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Cheaters Absolution (Lord Koga)

Cheaters Absolution by Lord Koga

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When Dustin finds out his long-time Latino girlfriend had a one-night stand with another man, he formulates a plan to rip her ass a new one… literally.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 10 / 2014

No. words: 2350

Style: Cuckold Fetish, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“I know… you’ve been cheating on me,” he growled, sending shivers of fear through her body. How… how could he know? She asked herself only to suddenly feel a large, thick cock slamming into her ass from behind as Dustin held her in place.
“What… what are you,” Lauren gasped, reaching up and pulling away the blindfold, the game she thought she was playing with Dustin coming to an abrupt end. “Who… who is,” she panted, gasping for breath, the man behind her sliding inch, by rough, hard inch into her tight ass, as she turned to face him, only to know that he was black, his face was covered by a pale white mask.
“Who… fuck who,” Lauren grunted, the pressure building in her ass, taking her over as her entire body began to quiver. “Fucking… who’s you’re friend?” she asked, bracing herself as best she could, her body, thick as it was couldn’t handle the heavy long cock pushing deep into her virgin tight ass.
“We’re going to pound you hard, fuck you like the silly slutty whore you obviously want to be,” Dustin hissed darkly, slapping her across the face with another open palm.
Forcing her to look down at him, gazing darkly into her eyes he smiled up at her, loving the confusion set upon her face, the expressions of pain, of torture, the shaking of her body as his brother at arms continued to painfully drive his thick black lance deep into the bitch’s ass.
“I’m going to fucking pound you’re pussy so hard you’ll never forget the feeling of me inside you… even when you’re with that other man,” He grunted. Reaching up and grasping her breasts with his hands, she could feel the long hardened shaft of his cock pulsating against her wet opening as the spongy tip slapped back and forth across her bellybutton.
“No… No please you’re both too big to take at the same time,” Lauren hissed only to quickly feel the black man, grasping her, widening her even more, preparing her to take Dustin deep inside her pussy.
“My friend there, the one with the thick black cock pushing deep into your hot Latino ass, he’s going to tear your ass to shreds, make it so no other man can ever claim your ass again!” Dustin hissed.
“No… please not both of you,” Lauren grunted, only to feel Dustin pressing into her hot opening, the full length and girth his cock tearing her open like a ripe virgin peach for the taking.
“Fu…FU…,” she gasped only to feel the sudden attack from the rear, feeling the large black man, pressing into her tight ass; taking her wildly from behind while Dustin continued to press into her from the front.
“FUUUUUCK!” Lauren cried biting down on her bottom lip, tears running down the sides of her face. Trying her best to push past the pain, push back the tears as their cocks tore into her young, Latino body, taking them both into her, filling her fuller with cock than she ever imagined or dare dreamt possible.

Author Information

2nd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Erotica Genre
3rd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Dark Erotica Genre

Lord Koga is the pen name for a local Grand Rapids, Michigan Author, whom for the last 4 years has been writing in the specific genres of Erotic Fiction, Women's Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Horror/sci-fi/fantasy erotica, as well as capture, S & M, BDSM fiction.

The pen name "Lord Koga," has been shortened over the years from its original name Lord Kogarasumaru. The origins of the name Kogarasumaru "Little Crow" is derive from a unique Japanese tachi sword rumored to have been created by legendary Japanese smith Amakuni during 8th century CE. The "little Crow" is considered to be unique as it is a bridge between the old double edge blades of Japan and the more modern version which eventually became known as Katana.

Currently Lord Koga has over 150 titles out in e-book format and 7 titles in both print and ebook format.

Website: http://www.exploitedpublishing.yolasite.com


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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