can have no idea of the fate that awaits her. She is degraded beyond her wildest nightmares and becomes simply a 'girlcog' in a big machine that exists only to teach recalcitrant girls their proper place! As her degradation goes on and her sexual need for pain grows, Melanie begins to lose her old identity completely and her life will never be the same again...

Editorial: This book was formerly known as Slaves of Irontown

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2014

No. words: 70600

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fantasy, Mainstream Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The “Y” arm pointing down from the top of the frame was a brace that clamped about the sides of her head. Rubber cups were screwed inwards to press against her temples, holding her head so she could not turn it aside. A curving strip of rubber, like a section cut from a ring, dangled from the ends of the head-brace arms on a pair of coil springs. Colter pulled out her ball gag and pushed the strip edgewise into her mouth where it was held there by the tension of the springs.
‘You’ll need that if the judge thinks you’re not being truthful,’ Colter said. ‘We don’t want you to bite through your tongue or crack a tooth, do we?’
Mel found she could not spit out the strip but it was thin enough to allow her to speak around. ‘You…you don’t have to punish me, just please let me go,’ she begged pitifully as she fought back tears. ‘I’m sorry if I broke any of your laws… I’ll never come back again, I promise!’
‘But we don’t want you to go,’ said Colter.
‘This isn’t about punishing you,’ Mattock said, ‘this is about saving you.’
They positioned the tip of the vertical rod against the crinkled mouth of her anus. It had a phallic black rubber head glistening with oil or grease. Mattock twisted it round and it screwed upward, forcing its way through her anal sphincter, parting it wide, and up into her rectum.
Mel gasped as it unnaturally penetrated her rear passage from outside to in. She had never had anything like it inside her before. Her cheeks were burning at the strange sensation. It felt frighteningly like it was going up her spine and would split her open! Yet at the same time the perverse stimulation was causing a warm wetness to seep through the folds of her sex and she could feel her clitoris swelling as if it was being pushed up from within. The policemen would see it rising. Mel screwed up her eyes in shame, wishing the earth would swallow her up. How could her body mock her like this?
The phallus stopped its advance, leaving her plugged tightly. Frantically she squeezed on the intruder with her anal ring in a vain attempt to force it back out.
Colter swung the front forked rod with its outer guard and lash thongs in towards the apex of her thighs, drawing out the thongs to ensure they would strike the mound of her exposed pudenda when they were spun and extended. When he was satisfied he locked it in place and then patted her sex. Instinctively Mel tried to pull away from his touch but the rod up her rear held her hips in place.
The policemen stepped back to admire their handiwork. Mel was shivering in fear and disbelief and tears were slowly running down her cheeks.
‘Now that’s how a girl should look going up before a judge,’ said Mattock in satisfaction. ‘Properly humbled with her arse stuffed and tits trembling.’
‘Which is the way we like ‘em in Shackleswell,’ Colter agreed.
Mattock swung the TV screen out from the wall so that it hung just above the camera they had been using earlier. ‘Now the judge will be able to see you and you’ll be able to see him,’ he said. ‘He should be ready to hear your case shortly.’
‘He can control all the functions of the frame remotely,’ Colter told Mel. ‘He’ll use it to get the truth out of you. If you’re smart you won’t fight it…’
The big screen came to life. ‘There, I said we wouldn’t keep you waiting long,’ said Mattock.
An image appeared of a greying, stern-faced man, dressed in imposing red robes and judicial wig. He was seated at a desk on which was visible the back of an open laptop.
‘It’s Judge Gouge,’ Colter said to Mel. ‘Don’t speak until you’re given permission, call him “Sir” and answer every question truthfully. That’s very important…’ He stepped forward into camera shot. ‘This is Melanie Paget, My Lord,’ he said formally. ‘She was arrested earlier this morning in the town square by Constable Mattock and myself on a charge of vagrancy. Our report should be on your screen…’
‘Yes, I have it here…’ The judge consulted the laptop for a minute then looked up at Mel with a penetrating gaze that seemed to reach right through the screen. ‘I see that you have refused to give any further details about yourself, girl. How did you come to be in Shackleswell without any means of support or an address that can be used to confirm your identity?’
His manner was perfectly measured and reasonable, as though it was just another day in court and she was an ordinary prisoner. Maybe it was normal for him to interrogate naked bound girls with rods up their backsides but how could she possibly be expected to reply sensibly in such circumstances?
‘P… please… you can’t do this to me…it’s not right… ahhh!’
The judge had pressed a control on his laptop. The cocked canes poised behind Mel’s bottom slashed across her buttocks with an audible hiss and crack of cane on flesh. She felt the impact of the blows ripple through her followed by stinging heat as if her bottom was on fire. She had never been caned before. Held fast by the rod up her rear she could not even ride the strokes. As her buttocks contracted she actually clenched it tighter inside her. Something about the perverse combination of pain, internal pressure and exposure made her pussy tingle and pulse. Mel sobbed in confusion and disbelief as hot tears burned in the corners of her eyes.
Anger and resentment, which had been numbed by the speed of events, now flickered within her. How dare they treat her like this! It was obscene, cruel and illegal. She heard a whir of some motor hidden in the fame base followed by clicks as the canes were re-cocked and struggled to contain herself. All her indignation and outrage counted for nothing against the raw power they had over her.
‘That was a warning,’ Gouge said sternly. ‘Now you will answer my question fully and clearly and when you do you will be properly respectful.’
Mel sniffed and blinked away her tears. Although she was spread-eagled naked and impaled before him it seemed she had to pretend to be civil. It was madness! With an effort she said meekly: ‘I live… lived in Shrewsbury, Sir. It doesn’t matter exactly where because I’ve left home.’
‘And you have no other residence?’
‘No, Sir.’
‘You’re not in further education?’
‘No yet, Sir. I was hitching to London. I thought I could get some work. A lorry driver said he could drop me here and I’d have better chances. I’d hardly ever heard of Shackleswell but it looked like a nice clean town. I was only here about ten minutes when these policemen stopped me and asked me who I was and where I’d come from. Because I didn’t want to give my home address and didn’t have any other address to give or much money they said I was a vagrant and that was against the law and they arrested me.’
‘It is against the law in Shackleswell,’ the judge confirmed. ‘Here everybody has a productive occupation of some kind. We don’t let any asset go to waste. Why did you leave home?’
That was a question she would not answer. Hastily she said: ‘That’s none of your business… awww… eeeehh…uuhhh!’
The paddle wheels on either side of her chest had spun into motion, turning in opposite directions and sending a torrent of rubber smacking into her breasts, striking their sides, undercurves and even obliquely across her nipples. As she shrieked and yelped her full globes heaved and shivered under their impact. She arched her back trying to lift them clear of the flailing paddles but there was no escape. The individual smacks merged into a continuous pattering rasp and her treacherously erect nipples were beaten down only to spring up again and again. As a scarlet blaze spread across her pale soft curves Mel writhed and strained within the frame, sobbing and biting down on the rubber strap between her teeth.
Yet even as the stinging blows fell she was achingly aware of Gouge, Colter and Mattock watching her breasts dance as though it was perfectly normal. Through her tears she saw they were enjoying the spectacle of her pain and degradation, compounding her shame and misery.


Disappointing. Some good ideas but characters are rather wooden. 3 out of 5

Very good book with a very interesting concept for a BDSM/S&M society. 4 out of 5

Author Information

Author of The Obedient Alice, Alice in Chains and Abandoned Alice; Captives of Cheyner Close; the Girlflesh Institute, The Girlflesh Castle and The Girlflesh Captives, all previously published by Nexus.

Now published by Silver Moon: Irontown 1, 2 and 3, Iron Kingdom,The Glass Harem and the Pits of Despair are available as ebooks and in print.


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