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The Girl Next Door (Sylvester Horne)

The Girl Next Door by Sylvester Horne

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Spoilt, self-centred, a mean bitch, the school bully, Rosamund Wilton is a pretty blonde who celebrates her eighteenth birthday by indulging in a gangbang with three Afro-Caribbean Premier League footballers, it making her want to experience black man’s meat again.

However, Stockton Crank moves in next door, the very sight of him sending Rosamund’s heart racing, she hardly able to wait to let him get into her knickers.

To fully celebrate her birthday, she holds a special party on the Saturday, to which only a few close friends are invited. Members of a male stripper troupe have been invited to perform, not only their dance routine but also to slake the girls’ carnal cravings. Rosamund also unleashes her vindictive bestial desires by arranging for Hillary Tompkins, a girl she despises, to be well and truly used by all the men present.

Sadly for Rosamund and her mother, their life is tipped upside down when Stockton and his father turn out to be sadistic brutes who believe in making women servile by use of the most brutal of means.

Just when Rosamund is at the end of her tether, contemplating ending it all, she is able to send a message to the leader of the strippers asking for help. What follows, shows that you can’t keep a bad girl down.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2014

No. words: 54670

Style: Bondage/BDSM Thrillers, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


His left digits slip inside my slit. His touch is no longer delicate, it firm, almost cruel. As he pushes back and to, he uses his thumb to painfully press at my flaps, clitoris and the fleshy top of my pubic bone.
“Aaa,” I groan, trying to protest, he now causing real discomfort.
“That’s it, you wail just like that whore-mother of yours!” he sneers.
Looking over my shoulder, I see him partially turn, lashing the riding crop against my mother’s breasts. “Thwack!” – “Thwack!” – “Thwack!” – “Thwack!”
“Ooo!” – “Ooo!” – “Ooo!” – “Ooo!” mother restrainedly yelps, the blows clearly very real, obviously painful, she bursting out in a fear-filled sweat.
“Ha-ha-ha!” he roars, with obvious mirth. I feel his penis going stiff as he rubs it against the inside of my right thigh, no doubt due to the sadistic delight he is gaining from his actions. “I love teaching women that their proper place is merely that of a slave to real men.”
“Aaa,” I protest, having no intention of being anyone’s slave.
Next moment, I feel him push his penis between my labia. Thrusting forcefully, he jabs his impressively-big meat deep into me, jarring my stomach against the edge of the tabletop. Using his now-free left hand, he slams my face down onto the table’s surface and holds it there.
“Urrr! Urrr! Urrr!” he growls, flexing his hips, driving his thick prick back and forth.
My nature fails me, I swiftly stimulated. My vagina causes waves of pleasure to race through my body, making me sort of pant with pleasure. “A-a-a. A-a-a. A-a-a.”
“So, slut, how does it feel to be taken by a real man?” Grantham crows, although he clearly does not expect an answer.
Twisting his trunk, he reaches behind himself and lashes the riding crop against my poor mother’s breasts once again.
“Thwack!” – “Thwack!” – “Thwack!” – “Thwack!”
“Ooo.” – “Ooo.” – “Ooo.” – “Ooo,” mother gagged mouth protests.
“Your daughter is as much a whore as you are, Suzanna. A really enjoyable fuck, I have to admit,” Grantham declares, I uncertain if his words are praise or what?
The front door bell rings. Hopefully, that might be someone who might rescue me from this fiend, or at least get him to stop. Mind, I have to reluctantly confess, I am starting to enjoy being shagged.
Pulling out of my vagina, he drags me from the tabletop and shoves me down onto my knees.

Author Information

Over fifty years or so I have daydreamed my life away making up stories as I went about the chores of daily life. They were sexually oriented fantasies. I try to be realistic - write how the world is or was - not hide behind the veneer of political correctness.

I hope readers get some enjoyment from my efforts.


Publisher Information

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