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Property of the Conquerors! (W.L. Dowd)

Property of the Conquerors! by W.L. Dowd

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    • Average 4.4 from 16 ratings

Written as the last installment in the incredibly popular Talistaun series, this continuing tale of ruthless subjugation, cruel dominance and unmerciful humiliation is told as only he can deliver. While introducing new characters into highly provocative scenes of humiliating bondage and endless torment, you won’t want to miss this highly stimulating ending to an overwhelmingly revered story!

With the recent addition of a beautiful Russian mother and daughter duo to the milking barns, the helpless women awake to their swollen milk-laden breasts for the very first time. Captured only days earlier, Natalya and the lovely virgin Lidiya now struggle to endure their aching and harnessed globes as they experience their first morning as milkers. And if that alone wasn’t mortifying enough, they quickly discover the shocking reality of their new existence while under the watchful eye of a playful barn keeper!

At the palace where the powerful Sultan of Talistaun resides, a husband and wife couple, Katie and David, are unexpectedly sold, then humiliatingly prepared for delivery to the palace where their new owners anxiously await their newly acquired property. Humiliatingly collared, bound and gagged before presented to their new owners, the young couple is made to face their fates in the most degrading ways possible.

Inside Christine’s personal quarters, Jason and a new female arrival meet in a very well planned way. Stunned and shocked to see such a young and familiar face arrive at Christine’s side, Jason can hardly contain himself, and unfortunately for the both of them, it shows.

Finally, with victory declared across the North American continent, the Sultan demands a day of celebration to mark their triumph. Tasked with organizing an event so grand that it will go down in history as the most entertaining and provocative event ever witnessed, Christine battles her fear of failure and puts together a parade of bound slaves that will be remembered for many years to come. With dozens of the most exceptional slaves from all of the Talistaun’s farms and barns, she did not disappoint the Sultan!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2014

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No. words: 57300

Style: Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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This is the 6th and final installment in the Talistaun’s unmerciful subjugation of its enemies and their innocent people. With outright victory declared, this is a land where sadistic sexual service, tight bondage and cruel humiliation has become a way of life for the defeated. It’s a place where acquiring the personal services of ruthlessly trained women and men of all ages, in the service sexual pleasures, has become as common as renting a car. It’s a place where the consumption of a woman’s breast milk has become a religious right for all its loyal subjects, especially a virgin’s sweet milk; a place where the insemination of incarcerated female breeders has redefined the rules of procreation! And with complete and total victory declared, it’s the only place where one can witness a mind blowing victory parade of naked and bound slaves like never before performed!
Unimaginably sadistic and unmerciful in the cruel peonage of their helpless victims, their grip on a conquered land has resulted in the creation of unconceivably prolific and degrading sex-slave farms and more. With bone chilling stories of human thralldom, tight bondage, deeply humiliating training and brutal interrogations escaping from behind the tall menacing walls of Talistaun, fear filled the hearts of women and men around the globe.
With the Nation of Talistaun rooted deep within America’s borders, small groups of highly trained soldiers known as ‘Slaver Teams’ continue to venture out into the surrounding territories. Carefully searching for, and skillfully acquiring, the most desirable people to fill the growing needs within their human farms and barns, they boldly exact their revenge on western society with impunity, while fulfilling their own sadistic pleasures. Without consequence or mercy, they fulfill every hair-raising desire based on the teachings that their self-proclaimed religion sets forth. Interpreted and enforced by the same evil men who reap the diabolical pleasures of their teachings, their rule of order goes unchallenged.
Feeding on the intoxicating sexual pleasures of watching their victims suffer in the throes of their horrific fates, the Talistaun have become even more aggressive and ruthless with each passing day. Driven by social greed and unchecked sexual desire, the Talistaun take extraordinary pleasure in the humiliating vassalage of the many beautiful American women they possess, and any others they perceived as a threat to their culture, including their own citizens.
And with the increasing demand for the highly valuable ‘virgin’ breast milk well exceeding supply, the Talistaun took their first steps in populating their newly constructed ‘Virgins Only’ milking barn. Dispatching a Slaver Team to an unsuspecting college in southern California, they came across the perfect gathering of female targets. As if presented on a silver platter, they stumbled upon the freshman tryouts for the very popular cheerleader team. Quickly sweeping in with their paralytic dart rifles, they soon had their pickings from a hundred or more young women, and a few overly protective mothers who were there watching the tensely competitive tryouts!
Erected alongside the existing milkers’ barn, this new facility, with room for at least 200 virgins, was now the home to its first busloads of helpless young women. Built to house and extract the precious creamy bounty from captured virgins, this facility was extraordinary. While engineered with the most prolific and engaging milking machines to date, it was the Talistaun’s recently engineered hormone that made the newly indentured milkers ordeals incredibly intense and arduous.
Virgin or not, this revised hormone contained a very special additive that induced intense sexual tension in the young women, especially when at the mercy of the machines. The new hormone left the milkers with an unrelenting sexual ache in their bodies. But regardless of their sexual tension prior to milking, it was the nipple stimulators inside the milking cylinders that encased their dangling young milk bags that drove them over the edge. The sensation was so intense that many of slaves would beg and plead feverishly into their feeding probes for relief. And for a few lucky ones, a horny Talistaun barn supervisor would find their exposed dripping vagina and accommodate them accordingly!
The Talistaun were also well known for their relentless training of sex-slaves in the most humiliating and degrading sex acts imaginable, including the artful ways of lesbian pleasures. Continually striving to provide the highest quality services to their wealthy customers, the sex-slave rental business had become a wildly popular pastime in the Nation of Talistaun. More and more beautiful women, and a few select males, were being sent to the farm for training. Required to endure relentless training in many unique and perverse methods of sexual service, or face punishment accordingly, the talented and sexy slaves were more in demand than ever before.
With this in mind, the powerful Sultan of Talistaun accepted an offer from his wealthy American collaborators to purchase two of his prized pleasure slaves. The stunning and extraordinarily wealthy couple foresaw the inevitable rule of the Talistaun, and immediately stepped forward to help finance the regime’s impending victory over America. Immediately gaining the trust and friendship of the Sultan, they found their new status to be the perfect opportunity to satisfy their own longstanding desires, which aligned far closer with the Talistaun than with any civilized society.
And as if sex-slave training itself wasn’t horrific enough, the Talistaun regularly incorporated the use of nanites in their training. Once ingested, these microscopic programmable machines were absorbed into the blood stream and could be used to stimulate and motivate a slave’s training. When properly activated by a simple wireless communication device, the nanites could be used to instill incredibly intense sexual desire in their host. Unable to escape the effects of the awful nanites, there wasn’t a man or woman alive who could resist their power. Continuously subjected to intense sexual stimulation from deep within, the slaves generally performed as directed, regardless of how humiliating and revolting the task-at-hand appeared.
But no matter what fate one faced upon their arrival in the Nation of Talistaun; life as an indentured slave within the menacing walls of this unmerciful regime was both brutally cruel and horrifically exciting, in unimaginable and incomprehensible ways!
* * *
Chapter 1 – The Virgin Milkers’ First Morning!
With the first sign of daylight glowing in the eastern sky, the newly acquired virgin milkers were slowly awaking to their new lives for the very first time. Still in a state of shock and disbelief at their recent capture and enslavement within the awful holding pen, the sensations that were now overwhelming their swollen and highly sensitive breasts brought an entirely new level of fear and panic to their fragile emotional states as they came to grips with the unimaginable horror of their young engorged globes.
What started out as one young woman’s crying moans as she slowly rose from her slumber while coming to realize the full transformation of her milk-laden breasts, quickly swept over the barn like a frightening alarm clock. With each young woman’s growing awareness of her mortifyingly large mammaries trapped within the tight leather support rings of her white body harness, the sounds of despair and discomfort grew louder and louder until all twenty-six young virgins were awake.
While some were afraid to rise from their horizontal positions on the leather-covered mattresses, others instinctively struggled to stand. But no matter what their position, they all had one thing in common, their wide frantic eyes were staring down at their bloated globes with a horrific look of dreadful confusion and disbelief. Unable to fully comprehend the freighting changes that were suddenly overwhelming their young bodies, the helpless virgins wept and groaned as they couldn’t help but wonder and dread what was coming next.
For many of the first-time milkers, the pressure was so great within their stretched tits that they saw tiny beads of a milky fluid begin to collect on the tips of their nipples. It seemed like just the act of breathing, albeit franticly, was enough to cause their plump nipples to weep and bead with the coveted juices from within.
Soon, soft sobbing voices could be heard escaping randomly from the young ladies.
‘Please help me, somebody help me’…‘Oh my god no, no, no,’… ‘Please don’t do this to me, please let me go’… ‘Oh my god, oh my god, my tits are going to explode’… ‘Ahhhhhh, no, this can’t be happening to me-e-e-e-e,’… randomly echoed through the holding pen.
Beginning to collect themselves just a bit, the frantic young women began to glance around at the others. Stunned and mesmerized by the sight of all the incredibly bloated globes that stood out from each milker’s bound and harnessed bodies, the reality of their merciless fates began to wash over them. With their arms bound behind their tightly harnessed torsos, many of them were beginning to get light headed as their frantic breathing robbed their lungs of oxygen.
Gasping and peering out all around them, the look of horror and devastation captivated the room. Most of the young captives knew each other as friends and/or classmates, but now they shared something so humiliating and degrading, that they knew nothing would ever be the same. Unable to escape the Talistaun’s slaver team, they all knew deep inside that their humiliation and torment was only just beginning.
Within several minutes of the virgins’ awakening, the mothers of those with daughters in the neighboring virgins’ pen were now lined up along the screen wall between the holding pens. And while their own bodies were experiencing the same dreadful effects of being a Talistaun milker for the first time themselves, they were more concerned about their young daughters next door than their own condition.
Desperate to locate and communicate with their young offspring, they randomly called out to their captive loved ones.
“Lidiya,” Natalya called out in an exasperated tone, “are you there, are you okay baby?”
Hearing her mother’s voice close by, the devastated 18-year-old quickly turned and looked toward the pens’ divider screen before spotting the noticeably worried and distressed woman standing at the screen on the other side. Already on her feet, the terrified young woman started walking toward the screen.
“Mom, help me, please, you have to help me,” she began to mumble as the trembling teenager approached the nearly transparent divider.
Stunned and devastated by the sight of the other’s bound, naked and harnessed bodies, the beautiful Russians were now scanning each other’s bodies up and down as they absorbed the unfathomable sights before them. Horrified and humiliated beyond expression, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other’s enormous bloated breasts. Standing out from their harnessed torsos as if there was no gravity in the holding pens, they just couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, or feeling inside.
Even with the shock and awe of what they were seeing, it didn’t long for them to notice the other’s smooth hairless pussy. For Lidiya, the sight of Natalya’s freshly depilated patch was clearly evident by the noticeable lighter colored skin between her slender legs. But to Natalya’s searching eyes, the teenager’s crotch looked smooth and even, as if she hadn’t yet grown a full crop of hair down there, which was exactly the case. When the Talistaun prepared the youngster for service, it was a simple task to remove the teenager’s wispy hair, which was just starting to form atop her womanly treasure box.
Horrified yet captivated by what they saw, they knew it was like looking into a mirror for the both of them. Natalya was in such incredible shape that the two were often mistaken for sisters. Both had deep chestnut colored hair that was naturally flowing and seductive. Sporting their full-bodied curly waves that cascaded over their sexy shoulders, their remarkable eyes were truly mesmerizing. A deep green, like the color of a green glass bottle, they were stunning compliments to their pretty faces.
While Natalya, the 41-year-old seemingly ageless beauty with a killer body, who stood 5’ 9” tall and weighed 140 lbs. was ravishing, her stunning 18-year-old offspring Lidiya was an equally impressive creature who stood nearly 5’ 6” tall herself.
Still wide-eyed and scanning the other’s exposed and impressive bodies as their unnaturally firm and bloated breasts extended outward, Natalya now truly understood how much trouble the pair were really in.
And while Lidiya knew that they would both soon be encountering the terrifying milking machines, she was too young and naive to fully understand what it would mean to be so helpless and vulnerable to the Talistaun men who roamed the parlor during the milking process, but Natalya knew.
Not only had she absorbed every word spoken by her pen-keepers upon their arrival yesterday, but for the past 18-hours her fellow pen-mates took great pleasure in describing what she was going to experience. And she knew if she looked half as sexy and stimulating and inviting as Lidiya did, they were both in for a long and brutal go of it while in captivity.
Finally unable to look any more, the gasping teenager hung her head to stare at the floor as the deep humiliation of her bound nakedness began to sweep over her.
“Mom.” she said softly, “What’s g-going to h-happen to u-us? W-what are they g-going to do to u-us?”
* * *
From the neighboring cell, David was intently watching and listening to everything taking place in the neighboring cell. With each passing month, the memory of his former life with his beautiful wife was rapidly fading away, as the stark reality of their fates as sex-slaves became their new lives. While he was no longer as devastated by the many torments he saw inflicted on his wife, he also understood the consequences of being sold like they were. And while he watched his in-laws busily working on Katie, he knew he was next!
“Frank… ankles next,” barked out the keeper!”
Reaching back to the bunk, Frank grabbed the two thick cuffs that remained. Next, he knelt down in front of Katie and began to wrap her ankles in the leather bindings.
With his face only inches from Katie’s smooth sex, he was sure he could smell the faintest scent of excitement emanating from her feminine folds. Like all sex-slaves, he knew Katie and David were infected with the nanites, and he knew there was no telling the level of induced sexual excitement that she may be experiencing at that moment, even while being bound and prepared for delivery.
Starting to feel uneasy as he finished with Katie’s ankle cuffs, he knew it wouldn’t be long now before he’d have to put the torturous tit binder on Katie, while Ellen and David watched.
“Okay Frank, before we bind her elbows together, you need to put the chest cincher on her. I know you’ve been anticipating this moment since you spotted the device on the bed.”
With her head tilted upward by the tall posture collar, Katie exhaled and groaned in obvious displeasure with the keeper’s comments. She’d seen the tit crushers used to train uncooperative slaves, so she knew the kind of intense torment the medieval device could inflict on her.
Taking the pliable wire device from the bed, he approached Katie and slowly began to slip the wire hoops over her waiting breasts.
Feeling Frank work her large firm globes into the biting hoops, she groaned softly as she stared helplessly toward the ceiling. She knew exactly what was happening to her, and she had no desire to watch her sensitive girls being encased in the cruel rings.
After a minute or so of carefully pushing and pulling Katie’s silky smooth tits into the device, Frank then placed the support wires over her shoulders, and two more around her back, before attempting to connect the four wires together behind her. After struggling some to connect the taut wire ends to the common clasp between her shoulder blades, the wire hoops around her breasts were now firmly pressed tightly against her chest wall, just as designed.
When Frank stepped back to view the awful effects of his work, the barn-keeper stepped up and placed the control key in the tiny box between her tits.
“Frank, you’re not done yet. Tighten the rings until I say stop.”
Shaking his head in objection, “No, please, I can’t,” escaped from his lips.
Then, with no warning, the barn-keeper pulled a thin cane from the side of her thigh-high boot and instantly landed a vicious swat across Katie’s exposed ass.
‘CRACK’ echoed through the cell. Instantly, Katie jumped and screamed, “OOWWWW!” as a narrow red welt immediately appeared across her two cheeks.
Witnessing Katie’s suffering, Daneca sobbed a little louder as Ellen held her closer and kissed the young woman on the forehead. “Shhhh, Shhhh, honey, try not to think about it. If you’re a good girl and listen well, you can be spared the whip.”
Gasping as she watched the keeper’s arm rise up again with the cane in hand, “Oh god no,” escaped from Daneca’s dainty lips.
“Would you like another my dear?” exclaimed the keeper rather loudly to Katie!
“NO, NO, no more please,” Katie pleaded with a shortness of breath.
“Would you rather have the cinchers tightened up then?”
Breathing rapidly, she quickly responded, “Yes, Yes, please tighten them Mistress… No more whipping!”
Looking back to Frank, the keeper gestured to him and said, “Your call Frank. More cane, or a turn of the key?”
Sill shaking his head in objection, he stepped forward and reached for the key between Katie’s womanly globes. Next, he slowly turned the key as he watched the wire hoops slowly close around the base of her breasts.
Within seconds, the skin surrounding her already firm globes began to tighten in response. Slowly, one click at a time, Frank continued to turn the key, until he heard her begin to grunt and groan.
“I didn’t say stop Frank. Shall I remind you of your duty?” the keeper exclaimed as the sound of the cane slicing through the air and striking Frank’s ass got everyone’s attention.
Immediately reaching back to the key, he said, “No Ma’am,” as he began to turn it once again.
Each click sounded like a hammer strike to Katie as the vibration rippled through her increasingly sensitive breasts. And with her breasts now turning a light purple, she stumbled atop her heels when her legs suddenly became weak.
“Okay, you can stop now Frank.”
Quickly releasing his grip on the key, Frank backed away from Katie and lowered his head in despair and humiliation.
Grasping Katie by her bound arms, the barn-keeper led her closer to Ellen and Daneca who were still on the cell’s small bed.
“Well ladies, what do you think? Don’t these attentive nipples look incredibly sensitive?”
Staring at Katie’s swollen nipples and areolas, which took on the color of her cinched breasts; it was quite obvious that her tit’s pleasure centers looked incredibly sensitive.
Straining against the posture collar, Katie struggled to look down at her throbbing girls. With her eyes straining downward, she was able to see the ends of her swollen breasts as her eyes focused on her hypersensitive nipples. Although unable to look away, Katie really didn’t need to see them to know what they looked like. She could tell by the throbbing in her globes that her nipples and tits were incredibly swollen.
With her wide eyes still affixed to Katie’s swollen mammaries, Ellen was finally able to squeak out, “Yes Ma’am, they look very sensitive Ma’am,” while the terrified new arrival next to her on the bed looked to be in shock at everything she was witnessing.
Still standing behind Katie, the keeper nestled up close behind her, wrapped her arms around her bound body and rested her palms on the sides of her swollen breasts, before she abruptly began to gently rub the tips of Katie’s nipples with her middle fingers.
Instantly, Katie gasped for air through her wide-open mouth as she nearly collapsed into the keepers arms, as “Ohhhhhh myyyy goooood,” escaped from her lips.
“Yep, we were right, they are astoundingly sensitive…You know Katie, we’ve had some pleasurable times together in here, haven’t we sweetie? I am going to miss you around here. Give me one last kiss to remember you by!”
Reluctantly at first, Katie twisted her head around to face her keeper, and opened her mouth slightly. Immediately, the keeper lowered her mouth to Katie’s as their lips and tongues met in a passionate kiss. Engaged in a kiss that should have been reserved only for her husband, Katie was mortified that her parents were now witnessing her kissing another woman in that way.
After what seemed like an eternity to Katie, the keeper finally ended their kiss and stopped her assault on her fat flowered nipples. Next, she reset Katie on her shoes and began to whisper something into her ear.
When she was done whispering, she smiled and said, “Ellen, Katie has a request.”
Nudging Katie, the keeper quipped, “Go ahead honey, ask her?”
“Mom, w-when you put the c-cincher ring around David’s m-manhood, please t-tighten it as m-much as daddy did my t-titties.”
Ellen’s emotionally devastated eyes seemed to plead with Katie for forgiveness, even though she really hadn’t done anything yet.
While Ellen and Katie were busy dealing with their current emotional torment, the keeper quickly wrapped another strap around Katie’s arms, just above her elbows, and abruptly pulled it very tight. The sudden force slammed her elbows together, which thrusted her bound breasts outward a bit more, as she grunted and groaned in response.
Taking Katie by her bound elbows, she started for the cell’s door. “Come on you two; we still have to get David ready. Let’s stop messing around!”
* * *
“But Mistress please, I - I…”
“But please, I’m sorry Mistress...”
Squeezing his chin a little tighter, she responded, “Ohhhhhh, you will be, my slave!”
Abruptly releasing his chin, she turned toward the low bed on the floor next to hers and said, “Follow along on your knees. I’m going to put you away while I take another shower!”
Struggling to move quickly on his knees, he eventually arrived at the simple bondage bed and rolled himself onto it.
“Not like that slave. Turn over so I can release your arms.”
Rolling onto his side, he then felt her release his wrist cuffs.
“Now, on your back! I want you spread-eagle.”
Rolling onto his back, he automatically extended his wrists and ankles to the metal rings located at each corner of the bed. Then, without any resistance, he allowed Christine to secure his wrist and ankle cuffs to the bed’s sturdy metal bondage rings.
With Jason tightly secured to the bed in a wide spread-eagle position, she retrieved a nanite controller from the nightstand at her bed.
Then, standing over Jason, as he looked up from the bed with wide worrisome eyes, she began to program the device.
“Let’s see what we can do here… Nipples - relentlessly gentle sucking mouths, licking tongues and nibbling teeth; Cock - intense vaginal simulation; Bottoms of feet - numerous soft tickling fingertips and smooth nails from heels to toes.”
Smiling down at Jason, whose eyes were now frantic with disbelief, she said, “Hmmm, I think level 8 will be appropriate my dear… I hope you enjoy this encounter while I’m in the shower!” as she pushed the enter button.
Gasping in anticipation, it was only a matter of seconds before he felt his nanites start their work.
Grunting, he released an exasperated exhale as his arms and legs began to strain against his bonds while his highly sensitive nipples suddenly erupted with excitement. Exactly as Christine described the impending sensations, it felt like each of his nipples were inside a warm sucking mouth while being gently licked and nibbled on. It was a sensation so unexpectedly intense that his head rolled back on the bed.
Next, with his pleasure nubs under assault, he felt his cock began to swell with such speed that it stunned even him. By the time he was able look down across his body to see what was happening, his 14-inch woman pleaser was nearly rock hard. Mortified by what was happening to his helpless body, he was shocked to see his shaft begin to pulsate and throb with the very realistic sensation of sliding in and out of Christine’s tight wet pussy.
Then, as if his body wasn’t overwhelmed enough with the internally manufactured pleasures, his feet suddenly began jerk and flail about. Feeling like a dozen soft fingertips were skillfully tickling the bottoms of his feet, they wiggled and strained against the ankle cuffs in a futile attempt to escape the imaginary fingers.
Struggling to catch his breath now, Jason’s crazed eyes were staring down his bound and naked body. Having a difficult time processing the sensations overwhelming him, his confused and tormented eyes desperately tried to process what was happening, but his brain was unable to process the discrepancies between what he was seeing, from what he was feeling. His brain was very busy processing the overwhelming sensations that his eyes just couldn’t see!
His pelvis was now thrusting up and down against an imaginary pussy, while his feet danced about trying to get away from the invisible tickling fingers, while his nipples drove him wild with lust. Jason wasn’t sure how long he would be able to endure the experience as his rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing was starting to make him light headed.
He knew that one of the more cruel efficiencies of the nanites was that the early sensations would not wear off over time. Because the nanites induced the pleasures directly into the victim’s nervous system, the intensity of the feelings did not wane at all with time. From the first minute to the last hours, it felt like it all just started.
“You see my slave, I’m right; you are enjoying your nanites!”
Staring over to Christine as his neck strained to hold his head steady, “Ohhhhhh god, please help me, please… I’m begging you M-Mistress, don’t l-leave m-me like t-this.”
Laughing, she responded, “You’ll be lucky if I don’t leave you like that all night sweet-cakes. And just in case you were wondering, the nanites are programmed to keep you at the razor’s thin edge of orgasm. As desperately as you will try, your balls and prostate will only provide you with the dry-heaves of seminal flow. In other words, you will not have the pleasure of an orgasm until I say so!”
Moaning and pulling against his wrist and ankle cuffs, Jason knew there was no escaping his mistress’s wrath.
“I suggest you get one last look at your sexy straining body my dear, because I’m about to activate your electronic blindfold. That way you can enjoy your experience even more.
Jason knew what that meant as he began to plead again. “Please, not that Mistress! Please don’t take my sight, PLEASE.”
Unfazed by his whining, she pressed a few more buttons on the nanite controller and hit enter.
Slowly, the nanites interrupted his optic nerve as his world slowly went dark. With his eyes still open very wide, everything was soon pitch black.


This installment is filled with nonstop erotic action from start to finish! A very strong conclusion to an excellent series. All of the major characters are brought together again and at least one couples story appears to continue! Strongly recommended to all fans of W.L. Dowd. 5 out of 5 (Jason)

Outstanding for sure, what a terrific book and series. I’ve never read a story with so many exciting charters that connect so well while not becoming to confusing, a tribute to this authors imagination and talent. While I’m personaly disappointed to see it ending, I’m thrilled to know he’s working on a takeoff story, which I’ll be watching for. 5 out of 5 (S4U)

Everything I expected and more. The bondage, training, humiliation, and the strict dominance was superb. Kudos for a great string of books. 5 out of 5

Well written and decidedly fun to read. This author continues to put out topnotch B&D ebooks with a flare for highly erotic enslavement. I anxiously await his next book. 4 out of 5 (Dom)

I found this one the best in the series. A must read for any fan of abduction & intense BDSM erotica without question. This authors work continues to get better and more exciting with each book. 5 out of 5 (rope)

I enjoyed it start to finish. The milking and breeding barns are great!! Hope to see more of this fetish in future books. 4 out of 5 (DD)

l enjoyed this book but not as much as some of the previous ones in the series 4 out of 5

Excellent. Cant wait for the new series to arrive 4 out of 5 (Dave)

Another top notch story from this accomplished author. If you’re into abduction, bondage, and forced enslavement, you won’t be disappointed with this story and series. I found the husband and wife abductions to be particularly exciting. 5 out of 5 (JK)

Lively story, packed with action, good ideas, marred by overblown style and the lack of a satisfactory ending. 4 out of 5 (David A)

Author Information

A multiple award winning author whose 30+ years of enthusiasm and experience with bondage and domination will stimulate your deepest and darkest fantasies. Using my unusually wild and vivid imagination for tormenting sexual domination, deep humiliation and unrelenting pleasures, I write for the enjoyment of my loyal readers. So, please take a moment to rate my books and drop a quick review, it motivates my writing! And as always, comments, feedback or just a quick note to say 'hi' is ALWAYS WELCOME at wldowd@email.com


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