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Slave Melissa: Fugitive From Justice (Robb Pettrie)

Slave Melissa:  Fugitive From Justice by Robb Pettrie

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    • Average 2.8 from 4 ratings

Melissa sits stunned. She cannot believe her ears. She looks over to her roommate, Stephanie, and sees that she is equally stunned. They both have just been convicted of killing a man. But, not just any man. He is a pervert. Someone who breaks into her apartment, attacks Melissa in her kitchen, and tries to sexually attack her. She fights back. Hits him in the head with a skillet. And, he dies. Both she and Stephanie, who is not home at the time of the attack, are arrested, tried, and convicted of killing a man.

But, down deep Melissa knows that the key is that the victim, if you can call him that, is male. For, she and Stephanie both live in a totally chauvinistic, male dominated world. In their world, women have no rights. Women, especially single women, cannot say no. Any unescorted woman, or group of women, is considered fair game. Women in their society are only safe when they are escorted by another man.

If she is approached on the street and told to drop to her knees, the woman must comply. Likewise if she’s told to bend over and bare her bottom. No matter what the request, by law she is required to obey. She must keep all three of her holes available for use by any and all men, at any and all times. Refusing will earn her a whipping and 48 hours of naked public humiliation on the Pillory Platform. Melissa knows. For, she’s been there and done that. And, that’s best possible punishment. After all, she could be sent to The Reformatory, where she will become a state-owned full-time naked whore for the rest of her life. Or, there’s slavery. Sexual slavery. Naked sexual slavery.

Melissa sits and ponders how she got into this position. However, she really needs to worry about what penalty the Judge will impose. For, in today’s society any woman who kills any man is guilty. There are no extenuating circumstances. No self-defense claims. If the man dies, the woman is guilty.

What will her punishment be? There will be a whipping for sure. But, not on the Pillory Platform. This time, it will be a serious whipping. Probably with a bull whip. And, then what? Slavery? The Reformatory? Or, her Final Air Dance?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2014

No. words: 58600

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Horror, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

“Madam Foreperson and members of the Jury, what say you,” Judge Wilma Stephens asks the jury.
“By a unanimous vote,” the Jury Foreperson replies. “We, the members of the Jury, do find Mellissa Ann Howe and Stephanie Louise Patterson guilty of murder of in the first degree of a male, Robert James Wilson.”
‘I can’t believe it,’ I say to myself after hearing our verdicts.
Down deep Stephanie and I knew that this would happen, but we kept hoping for a miracle. None arrived. The Jury Foreperson’s words are still ringing in our ears. Although last night, while I was sitting in my cell, I tried my best to mentally prepare myself for what is happening today. But, I am still having trouble believing those words: ‘Guilty of murder in the first degree’.
Last night I even tried to reflect on all the events that led up to my current situation. As near as I can recollect, it all begins about 25 years ago when the political focus of the country changes drastically. Our country has endured eight years of a very conservative leader. One whose lowlights includes entering our country into several unwise wars while giving very large tax breaks to the rich.
Then, the housing and stock markets both crash. Eventually, our whole economy tumbles down. Many people lose their jobs, houses, savings, retirements, and more. The political climate is ripe for a new face. And, one appears. A very assertive, and persuasive, political leader. Only this leader is a very stanch Feminist. And, she only surrounds herself with other stanch Feminists.
When the timing is right, the Feminists launch a political revolution. It’s a peaceful revolution, and their only weapon is the ballot box. We now know it as the Feminists Revolution. It’s a non-violent political revolution. And, it changes forever the political climate and structure of our country. Suddenly men, who were the ruling sex, become secondary citizens. All of the laws are changed to benefit women.
Men suddenly find themselves treated as if they are second-class citizens. Men now have two primary jobs within the family – financial support and sex. The men are required to be the family’s primary bread winner, but are not permitted to be the Head of Household. The HOH role is reserved for the eldest woman in the family. The male’s other primary role is to satisfy the HOH, or any other adult woman living in the household, sexually. In short, the roles of both men and women become reversed.
However, once the Feminists take control of the government, the radical element of the conservative movement launches a very successful counter-attack. Of course, this movement is driven by men. ‘Barefoot and Pregnant!’ is their rallying cry. Surprisingly, not all of the conservative movement’s supporters are male. There are many conservative women who want things returned to the former status quo. These women liked it when their fathers, husbands, brothers, or whatever were responsible for making all the important family decisions. These conservative women simply want to see those ‘good old days’ return.
The conservative group opposes everything the new Feminist leader proposes. Slowly, but surely, the conservatives regain political power. First, the conservatives take control of the legislature. Next, they get control of the courts. So once a new radical conservative is elected leader, the change becomes complete. The ‘Great Male Revolt’ becomes a reality. The men are back in power, and they move quickly to eradicate the Feminists and their party.
First thing the conservative leadership does is arrest all members of the Feminist movement. They even arrest some men who were supporters of the Feminists. All are charged with ‘Treason Against the State’ and tried before a kangaroo court. All are convicted. Most are terminated. Those who survive are sentenced to a lifetime of slavery and are eventually sold at the Public Slave Auction. Either way, the leaders of the Great Male Revolt has eliminated the Feminists and their supporters as a political threat.
After eliminating the Feminists, the conservatives move to eliminate the rights and privileges of the country’s homosexual community. ‘Gay Rights’ becomes a thing of the past. Gay relationships are now not only illegal, but are also punishable with a lifetime prison sentence. Any person, male, female, or in between, who is caught having sex with another person of the same or similar sex can, and usually is, arrested and sent to prison for life.
‘Women’s Rights’ is next on the agenda. It does not happen overnight, but eventually we women lose all of our rights as Equal Citizens. First, abortions become illegal – even in the event of sexual assault or incest. Next, the old ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’ philosophy is back in vogue. Women everywhere lose their jobs and are told to ‘Go find a good provider’. Of course, that means that many women are forced to prostitute themselves into loveless marriages just to survive. Sexual assault becomes a non-existent entity in the laws of the land.
Women’s suffrage becomes even worse when the Female Code of Conduct is passed and signed into law. Essentially, the Female Code of Conduct (better known as Cunt Laws) gives men total power over women. Women no longer have control over their own bodies. They must do and say what the ‘man of the house’ demands. The Cunt Laws also divide all women in two classes: Free Women and Slaves.
Of course, calling any of us a ‘Free Woman’ is misleading – especially for those classified as ‘single’. All single women – those of us who are not yet married or owned by a Master – are ‘free’ in name only. Yes, we are free to come and go as we please. But, we are also required to submit to any sexual request from any male at any time we are outside of our home. No excuses. If we refuse, we are immediately arrested and punished. We also are responsible for our own birth control, which we must do religiously. For, any single woman who allows herself to become pregnant is automatically arrested and then reclassified as a Breeder Slave.
As for the Slaves: They are sub-divided into two additional classes – Breeders and Workers. Breeders, as the name indicates, sole purpose is to give their Master male heirs. As long as they keep popping male heirs out of their cunts, their lives remain somewhat calm. But, once they give birth to their third female, they are immediately reclassified as Workers.
Or terminated. Whatever their Master wants. And, no woman wants to be classified as a Worker Slave. For, once she is demoted to that classification, a woman’s life becomes sheer Hell. 24 hours of manual slave labor – and daily whippings – each and every day until she dies. Almost all Workers can be seen with fresh whip marks on their fronts and backs.
As I explained earlier, the Cunt Laws also make it legal for men to grope or otherwise sexually attack women in public without any legal protection for the woman. So, all free women traveling without a male escort are subjected to multiple sexual attacks on a daily basis. And, even a married woman or slave can be forced to give a stranger a BJ in public if she’s traveling without a male chaperone.
I won’t go into all the details, but just suffice it to say that anytime there is an issue between a man and a woman, the woman loses. If the woman cries ‘Sexual assault’, she must have a minimum of six witnesses willing to testify in her behalf. Without those witnesses, she is arrested and publicly punished for making false accusations against a man. The philosophy is that all women, married or not, are to be seen, but not heard.
Among the many sexist Cunt Laws ruling our society today is one that makes it illegal for any woman to wear more than one item of clothing above the waist. In short, bras are now illegal for all unmarried and all married women under the age of 60. And, any woman convicted as a Female Felon (aka FF) for violating any one of the numerous Cunt Laws is no longer allowed to cover her tits. Ever. Even after receiving her punishment, she is required to bare her breasts at all times.
My first experience with the inequality of our laws happens about six years ago. I am riding a very crowded commuter train en route to my job as a ‘sexretary’ (yes, I spelled it correctly). While standing on a crowded train, some man that I had never met before molests me in public. He not only gropes me from behind, but he also fingers me. Yes, he reaches under my miniskirt and sticks two of his fingers directly into my cunt.
Forgetting about the very restrictive Cunt Laws, I immediately turn, yell some nasty words at him, and slap his face. I also figure that on a crowded train, at least six people will step forward and testify that he molested me. But, I am grossly mistaken. Instead, another man, one standing directly behind me, immediately grabs my arms and pins them behind my back. Then, he asks the man who I just slapped if he ‘wishes to press charges’.
Naturally, the pervert says ‘Yes’. So, at the next train stop, both men force me off the train and I am taken directly over to the nearest policeperson. This time, the cop is another woman. However, she, unlike me, does not really care that the rules are very biased and sexist. Her job is to enforce all the laws, including the Cunt Laws.
“Sirs, what’s the problem?” she asks the two men, totally ignoring my plight.
“This slut called me a ‘fuckin’ prick’ and accused me of molesting her,” the first guy replies. “Then, she slapped me in the face.”
“I witnessed the entire thing,” the second man says. “He speaks the truth.”
The lady cop then turns to me and asks me if I have any witnesses to counter their claims. Obviously, I don’t. And, she knows it. But, I am forced to admit that apparently I do not have any witnesses. All three of us know that others witnessed what really happened. But, it’s also apparent that none of the men or women who witnessed my molestation is going to step forward. So, I am on my own.
“OK, I’ll take it from here,” the lady cop replies.
She then reaches over and locks handcuffs on my wrists, keeping my arms pinned behind my back. Next, she asks me my name and address. As soon as I tell her, she pulls out a small, hand-held minicomputer and types in my information. She also collects similar info from the guy who molested me and the other guy who volunteered as his witness. After about a five minute wait, her little computer beeps. She then gets a naughty grin on her face as she reads a message from police headquarters.
What happens next really surprises me. She unbuttons my blouse, pulls it wide open, and exposes both of my tits for everyone to see. Then, she pulls out a large pair of clothing shears and cuts my blouse from my body. I am now standing in public naked from the waist up. However, she’s not done surprising me. Next, she reaches over and begins to fondle my left tit.
“Too bad,” she whispers into my ear. “They’re so lovely. I hope you don’t have any plans for the next 24-48 hours, for you will be spending that time either in a holding cell or locked in one of the Punishment Pillories in the Town Square.”


brutal without the eroticism, just not my style 1 out of 5

  Author reply: It sounds like you should stick to sugar and spice stories.

Could not relate to any of the characters, did not finish book 2 out of 5 (Hadult)

Author Information

A 60 YO WM who loves reading and writing bisexual spanking, bondage, and sexual slavery stories.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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