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Debbie Does the Sperm Bank! (Vivian Gwynn)

Debbie Does the Sperm Bank! by Vivian Gwynn

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Debbie never backs down from a dare. Ever. She’s eaten bugs, flashed strangers, streaked through a university lacrosse game, masturbated on the bus, and gone through the McDonald’s drive-through topless. But even she has to stop and think when her roommate, Jessica, dares her to sneak into the local sperm bank and masturbate a random guy.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 9 / 2014

No. words: 5500

Style: Medical Erotica, Erotic Humor

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Debbie never backed down from a dare. She’d eaten bugs, flashed strangers, streaked through a university lacrosse game, masturbated on the bus, and gone through the McDonald’s drive-through topless. But even she had to stop and think when Jessica dared her to sneak into the local sperm bank and masturbate a random guy.
They were sitting in their apartment, which was messy, like usual. Textbooks and crumpled homework assignments were strewn across the table, piles of clothes covered the floor, and a few days’ worth of dishes crowded the counter. Debbie was sitting in her underwear on the ground, eating rocky road ice cream straight from the carton with the apartment’s last clean spoon. Jessica was lounging on the couch in a T-shirt and yoga pants, thumbing through a free newspaper she’d picked up on campus the day before.
Debbie spooned the ice cream into her mouth, enjoying the cold sweetness and the crunch of the frozen chocolate chips. Breakfast really was the best meal of the day. A small chunk of the brown ice cream fell down and landed on her breast, just above her bra. She shivered, then grabbed the bit and popped it into her mouth. You didn’t just waste good ice cream. She licked her thumb and rubbed at the sticky spot on her skin.
Debbie glanced around at the piles of textbooks. She was going to clean these up. Sometime soon. She’d been meaning to clean the apartment for a while now, but first it had been midterms, and then all those papers had been due, and then all those cute guys had invited her to their parties, and then it was finals. Now that she finally had the time to clean, she found that she really, really didn’t want to. She sighed and scraped the bottom of the carton, pulling out the last sticky goodness.
“I know that sigh,” said Jessica. “You’re bored, which means that you’re going to go looking for trouble.”
“You don’t know that,” said Debbie. “In fact, I was just thinking about cleaning the apartment.”
Jessica laughed. “Girl, we both know that isn’t happening.”
“It could,” Debbie responded.
“No,” said Jessica, sitting up. “What’s going to happen is that I’m going to dare you to do something stupid, and you won’t be able to resist actually going out and doing it. I’ll stay home and clean while you do it, and then when you come home, you’ll tell me all about it and I’ll laugh at you but secretly envy you for your free spirit. We’ve got a system.” With a rustle, she turned a page in the newspaper.
“I guess you’ve got it all figured out,” Debbie said, standing and stretching. She started toward the kitchen to throw away the carton.
“Hey,” said Jessica. “Don’t throw that away. Bring it here.”
Debbie glanced inside. There was nothing but a thin layer of brown goo coating the sides. She handed it to Jessica. “Knock yourself out.”
Jessica ran her finger along the inside of the carton, then licked the ice cream soup off of herself. “You don’t just waste good ice cream.”
“All right, so what’s this dare?” Debbie asked.
“I’m getting there,” Jessica said, licking out the ice cream carton with one hand while she tried to wrangle the newspaper into submission with the other. “It’s gotta be something good. Something to top all the dares that have come before. This is upper division, graduate level daring. This is going to be your capstone dare which integrates all that you’ve learned on dares before while preparing you to move into professional dare fulfilment.”
“That’s quite the dare,” Debbie said, brushing her shoulder-length black hair out of her face and scratching her stomach idly.
Jessica turned a page again, then smiled and looked up. “Ooooooh,” she said. “I’ve got it.” She held the paper up for Debbie, pointing stickily at a place in the classifieds.
Debbie took the paper and read the ad: “Sperm donors wanted at Sperm Savers. Because you might as well get paid for it.” She raised her eyebrow at Jessica. “Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think I’d probably need, you know, a penis. Maybe a prostate. Some balls. You know, little things like that.”
“Oh,” said Jessica, standing. “You’re not going to be donating. You’re going to sneak in there and help some poor bastard donate. Work a little of your hand magic.”
“And how exactly would I do that?” Debbie asked.
“Well,” said Jessica. “A guy would probably let you if he thought you worked there.”
“So,” said Debbie. “I’m supposed to just waltz in there in a slutty nurse costume and start jerking guys off?”
“The slutty nurse outfit isn’t 100% necessary, but I like it,” said Jessica. “Yeah, that’s better. You should go with that.”
Debbie frowned. “I don’t know,” she said. “This is probably illegal. You can probably get in serious trouble for this sort of thing.”
“Fine,” said Jessica, sitting down and opening the paper again. “I guess you’re just not ready for graduate level dares. We’ll have to move you back down into the remedial courses. I guess I’ll dare you to eat worms or something.”
Debbie bit her lip. This was stupid. She knew it was stupid. But that was the whole point, then, wasn’t it? It was good to do stupid things sometimes. It made you feel alive. And she had to admit that the thought of actually pulling this off was sexy. Being in the position of power, jerking a man off, someone that she didn’t even know, feeling his hot, hard cock in her hands . . .
Debbie was glad that her bra was padded, because if it weren’t, Jessica would be able to see her nipples poking through it.
“All right,” she said. “All right, I’ll do it.”

Author Information

Vivian Gwynn writes high-quality, sizzling erotica in a variety of genres, ranging from the contemporary to the fantastic. She is a wife, mother, martial arts enthusiast and a lover of the gritty, wonderful, sexy world we live in.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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