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The Condition (Lord Koga)

The Condition by Lord Koga

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Dr. Tess had never heard or seen any man come into her ER with such a condition. Thankfully, it was the dead of night and no one would notice her assisting the young male stud with working out his overly “large” and “hard” condition…

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 6 / 2014

No. words: 3813

Style: Medical Erotica, Seduction Systems

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Take off your shorts,” The female doctor demanded as she gazed up at him from her examining chair, slightly amused to the sudden crimson hue that rose over the young man’s face.
“I… that is,” he paused with a hard swallow, as he gazed down at the overly large rounds of her breasts, taking notice to the slight outline of her nipples, which pressed through her coat. “Could I… could I have a male doctor please?” he asked in an almost yelp, the heat around his hardened member growing even more rampant than before.
“Sorry… there are no male doctors on tonight… in fact I’m the only on call doctor for the next several hours,” the doctor hissed as she smiled ever so evilly, lashing the tip of her tongue slowly over the contour of her lips. “Now take off your shorts and underwear so I can take a look at your… condition,” she paused, “unless you think you can wait till morning when the only male doctor comes in,” she added, flaring eyebrows.
“Shit… damn it,” he cussed under his breath as he tugged his shorts down around his ankles; allow his large hardened cock to spring out towards her like a slithering viper.
“Mmm Commando,” the young doctor smirked, taking notice to his lack of underwear. “Mmmhmm,” she moaned as she narrowed her eyes, slowly wetting her lips with her moist tongue, shifting her lips slightly as she gazed at the monstrosity of hardened flesh throbbing like an oversized tree limb in front of her.
“I see… so… so,” she paused, feeling the heat from deep within her rising, the pressure, the need to grab hold of his lengthy beast, to feel the slithering flesh of his cock in the palm of her hands flickering through her mind as she tried to remain ever so professional
“Mr.…“ she paused briefly, looking to the clipboard for his name.
“Swan… you can call me Swan… no need to be formal now I think,” he breathed deeply, feeling the cool chill of the hospital air wash across his cock.
“Alright, Mr. Swan,” she said only to be interrupted again.
“No just Swan,” he insisted.
“Right… Swan, my name is Tessa, Dr Tessa,” she said as she took a deep breath once more, finding it difficult not to stare at the throbbing length in front of her.
“How… How long has it been like this?” Tessa asked.
“A little more than eight hours,” Swan quickly replied, feeling himself growing even harder every time her eyes roamed down between his thighs, he could feel the energy of lust growing like static around them as they both tried to ignore the urges, the sexual tension building around them with each passing moment.
“Did you take any pills or are you on any drugs of that nature?” she asked.
“No… It just happened out of the blue, it did this once in the past but not for this long… and I… had help getting it down then” he added.
“Hmm I see,” Tessa whispered almost to herself, wetting her lips again as she attempted to control her breathing, trying ever so much to remain professional and composed yet finding her own body slowly betraying her. “Do you… Do you have a girlfriend or a significant other to… maybe help alleviate this… this sudden build up?” she asked, finding it hard to get out her own words.
“Umm…,” Swan paused, as she looked away, becoming slightly embarrassed. “I like woman, and no I don’t currently have anyone I know that I can go to and help relieve the pressure so to speak.” He said, sighing ever so deeply as a mental image of a Doctor Tessa naked body hovering over him bolted through his mind, suddenly causing a large amount of pre-cum to shoot out from the tip of his cock, squirting out onto Tessa’s face.
“Oh… Oh my God… I’m so…so…sorry,” Swan quickly replied, looking away as he pulled his cock up towards his stomach in an attempt to stop the same thing from happening again.
Shocked at first, Tessa acted without thinking as she wiped her check with her bare hand.
“It’s okay, it’s not your fault. “ She quickly replied, turning away as she ran towards the examining room sink, she found herself licking her fingers. Tasting the salty masculine flavor of his cum, only to feel a sudden heat, a sudden surge of lust race across her body, engulfing her with the uncontrollable need, the hunger; the urge to take her innocent male prey.
Washing her hands in the sink for but a few moments she quickly toweled dried them before turning her attention back to the hardened flesh of man, the beast of her desires, of her dreams one more.
“I think…,” Tessa paused for a moment before sitting back down into her examining chair. “I think I should take a closer look at it first before we decide our next step,” she said ever so softly as she rolled the tip of her tongue over her silky lips, causing Swan to sigh deeply once more, as if noticing her real thoughts.
“Alright,” Tessa said as she took a deep breath, gazing into Swans dark blue eyes, “I need you to let go of it and let me examine it directly,” she hissed, only to see the slight look of confusion gazing down at her.
“It’s okay, I’m your doctor remember, so let me do my job and examine the extent of your ‘condition’ already,” Tessa demanded firmly. Sighing, Swan let go of his cock, allowing it to fall back down between his thighs nesting itself perfectly across his large, firm ball sack, as his overly long shaft curved slightly up towards Tessa’s face. “Now try… try to control yourself a bit here,” she said only to suddenly lunge forward, slamming her ungloved hand firmly against his rock hard cock, Tessa could suddenly feel the blood throbbing through it, the warmth, the heat of his tight flesh pressing against her fingers as she slowly molded them around his girth.
“What… What are you,” Swan tried to speak, only to grunt in pleasure as he felt Tessa’s soft, warm fingers tugging on his shaft, the tips of her fingers draping down across the underside. “Fuck..,” he gasped in a deepening moan, tightening his hands into fists, his nails tearing into the palm of his hands as she continued to slowly glide her fingers around base.

Author Information

2nd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Erotica Genre
3rd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Dark Erotica Genre

Lord Koga is the pen name for a local Grand Rapids, Michigan Author, whom for the last 4 years has been writing in the specific genres of Erotic Fiction, Women's Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Horror/sci-fi/fantasy erotica, as well as capture, S & M, BDSM fiction.

The pen name "Lord Koga," has been shortened over the years from its original name Lord Kogarasumaru. The origins of the name Kogarasumaru "Little Crow" is derive from a unique Japanese tachi sword rumored to have been created by legendary Japanese smith Amakuni during 8th century CE. The "little Crow" is considered to be unique as it is a bridge between the old double edge blades of Japan and the more modern version which eventually became known as Katana.

Currently Lord Koga has over 150 titles out in e-book format and 7 titles in both print and ebook format.

Website: http://www.exploitedpublishing.yolasite.com


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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