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Paying Off Madeleine's Debts (Abel)

Paying Off Madeleine

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    • Average 3.3 from 6 ratings

Preston, a black man living in England, has a long-standing grudge against white woman Madeleine Allard who embezzled funds from their joint property business venture in London and fled to Montreal in Canada.

He finds a way to blackmail Madeleine, now a celebrity newscaster in Canada, into sending eighteen year old Eugenie (Genie) to his run-down B & B to work. Genie knows nothing of the arrangement made with Preston and thinks she’s coming to London as an au pair.

To her horror she becomes a domestic slave and sex slave for the sadistic Preston and the many African illegal immigrants staying at the B & B.

When housing and immigration officers inspect the premises they threaten to inform the police of Preston’s unlawful activities and close down his B & B unless they are paid large sums of money and can enjoy Genie’s services.

Genie is also exploited by a black hooker called Janay who runs an S & M dungeon in Preston’s cellar and by many others.

When Preston sends explicit pictures of what is happening to Genie, Madeleine agrees to come to London to take Genie’s place if he will release his young victim.

But is Preston on the level?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2014

No. words: 24000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It was obvious he was going to watch her. She had no choice but to take her panties down and squat over the drain while he stood over her with hands on hips. Despite her full bladder she was too embarrassed to start, a few drops came, and then her stream was long and noisy, her pee hissing and gurgling down the drain. Humiliated, she hung her head to avoid his gaze. When she’d finished she had to use her thong to dry between her legs.
‘Leave your knickers off,’ he ordered. ‘I think you need cleaning up before you go back to work. You’re gross.’
Preston began to unwind the hose with Genie cowering in the corner realizing the water would be icy cold and with her body sweating profusely the shock would be great.
When he turned the jet on her it was strong enough to almost knock her off her feet as well as bringing sharp pain to her breasts. She staggered across the flags, her hands raised in a vain effort to protect her face and torso. Clearly it amused him to use the hose to move her around the yard at his will like a human chess piece. The jet took her breath away and drenched her hair and body in an instant. He came closer and directed the water between her legs and this time its strength was enough to force her to her knees then fall full length. Preston simply stood over her and hosed her back and bottom.
When he finally turned the tap off he said, ‘you better run round to get dry.’
Genie picked herself up and began running circuits of the yard though her legs felt weak. She remembered it was a long time since she’d had anything to eat or drink, she’d been working hard and was dehydrated, and she felt tired from jet lag. The yard was slippery and twice she fell heavily. It didn’t help that she was negotiating an obstacle course provided by the bins and other objects (the incinerator still smoking) and washing.
When he told her to stop running her hair was still dripping wet and her body wasn’t completely dry but she had to go straight back to scrubbing the floor. She came in with teeth chattering and her skin blue with cold.
Her knickers were still lying in the yard soaked through.
Now she was naked and crawling around on the floor meant her arse was stuck in the air for his full appreciation. She knew her vulva could be seen when she turned her back on him and that it was likely even her bum hole was exposed. It was so demeaning!


He subdued her with an arm up the back and marched her over to the chest where he extracted a ball gag, forcing the red ball between her teeth, stifling her swearing and reducing her speech to a mumble. Preston couldn’t risk her appearing to be anything but compliant in front of the two inspectors.
He then put her arms behind her back and laced them together in a mono glove so she was suitably restrained but her body was still exposed for their appraisal. He pulled leg cuffs out of the chest to take down with him resolving to lock her ankles into the fetters once they got to the kitchen.
He knew there were better slave restraints available in the dungeon but these devices would serve for the time being and he calculated that his visitors would enjoy seeing her naked first rather than wearing a rubber suit or being so trussed up there was little flesh showing. He reckoned they would want to run their hands over her curves and enjoy themselves like a buyer at a market testing for the ripest fruit.
He led her into the bathroom and used a facecloth to wash as much of her face as possible especially round her red-rimmed eyes and tear-stained cheeks; he made sure her nose was clean. She wasn’t the fresh-faced girl who’d stood on his doorstep only days before but she was still desirable especially with her physical assets on display. Inspecting her body he saw many bruises of different colours and carpet burns from her struggles in the bedroom- all brought on herself in his opinion. Before they left the bedroom Preston picked out a rattan cane from the chest and carried it downstairs.
The two white guys behaved as Preston expected. Genie was made to parade round the kitchen. The fact that her arms were pinned behind her back meant her breasts were out-thrust more than usual. She grunted a little and spit dribbled from the corners of her mouth like a horse with a troublesome bit but she wasn’t able to articulate any words nor could she use her arms to fend off their wandering hands. McVeigh perspired even more freely in his excitement and had to mop his brow with a large spotted handkerchief while Mellor uttered little murmurs of approval as his fingers explored her orifices. It occurred to Preston that he probably made similar noises when he found a building met all the required safety standards and he was able to tick every item. He was probably recording mental ticks as he examined Genie’s arse and tits.
Preston proceeded to hobble Genie with the fetters but he released her arms from the mono glove so she could use her hands to make coffee. She shuffled over to the sink and filled the kettle while the men discussed her assets. As she made the coffee Preston stood close to her tapping the cane against his leg as a constant reminder as to what would happen if she showed any signs of rebellion.


Didn't like this at all - far fetched nonsense 1 out of 5 (Jaz)

  Author reply: Sorry you felt that way. What did other readers think? Abel

I'm very, very fond of stories of black domination over white slave girls. Especially when accompanied to the sexual exploitation of the slaves is also labor exploitation for the master convenience or Profit. In this story, it's just that situation. But three weaknesses points hurt the credibility of this story: 1 The slave gives herself too easily. 2 The too easy using of the slave by the master's guest let's not really utilizing time for the slave chore (And the cost too important hygiene issues to dealing with). 3 The bargaining with the mother is too naïve (Even I liked very much the idea, that the black master makes the mother, now his slave, pay monthly for her stay). These three situations cannot work in real life 5 out of 5 (Ruthy)

  Author reply: Thank you for your positive comments on the story and your helpful suggestions. Thanks too for the high rating. I always value your opinions knowing you like white girls being dominated by black guys. I take your point about the girl giving in too easily. Watch out for an up-coming book which will be strongly inter-racial! I hope it will be to your taste. Abel

Author Information

Abel is an English writer who has built a reputation for hard hitting stories featuring physical and psychological bondage, often with an inter-racial flavour.


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