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The Arrangement (Ronal Rorcy)

The Arrangement by Ronal Rorcy

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Laura is suspicious of all men, and for good reason. She finds it impossible to believe that Zack’s kindness and concern for her is genuine. It’s a convenient arrangement, Zack tells her. She will work for him looking after his house and his daughter. She will have a job, and he will have a housekeeper. She insists that there will be no sex in their relationship, even when he asks her to marry him. They will sleep in separate bedrooms, and he must not attempt to touch her…

For Zack, totally in love with this beautiful woman, it’s the ultimate frustration. Perhaps there will be times when she needs a hug, and then, maybe, a kiss. And after that? Can he awake the fires of passion that he is sure are smouldering beneath her nervous exterior?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 6 / 2014

No. words: 89900

Style: Erotic Romance, Mainstream Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


When they entered the room she felt a bit shy. There was only one bed. He noticed her looking at it and he wanted to put her at ease.
“Hey,” he grabbed her hands and turned her to him. “I’ll sleep on the couch, if you want me to. But if you trust me to lie beside you on the bed, I’ll just hold you. You can sleep in my arms all night. I’ll not break my promise to you. No sex. But that doesn’t mean I can’t kiss or hold you, does it?”
When she did not answer, he said, “It’s ok, I can do the couch. No problem.”
She looked at him. “No,” she said with her hand on his arm. “I trust you. I would like to sleep in the bed with you. I’m just… this is going to sound silly… but I’m just a bit shy.”
He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “You’re my wife. There’s nothing to be shy about. We can talk all night, if you want.”
He opened the fridge to get some water and found the bottle of champagne. “Want some more champagne?” he asked, waving the bottle.
She shook her head. She did not want to get drunk. She needed to be alert. “Water is fine.”
They set about clearing the bed and hanging up the clothes that had been emptied from the suitcase. She hung up her dresses, his shirts and trousers. She put her underwear in the drawer, along with his, and smiled at seeing them side by side. She picked up the black negligee and looked at him.
“Miriam has only packed this for me. No other nightdress,” she said.
“Well, it was bought for tonight, so why not wear it. It will make you feel good,” he said.
“You can have a shower first,” she said, “while I take off my makeup and brush my hair. You’ll be quicker than me.”
He agreed, and she sat down at the dressing table mirror to take off her makeup while he headed for the bathroom. She thought over tonight. We’ll talk, she thought, and that will keep his mind off other things.
He took no time at all, and emerged from the bathroom smelling of some manly shower gel. She lifted the black negligee with its flimsy over-gown, and headed for the bathroom. She settled for a shower rather than a bath. Maybe he would be asleep before she got back. After all, he had driven all that way.
She towelled herself dry and smoothed perfumed body lotion into her skin. As she did her legs, she remembered how he had kissed her and how his hand had felt on her leg at the reception. She smiled to herself. He was already in bed when she emerged from the bathroom and it looked to her as though he was naked. He was on the right hand side, and he flipped back the duvet on the other side as she came over to the bed. She saw that he had his underpants on and she breathed a sigh of relief.
He noticed her looking, and said, “Miriam did not pack any pyjamas for me.”
He looked at the negligee and the over-gown, and said, “Wow!”
It was double layered with the gown on and so did not expose much, so she gained confidence as she walked over to the bed. She took a deep breath as she removed the over-gown and got into bed beside him. He noticed and said again that he could take the couch if she was not sure. She shook her head and he pulled the duvet back in place. He put his arm around her and they half sat up half lay down, with her head on his shoulder.
“Can I ask you something?” she asked. She wanted to get him talking.
“Ok,” he said, “ask away.”
She said, “Did you ever sleep with Marie?”
There, she had said it. He removed his arm so he could turn and look at her, and she had to move her head onto her pillow. She had the duvet tightly around her breasts.
“What kind of a question is that?”
He lay on his side and lifted himself so that his head rested on his arm. He was looking down at her as she lay facing him.
“Well, you said you dated her,” she said.
“Yes, dated, as in going to the movies, dinner; stuff like that,” he said. “I have never slept with anyone, only Rachael.”
He remembered how Tom had cheated on her, and he was thinking that she was remembering also.
“Ok, let me set the record straight. Andrew and I shared a room at college. He was always studying and a bit shy with girls. Marie fancied him, but at that time I didn’t know. She came on to me and I asked her out, thinking she was interested in me. I didn’t realise at first that she was trying to get Andrew’s attention through me. After a couple of weeks, during which she was always asking about Andrew, I tackled her about it and she admitted she had tried to get his attention but he was not interested. I told her it was not that he was not interested but that he had no confidence with girls and probably didn’t get the message that she was interested in him. She said she liked me but, sorry, she liked him better. Could I talk to him about her? What could I say? I did, and they fell in love and got married. I think Marie felt sorry for me then, and introduced me to Rachael. And that’s it.”
She had listened intently. He smiled at her.
“Ok so can we forget Marie? You have no need to worry on that score or on any score. There is no other woman I am interested in but my wife Laura Walker.”
She smiled up at him, and he kissed her gently.
“Ok,” she said. “So, you met Rachael and… you fell in love with her.”
He breathed out loudly. “Here I am in bed with my new wife and we’re talking about my ex?”
“Sorry,” she said, and smiled. “But I’d really like to know.”
“All the gory details?” he asked, and she nodded. “Well,” he began. “We dated. She was so different from Marie or any other girl I had dated. She seemed older, more sophisticated, or something. Anyway, it wasn’t long until we were sleeping together. She loved all things sexual and, looking back later, I can say that it was like an addiction to her, but being young I didn’t see it then. I thought it was ’cos she loved me. Being brought up in church, I thought that now we had had sex the thing to do was to get married. Her family encouraged our relationship, as they saw it a step up in society, me being the only son to a prosperous landowner. Anyway, I learned a lot about sex from Rachael. She knew what she liked, and I never thought to ask how she knew so much.
“Meanwhile, Andrew was struggling with his feelings for Marie. They had not had sex but he said that Marie wanted to. He was studying theology to be a minister and he was confused. He wanted her, but he felt he couldn’t until they were married. He was afraid that if he did not have sex with her she would leave him, thinking he did not love her. Anyway, he asked me to help him. Together we checked out every reference in the whole Bible where it talked about marriage, sex etc. He wanted to know what the Bible said about these things. I learned that there was a difference between sex and lovemaking. We looked at the words that were used for sex within marriage and the words used for sex outside marriage. They were different. The words for sex inside marriage were more appealing to me, and so I asked Rachael to marry me, as I thought it would enhance the sex. Which was good, by the way, but there was something missing. With Rachael, it satisfied the body only. You tired of listening yet?”
He paused and looked down at her.
“No, I’m intrigued,” she said, and raised herself up to face him. Her negligee fell open but she did not notice, although he did.
“So did it?” she asked, genuinely interested.
“No, it didn’t. She watched porn and wanted me to watch it with her and try stuff. I didn’t like that. I felt it degraded what I thought was our love.” He paused again.
“What kind of stuff?” she asked.
He hesitated before he answered.
“You know. Oral sex, which we tried, but when she started talking about anal sex and other things, I was disgusted. I couldn’t even contemplate that. She wanted me also to tie her up and pretend I was forcing myself on her. I just couldn’t do that, either. What had that got to do with love? I realised then the real difference between her and me. I wanted to make love. She wanted to have sex, and kinky stuff at that. When she got pregnant she was furious and even talked about an abortion. I was really angry with her. I wanted the baby and I wanted her to want it too. Anyway, the rest you know. When Sarah was born, she left not long after.”
He stopped talking.
Laura was not sure what to say. “Well, I can truthfully say that you won’t have that trouble with me.” She smiled at him. “Of course, you can always kiss me, if you like.”
He smiled back, and said, “I like.”
He pulled her close to him. The duvet was between them and he was not sure whether that just happened or whether she had put it like that. She came into his arms easily and they kissed with the duvet between them at first. He ran his hands through her hair as he kissed her.
“I love your hair,” he whispered in her ear between kisses.
She responded to his kisses, matching his intensity with her own. Before long, he had pulled the duvet from between them, and if she noticed she said nothing. He looked at her and ran his hand down her cheek and across her shoulder over the thin straps of her negligee.
“How can you not be aroused by this?” he asked. “I am.”
“I know,” she said. “I can feel it pressing.”
“And you’re not afraid of that?”
“Should I be?” she asked him warily.
He shook his head. “So, back to my question, does kissing and lying close to me like this not arouse you?”
She looked at him, and said, “I don’t know what aroused feels like.”
He put his hand to her face and kissed her again.
“Ok,” he said, looking into her eyes. “When we kiss, do you feel like you don’t want me to stop kissing you?”
She nodded.
“Good,” he continued, “and do you feel a warm sensation, a yearning lower down?”
She did not answer.
“Ok, in plain language, do you feel wet between your legs? Or a bit tender, or something like that?”
She nodded.
He smiled. “Then you are aroused, and that means your body wants to make love, although your mind puts up the barriers.
“Don’t worry,” he assured her. “I’m a man of my word.” And he kissed her again.
He switched off the light and she thought he was going to sleep, but instead he reached for her.
“We’ve had a brilliant day. I want to make this a special night for you. It’s your wedding night.”
She started to protest, and stiffened beside him.
“No,” he said. “You misunderstand me. I don’t mean that. You’ve never had an orgasm. I want you to experience one for the first time tonight. You’re body is ready. If you will trust me enough and allow me to pleasure you, I can bring you to orgasm with just my mouth and my hands. I won’t violate you, and you can stop me at any time.”
Although the light was out, there was a soft glow coming through the glass above the door from the corridor outside. He could see her face clearly and hear her breathing.
“Please, I want this to be my gift to you. I won’t hurt you, I promise. And just say the word if I do anything you don’t like, and I’ll stop immediately.”
Her voice was no more than a whisper as she said, “I’m afraid.”
He held her for a moment until he felt her relax. Then he turned on his side facing her. He kissed her gently and she put her arms around his neck. The kiss deepened. Her mouth was open to match his, and he could feel her tremble slightly.
“Please,” he whispered in her ear, “My gift to my beautiful wife whom I love like I have never loved before.”
She did not reply for a moment, but then after another long kiss she whispered to him, “Please don’t hurt me.”
“Never,” he said gently as he kissed her again. He moved his hand down her arm and onto her breast.
She gasped, and he stopped.
“OK?” he said.
She nodded again. He covered her mouth with his, and very lightly weighed her breast in his hand. Gently, he pushed the neck of the negligee aside and kissed down her neck.
He moved his lips softly down towards her breast and she put her hands on his head. He thought she was going to stop him, but she did not. Gently, he first kissed and then sucked her breast. She groaned and tightened her hands on his head. He lifted his head again to look at her face. She had her eyes closed. He took her mouth with his again and moved his hand down her spine and along her thigh. He pushed her gently onto her back and all the while kept kissing her, willing her to relax. She ran her hands across his chest and he shivered. He kissed her more deeply as he moved his hand across her abdomen, onto her lace panties. Gently he laid his hand on her mound and let his fingers move down over the panties.


Excellent read. Good characters. Will read more of Ronal Rorcy. Have actually reread it twice 5 out of 5 (visitor)

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English writer of erotic romance


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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