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The Confession (I. M. Telling)

The Confession by I. M. Telling

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Sometimes, you think you know someone. Connie had known Linda for years since they were sorority sisters together at college. Connie meets her old college friend Linda for afternoon coffee one day where Linda surprises Connie with a question.

"Have you ever cheated on Jimmy, your husband?"

Connie learns why her friend asks as Linda comes clean about what she has been up to lately.

This is a short story but it will make you giggle.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 3 / 2014

No. words: 4400

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Humor

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The Confession

“Connie, have you ever cheated on your husband Jimmy with another man?” asked Linda innocently.
Connie Adams had not expected her friend Linda to ask such a question, not in a thousand years. Linda was so straight, a real goody two shoes type of girl that Connie wondered if Linda was even aware that sex was possible outside of the bonds of marriage. In fact, Connie was not positive that Linda was aware that sex within the bounds of marriage with her own husband of course, was even possible outside of her own little bedroom. She laughed to herself as she tried to envision Linda being on top of her husband Ray or in any other position for that matter. Missionary style was pretty much the limit of Linda’s sexual vocabulary at least that was what Connie always assumed.
I would rather not confide about my own fidelity or lack of actually, I would really love to ask my friend if she had ever heard of terms like doggy-style and giving head. I’ll bet green money she hasn’t, thought Connie.
It was not that Connie thought that innocent and child-like Linda was naïve, and certainly there was nothing wrong with being that way Connie felt, and it was actually kind of endearing in her friend.
“Why do you ask, Linda?” Connie replied, as she sipped her coffee wondering what had gotten into her straight-laced friend.
“Just wondered,” Linda quickly responded. “I didn’t mean any offense by it.”
“I’m not offended,” laughed Connie, “just curious as to why you would bring up such a subject in the first place. It’s a bit unusual for you to want to talk about such things as asking about my sex life. In all the years of our friendship, this is the first time you have ever mentioned sex to me, so I am just really surprised by your question.”
Concerned, Connie reached over and laid her hand on her friend’s forearm in case Linda needed comforting or a shoulder to cry on.
“Did Ray do something to make you suspicious? Do you think he is seeing another woman?” I’ll bet he did, that bastard, Connie quickly assumed.
“Oh, no,” Linda exclaimed, “I’m sure my Ray would never consider such a thing. He is very loyal to me, a good husband and provider and a good father too.”
Her curiosity aroused, Connie was determined to find the underlying cause of why Linda was bringing up the subject of an affair now. Linda was a friend and sorority sister from college days and if she wanted to know the answer to that question, Connie was willing to share with her.
“Ok, yes… there was an occasion.” Connie admitted.
“Really?” whispered Linda, “What was it like for you?”

Author Information

I.M. Telling lives in the southern United States, on the coast and has been a non-fiction writer for some time. He has always wanted to write erotica and is finally making that dream a reality. His writing includes everything from highly explicit erotica featuring interracial relationships, swinging, and cuckold tales to very sensual stories of bondage and examining the dynamics of open marriage. His writing has also started to extend into other genres including adventure, humor, and stories with extreme violence.

Many of his writings take a tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject matter, often poking fun at stereotypes and purposely going over-the-top with subtle and dark humor, he often includes a twist ending.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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