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The Wager (I. M. Telling)

The Wager by I. M. Telling

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"The Wager" is Part 1 of the High Stakes Erotic Series

Chloe and Jack, a young married couple makes a dare and a wager with each other to experience a night on the wild side.

After viewing an adult video together where a woman allowed herself to be taken by multiple partners, Chloe wagers she could do the same thing. Each one is absolutely sure that the other will chicken out before something really happens.

Neither of them realized how stubborn their spouse would be until it was too late to turn back when Chloe takes on six hot guys including Jack.

Approximately 35 pages in length.

Content Warning: This story contains very explicit description of sexual activity during various multiple partner encounters including oral sex. It is intended for mature readers 18 years and older who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts.

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Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 1 / 2014

No. words: 9568

Style: Swingers Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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I was in a very strange place a few hours ago; would you like to hear about it? If so, read on.
I was finishing off the last of the beers that had been brought to a hotel room, sharing them with five other men. We were discussing whether the woman that had just left was a slut or a good woman. The consensus between us all was that she was BOTH!
Every man in the room had fucked the girl at least once, including me. She had offered to service us all and we had pooled our money, rented a room with a king sized bed, and given her all she could handle.
What the other men did not know was that I knew this woman before last night’s orgy had begun. The woman we had fucked all night was my wife.
How did this come about? Well, that is a long story but it started one evening while my wife Chloe and I were watching a porn DVD that we had rented from one of those Adult Book Stores. You know the kind I mean, the ones that do not have books anymore… just DVDs.
We had gone inside the store as a lark simply because we happened to walk past it while walking down a strip mall sidewalk and saw sexy outfits in the display window. We looked at all the see-through body socks, erotic underwear, vibrators. We also saw various creams that are supposed to keep your dick hard and tasting good. I tried to talk Chloe into buying some of that cream, but she would not commit to anything more than telling me, “Maybe next time.”
I guess we are the type of people who simply must buy something when we go inside a store; I know Chloe is that way. I am proud to tell you that I have a bit more self-control about such things. She was focusing on the massage oils and some of those were a tad pricey. We settled on renting a porno flick.
That night, after one of Chloe’s better dinners, we settled down in front of the TV with popcorn to check it out. I will have to admit, we laughed a lot at what we saw. This was the first time we had ever watched pornography together.
I guess I should tell you a little bit about us before I go further with this story. We are both in our mid-20s but look younger. We definitely must prove our age whenever we go to the liquor store, not that Chloe minds being asked. We have been married just over three years, having met one day at the student union at the University of Oklahoma (Go Sooners, Fuck Texas). Currently, we live in Oklahoma City, which is about twenty-five miles north of Norman Oklahoma.
Chloe is a real knockout… I could not believe how lucky I win her. Me, well I have seen many guys I thought were uglier than I am, I’ll leave it at that. Apparently, Chloe thought I was acceptable, and that mattered a lot to me and gave me a sense of pride in myself.
Considering the nature of this story, I should add that first off, we are not swingers or into wife swapping. In fact, up until last night, Chloe had never been with another man since our wedding night. I had also remained faithful to her. However, neither of us were virgins that honeymoon night three years ago last May.
“Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jack.”
The first video we watched was pretty lame, but the second one certainly got us talking. It was about this woman that meets three men in a bar and then agrees to go with them to a motel room for a gangbang.
It all started when Chloe starting laughing and making comments about how much fun the woman in the video was going to have with the three men. I told her, “I’ll bet you wouldn’t know what to do with three men at the same time.”
“Bet I would,” she declared to me, with defiance.
That was how it all got started. Although the video was still playing, we turned our attentions to each other. The conversation morphed into something I would describe as being like a couple of kids trying to one-up each other by daring the other kid to do something. Like picking up a grass snake on the lawn or tossing an egg at someone’s house.
“Chloe, you would be scared to death to go into a room with three guys you just met in a bar.” I told her.
“Not if it was my idea, not if I was in control,” she argued back.
I just laughed, “You don’t have the nerve,” and reminded her that she was too shy to wear that skimpy bikini that she had paid too much for last summer. She waved her hand away, dismissing my comment.
“I just didn’t think I looked that good in it once I got it home. In addition, it was too loose fitting. Remember when I wore it that day out to the apartment swimming pool? I dived in and nearly lost the bottoms,” she said.
“Well, maybe,” I responded. “But you still would be too afraid to go to a motel room with a strange man you just met at a bar, let alone two or three men.”
“Yeah,” she conceded. “That would be awfully dangerous.”
I thought that the conversation would end then, as we both turned back to see what was happening in the video. By then, the story had progressed into the action parts. The woman had one man going down on her and she had both of the other men’s cocks in her hands. Before long, she was alternating between jacking one of the men and sucking off the other one.

Author Information

I.M. Telling lives in the southern United States, on the coast and has been a non-fiction writer for some time. He has always wanted to write erotica and is finally making that dream a reality. His writing includes everything from highly explicit erotica featuring interracial relationships, swinging, and cuckold tales to very sensual stories of bondage and examining the dynamics of open marriage. His writing has also started to extend into other genres including adventure, humor, and stories with extreme violence.

Many of his writings take a tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject matter, often poking fun at stereotypes and purposely going over-the-top with subtle and dark humor, he often includes a twist ending.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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