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LIKES IT HUNG (Sayrah Paylen)

LIKES IT HUNG by Sayrah Paylen

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Wyle Matthews is a young man who is fascinated by violence and possessed of an overwhelming urge to be dominated. His need to play the part of the masochist becomes so strong that he leaves the man he loves and sinks into a twilight world of debauchery and degradation, a world which eventually erupts into a holocaust of unbridled violence. Fortunately for Wyle, the damage done is not irreversible, and he eventually returns to his lover, a sadder but wiser man. But how many others are not so lucky?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Grown Folks Books    Published: 7 / 2014

No. words: 30087

Style: Gay Erotica, General/Mainstream

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Fucking Eric was exciting, if not always comfortable, and it was an experience different from any other young Wyle Matthews had ever known. He reached down and rubbed the crotch of his Levi's, which bulged with his excitement, as he hurried home. Just the thought of Eric -- big, handsome, athletic -- was enough to give Wyle a hard-on. On the other hand, the thought of losing Eric was enough to make that hard-on subside. He told himself that he wasn't going to think about it anymore. It only brought depression and sewed to remind him of his insecurity, it certainly did no good.

It was best, Wyle decided, to spend more time concentrating on his rock-hard cock. Everyone would be better off that way, he told himself as he reached down and squeezed his prick again. As the door to the house closed behind him, he could hear Eric's voice.

"That you, Wyle?" he called out.
"No, it's the mailman," Wyle teased. He pulled off his coat as he bounded up the stairs, his short, compact body taking each step with a lithe, animal like grace. "What kept you up so late?" he asked.
"I couldn't sleep," Eric grinned with his customary devilish, mocking grin. "I'm horny as shit."
"Well, I have the answer to that," Wyle laughed, reaching down to rub his bulging, confined prick once more.

Wyle could tell by the look on his lover's face that Eric was really wanting to fuck bad tonight, wanting it almost as much as Wyle himself wanted it. Eric moved over near the bed's edge and gripped Wyle's leg, pulling him closer to the mattress. Surrendering, Wyle fell on top of him, and for a few moments the two handsome young men made love to one another with their mouths and tongues and teeth. Wyle opened his mouth wide as Eric's thick, insistent tongue explored the depths of his throat; Eric's breath was hot and smelled of beer. They groped and grappled while Eric asserted his overbearing strength, their bodies rolling all over the mattress.

Eric was naked. His hard, sinewy, hairy flesh rubbed against Wyle's clothing, and Wyle's prick strained painfully against its confines, demanding to be released and relieved. Wyle's hands reached under Eric's taut buttocks; his fingers dug into the hard asscheeks, squeezing and pressing as their tongues continued to play together. Eric moved his body to cover Wyle's, pressing his thick, dark-brown cock against Wyle's crotch.

Wyle broke away from the man's embrace and sprang to his fret. Urgently, he began to strip off his clothing, trembling in anticipation of being naked against Eric, the rough, perpetually horny young man he had grown to love. Within a matter of seconds, his clothes were scattered all over the room.

And he was making hot, exciting contact with Eric's dark flesh; shivers of longing and alarm tingled all over his body. It was almost frightening, the power Eric had over him, the way his body screamed at Eric's every touch, the way he loved -- blindly, without restraint -- just being in bed with Eric Murphy. He had been wanting Eric all night, wanting him desperately.

Wyle felt the man's strong, rough-knuckled hand gliding over his smooth, boyishly flat chest, felt that hand down between his legs, the fingers tangling in his pubic hair. Reaching down, Wyle grabbed Eric's big dick and began to massage the warm, cannon-shaped organ tenderly.

"Oh, baby," Wyle groaned. "I could play with that cock all night."
"Well, you got it to play with, baby," Eric growled deep in his throat, and he tightened his grip on Wyle's smaller cock. "Suck it," Eric then demanded. "Go ahead... suck that cock you love so much."
"I could use a mouth on my dick, too, Eric... please? Will you tonight?" All he could do was ask. He didn't ask often, and it was seldom that the big, too-handsome stud that he kept and had grown to love reciprocated his sexual affections.

But tonight he was lucky. Eric repositioned himself between his legs, slithering his heavy, powerful body down to get in between. He held Wyle's cock straight up to his mouth and began to kiss it from top to bottom, and then his lips moved torturously near the tip of the prick; the lips parted. With shuddering ecstasy, Wyle felt Eric's mouth circle his dick and suck the flesh in.

"Oh, that's it," Wyle moaned. "Suck that cock... suck it, Eric, suck it!" His cock inside Eric's mouth, he could not help but wonder just what sort of rough play Eric had lined up for him later tonight; when Eric bestowed his precious favors -- sexually, anyway -- he always expected a lot in return. But Wyle did not care now, he couldn't think that far ahead. He could only wallow in the thrilling sensations of having his cock deep inside the rangy, muscular stud's mouth. "Suck it, Eric... suck me off!" he kept groaning.

Eric only moaned his agreement and went down further on Wyle's cock. Saliva escaped in tiny drops from the corners of his mouth and ran down Wyle's cock and into the hairs at its base. Eric began to massage the boy's balls as he went into a slow rhythm with his mouth circular and up and down at the same time. His thick, sensual lips remained tightly closed upon Wyle's jutting prick; Wyle gripped Eric's skull firmly between both hands and glided his mouth up and down the cock. It was so wonderful that he wanted to scream aloud his passion and pleasure -- wanted to scream and to ram his cock so deep into Eric's hot mouth that it would never come out again.

As if Eric had read his mind, he took a deep breath and dove to the bottom, sliding the cock all the way down his throat, sputtering and choking a little but never relinquishing the hard meat. Wyle gave in to his ecstasy; he began to make deep-throated animal sounds and to writhe his body all over the bed.

He couldn't stand it any longer. He reached down and pulled at Eric's body, letting him know that he wanted him to turn around. After all (and Eric reminded, him frequently and pointedly) Wyle was the true, natural-born cocksucker in their strange, perversely one-sided relationship, and now Wyle, knowing just how true it was, wanted desperately to feel Eric's uncomfortably wide around prick in his mouth. Understanding, Eric repositioned his body until his throbbing, hard dick was only inches away from Wyle's face. Eric's lips were around the tip of Wyle's cock, lapping at the head and piss slit, causing Wyle to squirm and moan with delight. Without thinking, without hesitating, Wyle closed his eyes and moved it until he felt the oversensitive head of Eric's cock, a cockhead that resembled a mammoth mushroom, pressing at his lips. Willingly, he opened his mouth and allowed the stiff cockflesh to move into his hungry, searching, quite expert lips.

In the darkness, the only thing which could be heard was a loud sucking sound. Wyle felt relieved and safe in the darkness with his powerful lover. Eric could be rough, even brutal, but being with him was less threatening than the dark and foreboding insecurities he felt from the outside world, the constant and inexplicable fears he felt for himself and his ravenous sexual hungers -- and hang-ups. At least Eric understood those hungers, and he accepted the hang-ups.
In the darkness, he heard Eric searching for something in a drawer next to the bed; Wyle knew what Eric was doing and shivered all over in anticipation. They maintained a steady rhythm on each other's cocks while Eric opened the container and put a new popper in. Wyle heard it break in the darkness, heard Eric taking a deep, guttural breath, and then the little metal holder was being extended to him by Eric's long, muscle-bulging arm.

Author Information

Sayrah is a fresh new addition to the erotica writers realm. Writer who enjoys the taste of a hot, steamy load and loves writing about it.


Publisher Information

Grown Folks Books started in January 2005. We started compiling erotica in Word and PDF formats and started looking for publishing venues. This is a union of unknown and very little known writers who want to express their sexual desires and dreams for the world to enjoy.

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