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Cowgirls and Aliens (Jenna Powers)

Cowgirls and Aliens by Jenna Powers

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In the old wild, wild west, a bounty hunter by the name of Cassie enters a small town. She's hired to protect some cattle for a farmer who thinks bandits are in town but once nightfall hit, things start getting crazy. After a thunderous roar, Cassie finds herself stark naked in a cave. Things only turn worse when she sees three alien creatures enter...

Warning! This explicit story contains alien MMM/F, oral sex, analingus, anal sex, double penetration and triple penetration with crazy alien life forms! Cassie goes from being the hunter to the hunted!

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 9 / 2014

No. words: 5070

Style: Science Fiction Erotica, Cowboys/Western Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The old man's farm was a far ways off, taking a couple of hours on their horses. When they finally arrived, Cassie was amazed by the size of the farm, easily expanding several acres. The old man pointed out at the empty fields.
"Used to have cows grazing out there." He informed.
Cassie nodded. "So, you never gave me a name this whole trip. Want me to just keep calling you old man?"
The man laughed. "Henry. I figured you wanted this to remain impersonal."
"Cassie. Now that that's out of the way. How often do these disappearances happen? And when?" She asked.
"The minute I put some animals out there. By the mornin' they're gone." He responded.
Cassie nodded and stared off at the fields. She spotted a small dip in the land, no doubt a good place to hunker down and survey overnight. She looked at Henry and nodded.
"Get some livestock out here, let's figure out what the hell is going on." She said.
Henry looked surprised but nodded in agreement. It wasn't long before Henry had set two cows loose in the fields. Cassie had positioned herself at the dip, her back against the hill. She took another spoonful of soup that Henry had supplied her. The sun began to set, a calmness filling the air. Cassie crawled to the tip of the small hill, making sure to check her holster one last time. The darkness crept over her quickly, the sky turning black, filled with stars.
One of the cows mooed in the distance before a thunderous roar filled the air. Cassie looked up, wondering a storm was brewing. Much to her surprise, a large winged object flew by, outlined by blue lighting emanating from the center. It turned and flew towards a cow and within seconds the blue light turned white and the cow was in the air.
"What the fuck..." Cassie murmured as she stood up and stared.
Two more winged objects flew down, one twisting to the left to grab the other cow. The other flying machination made a straight bee-line towards her. Cassie turned, whistled and began running, hoping her horse had heard her signal. The flying object was extremely fast and before Cassie had a chance to react, she felt something lasso around her and grip her waist. Her view was obscured by the white light from the object and she was soon in the air, gripped tightly on the underside of the flying steel demon. A small tube appeared in front of her face and a small burst of gas enveloped her, knocking her out cold.
Cassie slowly opened her eyes, her vision blinded by a white light right in front of her. She blinked a couple of times, trying to adjust to the light. She began to see shadows, then silhouettes, and finally the rocky ceiling above her with a lamp aimed straight at her. She sat up slowly, supporting herself by her elbows. She felt a cold chill run up her spine as the cold metal platform she was sitting on registered. She noticed that she was now completely in the nude, her puffy red nipples and brown haired pussy fully exposed. Cassie jolted up to a sitting position, covering as much of her body as she could with her arms and hands. She looked around in confusion, the last thing she remembered were the flying objects grabbing the cows and her.
"Hello? Is anyone here?" She shouted.
She was met with just an echo. Cassie quickly began analyzing her situation, judging by the echo she must've been placed in a cave of some sort. She was confused by all the metal surrounding her. The lair of whatever had brought her here must've spent a pretty penny. She swung her legs to the edge of the table and looked down. The ground appeared to have a weird purplish ooze of some sort covering it.

Author Information

Jenna Powers is a sultry executive assistant by day who lets her fantasies come true through erotica writing by night.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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