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Adulterous Confession (Lord Koga)

Adulterous Confession by Lord Koga

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Being short of funds to pay for her college tuition, twenty-four year old "Ericka," decides to confess on camera, about her first time taking another woman's husband as her sex-crazed lover. During her confession however, the hot stud behind the camera has other ideas, needing more stimulating visual and on hands experience to fully understand her rough, hardcore, oral and anal confession.

Warning: this story contains scenes of sexual confession, rough sex, oral and anal sex. If this offends you, please do not buy the book.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 4 / 2014

No. words: 2154

Style: Mainstream Erotica, Cuckold Fetish

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


So…,” she interrupted, combing her fingers through the strands of her long brownish-blond hair.
“So… Ericka,” I paused; zooming the camera in on her before continuing my question. “Tell me a little about yourself.” I said.
“Like, what is it you want to know?” she asked.
“Describe yourself,” I said. “Sell yourself to the camera, to the viewers who will be watching this later.”
“Well… let’s see.” Ericka paused, “I’m about 24 years-old, paying my way through college to become an elementary teacher. I weigh about 112 pounds, stand about 5’ 5”, have a pair tight, well curved double C cup breasts size and everything on me is very much homegrown. I like exercising, biking, running, yoga, boxing, and so on. I’m a natural blond with all the right curves and the attitude at times to put it to good use.” Ericka giggled slightly allowing her jugs to jiggle wildly from her chest. “Oh and I also love getting pounded, getting fucked, having sex, that kind of thing.” She added.
“Very good… very good, especially that last part” I hissed. “Now tell me Ericka, When was the first time you became a courtesan, a concubine; an adulterer to an already married man? I asked bluntly.
“I… I,” she paused, taking a deep breath, “First off, let me say I didn’t go out and plan to have sex with another woman’s husband, it just happened that way,” she said.
“I never said you did, but at some point you must have come to the conclusion that you were,” I said.
“True,” Ericka hissed.
“So tell me about it.”
“Well… my first time with another woman’s man was more than three years ago with my boss at the pizza place I worked at.” Ericka hissed, her face turning a bright red as she spoke.
“It was on a Saturday, the early morning shift, we were the only two people there, making the dough for the upcoming day.” She sighed; slowly freeing her legs from her grasps, her fingers feather across her inner thighs cracking them open ever so slighty, revealing her see through thong panties to the DVR and myself.
“It happened so fast… so fast I really didn’t have a chance to think about what was going on.” Ericka said as her breath drew slightly heavier, more erotic, “Instead I just allowed my body to be used as his fuck toy.”
“What happened?” I asked, “Where were you when this took place?”
“I was,” she paused, moistening her lips with the tip of her tongue, “I was in the supervisor’s office, the room was no bigger than an average broom closet, just enough space to have a computer, a desk and chair, file cabinet and cleaning supplies.” She hissed.
“And he just came upon me, opening the door, which caused me to jump up, standing next to him, against his chest as he shut the door on the both of us.”
“What happened then?” I asked, watching her from the bedside, the tips of her fingers scrolling down her finely sculpted stomach, zeroing in on the gate, the heavenly moistened box between her thighs.
“I don’t know how, but he…,”
“He what Erica?”
“He was able to get my pants and panties down around my thighs, my pants falling to the wayside as my panties clung around my left ankle. I could feel him… his lips, his heated breath rattling me from deep inside.
“How could you feel him like that?” I asked, widening the shot of the DVR before walking up to her, her eyes wide open as I fell down between her open thighs, her eyes shimmering deeply as I pulled away her panties, rolling them slowly down her thighs before widening her again, this time pushing the tips of my fingers deeply inside her hot, tight wetness.
“He was close… between my thighs, his mouth and tongue,” she gasped midsentence, suddenly feeling my face against her drenching pussy, I knew at that moment, that second the woman known only as “Ericka” could feel my tongue rolling across her outer lips with soft, long strokes.

Author Information

2nd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Erotica Genre
3rd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Dark Erotica Genre

Lord Koga is the pen name for a local Grand Rapids, Michigan Author, whom for the last 4 years has been writing in the specific genres of Erotic Fiction, Women's Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Horror/sci-fi/fantasy erotica, as well as capture, S & M, BDSM fiction.

The pen name "Lord Koga," has been shortened over the years from its original name Lord Kogarasumaru. The origins of the name Kogarasumaru "Little Crow" is derive from a unique Japanese tachi sword rumored to have been created by legendary Japanese smith Amakuni during 8th century CE. The "little Crow" is considered to be unique as it is a bridge between the old double edge blades of Japan and the more modern version which eventually became known as Katana.

Currently Lord Koga has over 150 titles out in e-book format and 7 titles in both print and ebook format.

Website: http://www.exploitedpublishing.yolasite.com


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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