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Preparing Her for the Future (FerranArtist)

Preparing Her for the Future by FerranArtist

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    • Average 3.2 from 4 ratings

Monica is just your average young woman, a curvy Latina that enjoys dressing up and enjoying the El Paso night-life. That is, until she's spotted by Cody, a time-traveling, spacefaring human who regularly abducts women to keep as companions.

Due to a loophole in galactic law, Cody may do with her as he wishes, as she is seen as wholly owned property. And Cody is not a nice person.

Before he can use her as he wishes, though, he must take her to see The Doctor, a terrifying, sadistic alien who will prepare Monica for her new life of servitude among the stars, modifying her body in ways both painful and horrifying.

The transition will be anything but comfortable, and Monica will experience unimaginable agony at the hands of both human and alien. And once The Doctor is done with her, she might wish she was back in his tender care!

This science-fiction BDSM adventure, which contains copious amounts of breast, stress, and crotch torture, is a departure from FerranArtist's more recent books in that it's at least as heavy on pain as it is story. Only sadists need apply!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2014

No. words: 36614

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Horror, SciFi BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Monica woke without having been asleep or unconscious. The unusual feeling startled her, and she jumped, banging her head into the solid bar of the cage.
She was on her hands and knees, on a cold, solid floor, trapped in a cage that was barely big enough for her to sit up straight. In front of her, staring at her, was a dark-haired man with a full beard and mustache. He did not look particularly menacing, but he didn't look inclined to be helpful, either.
Monica opened her mouth to say “Help me”, but no words came out. The act of moving her face stretched the skin on her neck, rubbing against a solid object that had not been there before. She reached up with her right hand, balancing her body with her left, and felt the collar that surrounded her throat.
“That can do many things,” the man in the chair said, nodding toward her. “Right now, it's deactivating your larynx. You can't talk. Don't worry, though, I'll give you your voice back, eventually.”
Tears formed in her eyes as Monica sat back on her feet, using both hands to explore and attempt to remove the collar. It felt like cold stone, was thick and heavy, and did not have any kind of latch or clasp that she could detect. In desperation, she grabbed it with the fingers of both hands and yanked forward, accomplishing nothing but hurting the back of her neck.
She pulled her legs out from under body and placed her knees against her chin, careful to hold her skirt up and around the bottoms of her thighs, so that she showed him nothing, and rested her back against the inside of the cage. Even while she was curled into that small ball, the cage felt incredibly tiny, and cramped enough that she had to fight down a wave of panic. Although Monica had never considered herself to be claustrophobic, her predicament was beginning to make her wonder.
She tried once more to speak, to say “Please,” already momentarily forgetting about the collar and its function, then cut her eyes away from the man in embarrassment. Tears began streaming freely down her face. She was confused and shocked, unable to fully comprehend what had happened to her. Where was she? How had she gotten here? Why was she being kept prisoner and who was this man that was staring at her? All of these questions collided in her mind, and she had no answers for any of them.


Don't get me wrong ... this story works as a sci-fi drama. But as BDSM erotica? Not at all. The author claims in the story's blurb that it "is a departure from FerranArtist's more recent books in that it's at least as heavy on pain as it is story." In reality, the book sacrifices BOTH pain and story in the name of ... scenery. The victim doesn't even get naked until page 145. While that MIGHT work in a 500+ page book, this one is only 214 pages long! It contains exactly ONE sex scene and ONE torture scene, both taking place in the LAST 50 or so pages. The rest is all no-doubt-fascinating descriptions of space travel, technology, and interior ruminations that, while interesting, add no erotic value whatsoever. The author actually wastes almost 10 pages (again, of a 214-PAGE BOOK!) describing ... A CAR RIDE! 2 out of 5 (death2uall)

  Author reply: I guess that depends on what you consider sex and what you consider torture. The whole story, from her point of view, from being abducted in a way that is, to her mind, impossible, and waking up in a tiny cage, to the horrible things the "doctor" does both when he first meets her, and on to the completion of his procedure, are all extremely torturous. And, yes, there is a lot of detail, but that's just the way I write. She saw a lot of interesting things in the "car ride" on a completely alien landscape. If you're the type to just skip around looking for the sex scenes, and if you can only get excited about what's happening to the victim if she's naked, then my writing is not for you. To enjoy my writing, you need to think about how the whole story, the whole event, would really and truly affect the poor girl. My writing is never just a series of scenes. It's a whole story. And there is a lot more to sexual torture than a simple "sex scene" or getting naked. I do thank you for the feedback. If someone is going to give me a low rating, it's much better to give some sort of explanation. This tells me what I did wrong and how to better describe future books so I don't end up with disappointed readers!

Author Information

FerranArtist writes BDSM fiction involving the erotic mistreatment of women. His stories are often disturbing, sometimes almost clinical, and he has been told that he is going to hell on more than one occasion. If so, he hopes Satan holds a position for him, coming up with unique and interesting ways to torture women. As fans are the main reason for his writing, he really hopes that you will leave some reviews on his books, shoot him an email, and maybe even find him on Facebook and/or FetLife!


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