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Sex Witch (Dark Pen)

Sex Witch by Dark Pen

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Corrine is a newly minted agent who is sent to investigate something most people know doesn't exist: Magic. What she discovers is far more than she bargained for. Not only does magic exist, but soon the world is going to be a very different place.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 9 / 2014

No. words: 94500

Style: Bondage/BDSM Fantasy, SciFi BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I watched her from the hot tub where I was sitting. The cabana she'd rented was right across from it and well, she wasn't exactly easy to miss. It was obvious to me she knew people were watching her and she liked it.
I'd seen pictures and video of her, but she was even more beautiful in person -- her body nicely displayed in a white bikini that left little to the imagination. She wasn't particularly big breasted, but I rather doubt anyone looking at her was complaining. Certainly I wasn't.
She was tall -- but most people are compared to my own five foot three; well-muscled, but sleek, like a cat, with dark hair that fell almost to her waist and crystal blue eyes that I couldn't wait to look directly in to.
She had tattoos, as well. One was a colorful dragon done in mainly in black, red and gold, crawling up her right leg with its head peeking just above her slim waist and its tail wrapped like a band around her ankle. It was incredibly detailed and the colors were far more brilliant than any tattoo had a right to be. Her left bicep had a line of what looked like Celtic knot work around it, and on the right side of her neck was a symbol that looked like a tribal symbol. Oddly, when I didn’t focus on it I could swear it looked like it should be something else. I knew from her bio she had a few more tattoos here and there, but her current position hid them from me, because the bikini sure as hell couldn’t.
She didn't know me yet -- but I was sure I'd get her attention eventually. After all, that was why I'd been chosen.
Soon, I hoped, she'd come into the tub and I could strike up a conversation. I would do my best to seduce her, and from what we knew of her interests, I should have a decent chance.
As I mentioned, I'm short -- only five three. Like my target, I also have a lean built, and am lot stronger than I look. I'm very slim, so my just about B-breasts look a little bigger than they are. I have short red hair, styled in a pixie cut to make me look much, much younger than my twenty-five years, and rather large green eyes. I know I'm pretty, and I know I'm her type.
I don't have any tattoos, but I have five earrings in my right ear, and three in my left. I also have a very small septum ring and both my nipples are pierced. Our data said she went for that kind of thing, and while I wasn't happy that my nipples and, um, my pussy, had been pierced, at least I hadn't needed to get any tats. I like them, but in my line of work that kind of identifying mark is a no-no. The piercings I could remove when this was all over -- tats would be a lot more problematic.
And so I waited -- trying not to watch her -- as she lounged in the warm heat of the dome.
Harrah's, the Atlantic City casino we were in, has a huge, fantastic pool area situated under a large glass dome. There are palm trees, a bunch of hot tubs and a large pool in the middle of it all. Arianne, my target, had rented what they call a cabana -- which was really just a slightly private area with a couple of waterproof couches, a low table and a small fridge. There were curtains that one could pull back for some privacy, but it wouldn't be all that private.
As places go to try and pick someone up, the casino wasn't bad at all. If things didn't work out here at the pool, it was likely she'd be at the club tonight and would pick someone up there. That someone would be me -- I hoped. But it would be better if it didn't get that far. Much better if she approached me. As I said, we knew I was her type.
And who, you might wonder, is 'we'? Well, let's just say we're a government agency and let it go at that. We're not real official because quite frankly, if the tax payers found out what we were created to investigate, there might be a bit of a problem. You see our area of investigation isn't one most people believe exists, outside of a few new agers and some teenage D&D groups. But not believing in something doesn't mean it doesn't exist and certain people had come across proof, or enough proof, to bring it to certain other people's attention. Thus, our agency was born.
The agency has been around for about ten years, and in the past few, they'd sent other agents to attempt what I was trying to do. They'd all failed, but being new and out to prove myself, I was sure I wouldn't.
So who was I trying to get close to? Who was I trying to investigate? Simple: A Mage.
Yes, you heard right, a Mage.
Now the government would never officially admit that magic exists, and I'm sure that there have been officials who knew about these Mages for quite a while. But it had apparently taken some before someone with enough clout was able get our agency set up and running so they could be more formally investigated. Presumably, the mages have been around a long time, but up until about fifteen years ago, they'd hidden their tracks very well No one knew for sure why they were starting to get sloppy, but the working theory was that they weren’t – there was just a hell of a lot more surveillance going on. But someone upstairs -- way upstairs -- decided that there were Mages, and we were going to find out what they were up to. Which is where I come in.
I was recruited as an agent after my first year of college. I'm quick with languages and my interest in martial arts has been lifelong. I'm also pretty smart, and electronics and hacking around computers comes easily to me. My dad was a Marine who died in battle, and my mother was, and still is, in the Air Force. She isn't in the field though, she's a rather high level intelligence analyst. I guess I get my interests and skills from both of them, although truth be told, my mother doesn't think much of me putting myself in harm’s way.
So anyway, I was recruited, provided with extensive training in various disciplines, and now I was out on my first solo mission.
Usually a law enforcement agency has to play by various rules. You know, like the Constitution, state and federal laws. Our agency pretty much just gives a nod to those types of laws because the people we're investigating have been -- covertly -- classified as non-US citizens on US soil. I'm not real sure how I feel about that, but I will admit we need to know more about them. Anyway, as a result, we play more by CIA rules, just on American soil. We're not quite so strict about little things like seducing and sleeping with someone to get information from them. Or to forming a slightly deeper attachment to someone so we can infiltrate their organization -- which is why I was sitting in a hot tub in an Atlantic City casino.
They'd have sent a man, but my target -- Arianne -- didn't appear to be interested in men. And I looked very much like the kind of girls our intel indicated she tended to pick up – young, into sex and more than a bit kinky. I'm personally fine with men, but I like women too, so I was given the assignment. And unless her kinks were way out there, I’d probably be able to handle, and maybe even enjoy them. There are some perks to the job, after all.
The water shifted, and I opened my eyes, not bothering to hide my admiration of Arianne's body as she slid into the water. She was checking me out as well, no doubt noting the pierced nipples that were slightly visible through my top and the fact that I was unshaved under my arms. Our info on Arianne was unusually complete, and they'd noted she liked that look. Me, I could take it or leave it, but it didn't gross me out and I don't have a lot of hair there anyway. And at least she wasn't into hair anywhere else -- I really wouldn't enjoyed running around with hairy legs. It was a bit odd being completely bare below the waist, but I'd quickly gotten used to it. After all there's no use having a piercing down there if it's hard to see, and I thought that I might even keep the hairless look once this was over.
I returned to leaning my head back against the edge of the tub with my eyes closed and my arms out to either side. The position made me arch my back just a bit, displaying my slim body and I could feel her eyes on me. The thing about seducing someone is that you need to let them know you're into it, and depending on how perceptive the person was, just acting might not be enough. Fortunately, I wasn't acting. Even if this hadn't been an assignment, I would have been happy to hook up with her. Sex and I are very well acquainted with each other and had been for a long time.
It was a slow dance, and one that I enjoyed, but eventually we exchanged names and began to talk. I gave her my cover name, Corrine Baker, which was unusually close to my actual name of Corrine Banning. Evidently the agency didn't want to further confuse the new agent by completely changing her name. Whatever -- I was fine with it. As we talked, I realized that one thing the briefing hadn't covered was how extremely powerful her personality was. It was easy to let her draw me in because it wasn't long before I found I wanted her to, assignment or not.

Eventually I had to get out of the tub or turn into a prune. She also got out and damned if the suit she was wearing didn't display that perfect body of hers even better now that it was wet. We knew she had some sort of hand to hand training, but from looking at her it was simple to tell there was no way she was just a casual practitioner. Her body was just too toned and she moved too well. If something bad happened, I'd have to be very, very careful if I needed to take her down.
“Would you like to join me in the cabana?” she asked.
“You wouldn't mind?”
She flashed me a grin that said there were a lot of things she wouldn't mind, and my return smile agreed.
“Sure,” I said. I looked around as we sat. “These are kinda nice.”
“They're not too bad. The food isn't bad either, although it's quite overpriced.”
“Everything here is overpriced,” I agreed. “But I needed to get out of the house for a week, and mom was willing to pay, at least for the room and some food.”
“You and your mother don't get along?”
“Well, let's say she's not exactly happy about some of my lifestyle choices,” I said with a wry grin.
In point of fact, that wasn't even close to the truth. I'm bi and my mother's known that since she caught me and my best girlfriend in a very compromising position when I was twelve. And an even more compromising position with the same girl and an older boy a few months later. Other than keeping an open dialog with me about sex to make sure I was being safe, she never gave me any trouble about it. I think she might have even told my dad, but he would probably have been too embarrassed to discuss it with me. Other than the occasional look given to boys he thought might treat me badly, he and I never talked about sex. Lots of other things, like guns and computers and my next belt test, but not sex. He didn't treat me like a boy or anything, and I never felt the lack.
“Parents can be difficult.”
“What about you?” I asked. “You just hanging around down here?”
“For a while,” she replied. “You hungry?”
I did my best to look a little embarrassed, like I didn't really have the money to go splurging on expensive food. And compared to her, I didn't. Arianne was, as far as we could determine, worth quite a few million.
“Na, I'm good,” I said.
“Well, I'm going to order something,” she said. “Go ahead and pick what you want. My treat. The tables have been kind to me so far.”
That was an understatement. Arianne was a high roller, and rarely came down on the losing side of a bet. Oddly, the casinos hadn't caught on, but maybe that was because she wasn't greedy. There were nights when she lost big, but overall, she walked away with more than she lost by a good margin. She was currently staying in one of the few high end suites here, and had spent most of last night playing high dollar craps and two hundred dollar a spin roulette. She'd ended up walking away with more than twenty thousand dollars between the two -- a small take for her.
So we both picked out some food and ordered daiquiris, although our very cute waitress looked at me a little sideways. You had to be twenty-one to get in here -- which was what the fake ID confirmed. The 'real' ID I had for the mission put my age at just over eighteen, but I look a lot younger than that. Once the food arrived and we'd both downed our second daiquiri the real flirting began. Honestly after about a half hour, I just wanted to tell her I was a sure thing. Not because I wanted to get it over with, but because she had me so hot I was about to climb the walls. I have a very high sex drive, but it was usually better controlled than this.
“So how long are you going to be here?” she asked.
“Mom's fronting me until Friday morning,” I said. “Then the rooms get expensive. You?”
“Not sure yet,” she shrugged. “Probably through the weekend though.”
We were sitting at opposite ends of the same bench, me with one knee bent and leaning against the cushion and the other on the floor. My legs weren't wide open, but as thin as my suit was, I'm sure she could see the outline of my pussy pretty well. The green bikini I was wearing had mostly dried, but I knew the crotch was damp and she'd probably be able to see that. She'd almost certainly be able to see the bump created by the ring of my triangle piercing. They'd done a good job with that and I thought that I might want to actually keep that one when this was over. It provided some very interesting sensations to my clit.
We decided to get back into the hot tub and this time we sat right next to each other while we continued to talk about, well, nothing really. She turned and looked at me and I felt her hand on my thigh, just one nail stroking my skin. I shivered and shifted a bit, doing what I could to give her access to me. She smiled and took the invitation, sliding that finger up the inside of my thigh and almost brushing my pussy. Her touch felt like fire, even in the hot water of tub. I gave a brief thought about the fact that other people could come and join us in the tub and how that might make things awkward. The pool area was pretty crowded today, so there was every chance someone would want to use the tub, and I briefly wondered why that hadn't already happened. Two very attractive women in a hot tub, and not one other person had joined us? That was passingly odd, especially since no one had rented this tub for exclusive use. Then her fingers reached the cloth of my very small bikini bottom and she looked in my eyes.
I almost came right then and there. The amount of lust I could see in her expression was easily a match for what roared through my body. The crystal blue of her eyes almost glowed as she continued to very lightly run a fingernail over my cloth-covered pussy lips. I stopped worrying about anyone else seeing us and just tried to press against her hand. She smiled though, a wicked smile, and drew back, only pressing harder when I gave up and let her control how much stimulation I received.
Soon I couldn't seem to get enough air, and my nipples felt thick and bloated. Her smile changed just a bit. She owned me, right then and there, and we both knew it.
“Would you like to cum?” she asked conversationally.
I couldn't talk, but I eagerly nodded.
She pressed just a bit harder, bringing me right there to the edge before backing off again.
“Please,” I begged, finding my voice. “Please?”
Okay yes, I was supposed to seduce this woman, but how the fuck had she taken such complete control in such a short time? Shit.
“Take off your bottoms,” she said.
“But there are people...”
“Are you sure you want to cum?” she asked with an evil smile.
Shit. Shit!
I reached down and began sliding them off.
“Ooo, you're so eager,” she said, and I stopped. “Do you always take direction this well?”
Well, yes, as a matter of fact I did. I wouldn't consider myself a submissive, but I liked to please. I'd never done the BDSM scene, although I had had one boyfriend tie me up a few times. It had been kind of embarrassing how much that'd turned me on -- not that I'd admitted it to him. Or mentioned it to anyone since.
I nodded and bit my lip. Maybe she wouldn't make me actually do it.
“Well, keep going sweet,” she said, sliding one hand up to my pierced nipple, sitting just below water level. She took it between her fingers and squeezed around the vertical bar through it. My nipples have always been sensitive but I've still always loved rough nipple play. I shuddered and froze, the pain lancing through my breast and turning to pure lust. I didn't cum though -- somehow that still eluded me. I finished pulling off my bottoms.
“Good girl,” she said, taking them from me.
Then her strong, clever fingers found the ring that ran under my clit and she purred, tugging on it. I was going out of my mind, no longer paying attention to anything going on around me as I should have. But still, no one interrupted us.
She roughly entered me, using two fingers right off the bat. Even in the heavily chlorinated water, I was extremely slick. Her fingers stretched me, then curled and I was unable to breathe, balanced on the razor's edge of an orgasm.
“What will you do for me, if I let you cum?” she whispered into my ear.
Shit, what wouldn't I do?
“Wh...what do you want?”
“You to tell me what you'll do,” she said, flipping the ring up and down while somehow rubbing my clit. The skill in doing a triangle piercing right, was that it could stimulate the back side of your clit, and the woman who'd done this piercing was an expert. The ring vibrated the nerves, adding to the amount of pleasure I was feeling in a very odd and intense way.
“I'll make you cum with my mouth,” I said.
Okay, it was clear even to my lust-fogged brain how lame that was, but damn, it wasn't like I could think! She grinned knowingly at me.
“If I tell you to take off your top, will you do that?” she asked.
I nodded.
“What if I want to fuck you with my fist,” she said, leaning in and whispering in my ear in a husky voice. “Will you let me?”
I hesitated over that one. I'm tight and while I do enjoy being stretched by a cock, a fist might be too much. Then she touched something inside of me, and I gasped, nodding quickly as the pleasure overrode my good sense.
“What if I want you to do something really dirty,” she said. “Will you be my dirty girl?”
I had no idea what really dirty meant, and there was no way I was going to figure it out with her fingers driving me bat-shit crazy, so I just agreed. I'd done a lot of 'really dirty' things over the years and doubted she'd come up with anything I'd object to or hadn't already done. Well, there were a few things, but I'd just have to hope she wouldn't go there.
“And what,” she purred, “if I want to hurt you?” The fingers of her other hand closed over my nipple again and pain lanced through it and into my breast. Again, it just turned to lust. “Will you let me? Will you suffer for me?”
The pain in my breast increased, and she started doing something to the piercing between my legs that hurt too. But it hurt good, so very, very good. I'd been spanked a number of times, and I liked it a lot. This pain was different and even better.
I just looked at her and begged with my eyes, staring into those crystal blue orbs of hers. I would have sworn that they were actually glowing, but at that moment, I would have sworn there was a purple unicorn in the tub with us if it would have gotten me an orgasm. She apparently liked whatever she saw and her fingers did something else.
It was like a bomb went off inside me. I froze as pleasure like I'd never felt slashed through my nerves, bucking against her fingers again and again. It would have only taken a casual glance from anyone looking at the tub to know what was happening, but I didn't care.
She pulled her hand away just as I was becoming too sensitive. How I didn't drown I have no idea, but my entire body was shaking and vibrating from the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced. When I came to my senses, I realized two things.
One, I was still extremely aroused. And two, this woman was extremely dangerous.
“Are you back?” she asked, smiling brilliantly.
I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.
“I need to go use the restroom,” she said. “But I'll give you a choice.”
A choice? What the hell was she talking about?
“That was intense for you, yes?”
I nodded, blushing, the arousal she'd created in me still zipping around my nervous system.
“When I get out of the tub,” she said, “I can leave your bikini bottoms here, and you can make a graceful exit while I'm gone. Or I can put them over there in the cabana where you can see them, but not get to them, so that you have to wait for my return. While you're waiting, you'll get to wonder if I'm going to return, and what will happen if I don't.”
She smiled at me. It was a hungry look that made me shiver.
“Also, what will happen if I do,” she continued. “Choose.”
I swallowed. I was still extremely aroused, but at least I could think again. I didn't want to examine too closely what I really wanted, but fortunately, this was an assignment, so the choice had really been made for me.
“Take them,” I said. Maybe she wouldn't take them. Maybe she was just playing a head game. After all, we were in a public place.
“Good girl,” she smiled. “Keep your hands above the water while I'm gone.”
Damned if she didn't do exactly what she said she was going to do. She took my bottoms and laid them in plain sight on one of the cabana couches, then headed off to the bathroom.
I sat there and tried to recover my wits, but it was an impossible task. I was still unreasonably aroused, for one thing, and for another, I was sitting half naked in a public hot tub. And now that Arianne was gone, it looked like there were two people approaching it to join me. Shit!
I nodded at the two and tried to act normal, which wasn't easy, I can tell you. The thought that I might get caught bottomless was frightening and embarrassing. And very arousing. I'd always been just a bit of an exhibitionist. Nothing too flagrant, but I did enjoy being watched. Being naked in public was bringing that to a whole other level.
Fortunately, the couple was more interested in each other than in me. That was fine, as both were easy on the eyes. He was a very well built black man, and she was a perfect match for him. She had a very pretty face, with hazel eyes and her dull red bikini enhanced her sleek curves and shown against her dark skin. He was wearing the normal baggy shorts guy seemed to favor, but his arms and shoulders were well built and he had very nice six-pack abs. I was tempted to remove my hands from the ledge where I'd been ordered to keep them and play with myself just a bit -- hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. But I didn't. I obeyed my orders.
Arianne was gone long enough that I started to wonder if she'd really left me here. I almost jumped out of my skin when she slid into the tub next to me. How had I missed her approach?
“Miss me?” she whispered, kissing me on the cheek.
I saw the girl glance at us and smile a bit. I nodded, too embarrassed to look directly Arianne.
“Still worked up?” she said quietly enough that the other two couldn't hear.
“Very,” I said.
She laughed, low and sensuously and my pussy clenched, needing her fingers again. Shit, what the hell was wrong with me? I'd never lost control like this.
The other couple stayed for a few more minutes, but then rose from the tub and left. I could see the woman's nipples through her top and his bulge was a bit more pronounced, even through the baggy shorts. She turned gave me a little wave and a very sexy smile over her shoulder as they walked away.
Arianne gave me back the bikini bottom.
“You've been in here long enough, I think,” she said. She waited until I put them back on, then we got out of the hot tub. I felt a bit woozy, so yeah, it had probably been too long.
“What are your plans for this evening?” she asked, as we dried off.
“I don't have any, really,” I said.
“Would you care to join me then?” she asked. “We could go to dinner and then perhaps, spend some time at the tables.”
“Sure,” I said, although what I really wanted was more sex. Well, food would be good too. In spite of what I'd eaten not too long ago, I was starving. “That sounds wonderful.”
“Excellent,” she said. “Here is my room key. Why don't you meet me at about six?”
“Sounds great!” I said.
And it was. It would give me time to get my head on straight, have a much, much needed orgasm, and check in with control to let them know I'd made contact. Arianne told me how to find her room before we parted ways, but I already knew which hi-roller suite she was in. I started to leave when she was finished with the directions, but before I could, she slid a finger down my arm, her touch freezing me in place.
“And if you promise me you won't masturbate while we're apart, I promise you an even better orgasm than the one you had in the tub,” she whispered.
My entire body flushed with heat which quickly pooled in my lower belly. I looked at her, noting once again her beautiful eyes, then nodded.
“Good girl,” she said, then turned and walked away.
I sat down to collect myself before putting on my wrap and heading to my room.

Rooms in this hotel, well, most of them, are pretty cheap during the week. After all, if you spend money on expensive rooms, it's unlikely you'll spend more than you intended to part with at the tables. I don't gamble -- James Bond I am not -- but I do know how to play most of the common games. I do okay when I play, but I'm not really interested in gambling for its own sake.


a little too long but with some good BDSM scene. 3 out of 5

Great story. Hope there are more from this author 5 out of 5 (Bigrdr)

Excellent tale of S&M, FF Sex Slave Training and witchcraft. The entire story was exceptionally paced and well plotted. Look forward to more stories from this author. 5 out of 5 (Les)

Excellent as ever. Dark pen has the ability to build plot and yet still keep the sex flowing. The concept is great and I can't wait for the rest of the series. His best work so far! 5 out of 5 (Qwert)

Author Information

Dark Pen practices BDSM in real life. His stories often stress strong character and plot development as well as extremely explicit sex scenes.


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