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Banged My Way To An "A"  (Symone Craven)

Banged My Way To An "A"  by Symone Craven

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Julie Fleckerson isn't doing too well in her history class. Her parents think she's got a learning disability. But her history teacher, Mr. Donner, knows she's unmotivated and only interested in partying. In order to help her succeed, Mr. Donner arranges for Julie to meet with Mark Broadbent, a history tutor that is all about hitting the books! But, when he gets Julie alone, he offers her a proposition: A piece of ass for chance at an A+.

Julie's a virgin who values her purity. But Mark is a hunk, and quite possibly her only hope of passing history and graduating from high school. What's a girl to do?

Don't let the story fool you. A taboo twist in the end will make you read this again and again.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 7 / 2014

No. words: 15000

Style: Young Adult Erotica, Erotic Humor

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Part One

Mr. Donner meets with Julie’s parents before the school year started.
It’s unorthodox, he knows. But, as old friends of her father, Larry, he thinks it’s better that they meet in person. The school is unusually quiet and cold. “It’s more peaceful than being at home,” Mr. Donner said. “Sometimes, anyway.”
Both Larry and Diana get a chills in the spines as they enter the classroom. Although it’s been decades since they’ve sat in those uncomfortable seat, they still can’t help but cringe. They sit in front of Mr. Donner’s desk. Diana has always considered him attractive. He has a body built for more than teaching history. But, she’s not into older men. Larry’s younger than her by a few years, but not enough for her tastes.
“Julie is a young woman who applies herself when she wants to,” he says. “But to tell you the truth, she has historically failed at my class every single year thus far.”
Larry laughs. “Good pun, teacher.”
Mr. Donner rolls his eyes. “It was completely unintentional. And please, let’s focus here on the fact that Julie may struggle again this year. And she can’t afford to if she has any desire to graduate.”
“Honestly we’re at our rope with her,” Diana says. “She just doesn’t take her schoolwork seriously.”
Julie’s father, Larry, chimes in. “We do all we can at home. We’ve studied with her. We’ve established curfews and limitations. Hell, we’ve transcribed her notes into song and interpretive dance! None of it seems to work.”
“It’s a form of autism,” Diana says. “She was diagnosed at age 3.”
Larry rolls his eyes. “You mean her astigmatism.” He turns to Mr. Donner. “Ed, what else can we do? I’m out of luck  with that girl. I have no other way of enticing her to study.”
“Well, folks,” Mr. Donner says, a glimmer of hope in his weary eyes. “I may be able to arrange for Julie to receive some extra help this semester. But, please make sure she is committed to the additional help I give her. I don’t do this for my all of my students.”
The Fleckerson couple eagerly shake their heads. “Of course, Ed,” Larry says. “We’re going to make sure she is on top of her studies. She won’t talk her way out of it this time.”
The Fleckersons leaves Mr. Donner’s classroom with a sense of hope, but they say nothing to Julie. When they get home, they both groan. Her music is on full blast, her obnoxious pop music vibrating through the entire house. They both glare at the ceiling, her bedroom right above them. “I’m on the of shipping Julie to the nearest detention center for delinquent girls,” Diana says.
“But, she’s bright,” Larry replies. “She’s just edgy. I’m sure that whatever Mr. Donner has in store for Ju-Ju will rub off on her.”
A few weeks later, the Fleckersons drop Julie off in front of Doffman High. She gives them each a peck on the cheek, tells her that she love them, and bolts through the double doors. Julie goes through school like it’s any other day. She breezes through her English class, kickboxes her way through phys ed, and battles challenging physics problems. At lunch she sits with her boyfriend, Scott. Looking dapper in his bright shirt and wrinkle-free khaki pants, they snuggle underneath a weeping willow. The rest of her day is a walk in the park; she mostly plays “Candy Crush” on her iPhone while her teachers don’t notice. But it is history that really gets her goat. Not only is all of it boring, but Mr. Donner is unusually strict. At first glance, he’s seems like a cool guy. He’s older than her father by at least a decade, but still has all of his thick salt-and-pepper hair, unkempt and spiky. But, as the years pass, he has zeroed in on her. This year is no exception. When Julie tries to sit in the back with Scott and the rest of her friends, Mr. Donner demands that she sits up front. When he asks a question, even if other students have their hands raised, he selects Julie… who never raises her hand and never knows the right answer. After class is over and all of the students have left the room, Julie approaches Mr. Donner at his desk. “Why were you on picking on me today?” She asks. “You know I’m not good at this sort of stuff.”
“That’s exactly why I picked on you.” Mr. Donner removes his eyeglasses and massages his temples. “Your parents and I are going to do everything we can to help you succeed. But you have to meet us halfway. That means being prepared for class, studying when you’re supposed to, and attending tutoring sessions on time.”
Julie wrinkles her nose. “Tutoring sessions?” She asks. “I haven’t signed up for any tutoring sessions.”
“That’s because I signed you up.” Mr. Donner pulls out a crumpled flier from his fat manila folder and passes it to Julie. “A recent college senior from my alma mater is offering his experience and expertise. You have your first appointment with him today after school at 4pm sharp.”
Julie smiled dryly, crumpling up the paper into a small ball. “Thanks, Mr. Donner. But I don’t need your help. I can do fine on my own.” She dunks the ball into the trashcan near the door. As she’s about to leave for her next class, she overhears Mr. Donner say that it’s mandatory. She whips around and glares at him. “Mandatory?” She asks. “How the heck did it become mandatory?”
Mr. Donner smiles. “Two points are deducted from your grade point average for each appointment missed. If I were you, I would go, sit there, and learn a thing or two. Especially if you want to graduate.”
Julie groans. She finishes the rest of her day with wood shop and geometry. While her other friends cruise out of school in their newly purchased cars, Julie has to walk ten blocks to her new tutor’s house. On her way there, she thinks about all of the excuses she can use to get out of the appointment. Anything having to do with her period should work. She just got it. She’s going to get it. Or maybe she hasn’t gotten it at all.

Author Information

After several years of being involved in the adult entertainment industry, Symone Craven takes her craziest adventures and finally puts them on paper. Many of the BDSM themes in the book reflect her experiences as a Dominatrix. And she has been the keeper of strangers' fantasies through her adventures as a Phone Sex Operator and Fetishist. Since she was a young girl, Symone always loved to tell stories. She used her talents in theater and film production to write stories, produce video shorts, and developed her medium for storytelling. Under myriad psudonyms, she has read her collection of articles and stories at various public events in New York City and has spoken about her experiences in venues such as Yale University. Now, Symone lives in Brooklyn and is currently working as a full time novelist.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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