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Slavers Of The Amazon (Boyd Agate)

Slavers Of The Amazon by Boyd Agate


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    • Average 4.2 from 6 ratings

A steamy tale of punishment and dark pleasure. Escape with our hapless heroine through dense, inhospitable jungle in the dead of night, as she flees a posse of callous, determined pursuers and fights her lonely way toward an unexpected sexual awakening.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 09 / 2004

No. words: 86400

Style: Spanking and Bondage, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


Cassandra Ward, personal assistant to the chief executive officer of one of the largest mining conglomerates in South America, stretched her lovely, twenty-two year old body languorously on the narrow, rumpled bed.
Hovering above her the slim athletic figure of Allessandro, her boss’s handsome, young chauffeur smiled as he thrust his still hard cock into the heated mush of her well-satisfied pussy.
The all but exhausted couple’s final orgasms had been strong and synchronized after more than two hours of ardent lovemaking in Allessandro’s tiny garage flat.
Inside the cramped bedroom the air was heavy and fetid with the delicious smell of sex. The temperature must have climbed to almost forty degrees Cassie thought, squirming her body lazily in the heat as the young Brazilian slowly pumped his narrow hips above her.
Cassie moaned softly, enjoying the sensation of their mingled perspiration as it pooled in her deep navel, the warm overflow trickling down her smooth flanks as she moved gently with him.
God! her long, dark hair was soaked to the roots with perspiration; whilst her crotch ran with a thickening musk-laden melange of sweat, love juice and semen.
Cassie ran her hands appreciatively over the young Brazilian’s firm, quivering buttocks, enjoying the feel of his smooth, olive flesh rocking between her upraised thighs.
Cassie had been discretely partaking of Allessandro’s particular physical charms for several weeks now. Regularly slipping away from her stylish downtown apartment to rut with her young Latin lover in his back street garage room.
The awful sounding clichĂ© made her smile - her young Latin lover, what would her colleagues at BRAZCO say if they knew what she had been up to all these weeks with the boss’s heart-throb driver?
Sex, it was her one weakness. Cassie simply loved the physical act of fornicating. Not for her the complications of a permanent relationship; she had gladly left that particular mistake behind her two years ago in England.
Neither was she interested in the tedium of a tawdry office affair with the inevitable gossip and stationary cupboard gropings, and married, middle managers seeking to ‘help her career’.
As she ran her long fingers through Allessandro’s damp, black hair Cassie caught sight of her wristwatch and realized the time was fast approaching for her to take her reluctant leave.
Christen and Lucy were expecting her at the Racquet Club in a little over an hour. If she left now she would have just enough time to swing by her apartment and grab a quick shower before meeting them for evening cocktails.
Cassie began to giggle. Her leaving was indeed becoming very reluctant now that Allessandro was once again turning his devout attention back to her nipples, sucking hungrily on the broad, dark cones, bringing them back to full tumescence within seconds.
Cassie groaned regretfully, ‘Christ!’ she could lie here screwing this boy all night, she simply had to get him off her oversensitive breasts, or else she would quite simply never get out of here.
Smiling broadly, she pried herself with difficulty out from under the smirking Allessandro and tapping her wristwatch murmured sulkily, “got to go baby.”
A grinning Allessandro nodded and swung himself up off the bed and began to pull on his skin-tight jeans. Cassie was relieved that he didn’t try to persuade her to stay a while longer as he usually did: Getting out of Allessandro’s flat was always a damn sight harder than getting in she thought, a wicked smile twitching at the corners of her full lips.
Disappearing into the small bathroom, Cassie quickly towelled the sweat from her body with a threadbare bath sheet and brushed out her damp hair. She checked her face in the little, stained mirror above the chipped sink and approved of what she saw there.
Cassie knew she was beautiful. It wasn’t vanity, everyone told her so. Men couldn’t fail to be attracted by the striking green eyes and pale complexion framed by the thick, dark brown almost black hair falling well past her shoulders. And her figure; full breasted, narrow waisted and long legged, completed the stunning package.
As she repaired her makeup, Cassie wondered for how much longer she would be satisfied with Allessandro as her only lover. For some time now she had sensed that something was missing in her love life, or more precisely she corrected herself, in her sex life.
Cassie blushed as she admitted to herself that lately she had begun to crave a stronger more robust sort of lover. One who would not defer to her as readily, or treat her as gently in bed as did her usual choice of overawed men friends.
Only a few days ago she had been asked to dinner for the third time by a local businessman who, from the uncompromising almost belligerent way he openly ogled her body, might well make a far more exciting and demanding lover.
Cassie decided then and there that she would accept his very next inevitable invitation. Who knows she thought smiling mischievously to herself, she might even ask him to tie her up with some silks and spank her bottom!
Finishing her inspection and finding nothing amiss, Cassie stepped back into the bedroom and began to gather up the clothing she had so hastily discarded upon her arrival earlier in the afternoon.
As the brunette bent to retrieve her fallen underwear she caught sight of a sudden movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned in time to see a stocky, hard faced man enter the small bedroom and move purposefully toward her.
With a yelp of alarm Cassie dropped her bra and panties as she made to cover her exposed pudendum and heavy breasts with her hands.
“Who the hell are you?” she demanded sharply, desperately trying to inject a note of authority and dignity into her voice. She looked wildly around for Allessandro whom she suddenly sensed behind her, moments before he inexplicably wrapped his arms about hers pinning her forearms tightly to her trunk!
Then, without the slightest hesitation, the tough looking newcomer stepped in close and brought his iron hard fist up in a short, sharp arc to explode on the exposed point of Cassie’s perfectly formed chin and after a sudden, violent burst of stars everything faded to deepest black.
When Cassie eventually regained her senses it took several moments to re-orientate herself.
The young woman felt a chill hand clutch at her innards as she suddenly remembered what had happened to her; Allessandro holding her, the stocky stranger coming into the bedroom and striking her.
Cassie was still in the tiny flat above the company’s private parking garage, that much she could tell from the sexual odours still clinging to the bed sheet her face was buried in.
She knew that she must have been out for a while because it was now dark in the bedroom and her panic suddenly became magnified when she realized that her mouth was heavily taped over and that she was tied down.


An excellent story of its genre. Its long and has phases as it progresses. There is an excellent milking scene that is interesting. The descriptions are well done. 5 out of 5 (Qubert)

  Author reply: Thank you for the welcome comments. This was the first book I ever wrote and I learned a great deal doing it. Its a long book and took over a year to write. Every time I got toward the end, another scene would pop into my mind and off I'd go again. And yes, I would love to be Don Alvarez.

This book is long and drawn out. It does not download nicely to the kindle. The book has many good sections but could have been a lot better done. 3 out of 5 (Chicago)

  Author reply: Thank you for the positive words. This was the first book I ever wrote and my writing style has evolved at least a little, I hope. What would you have liked me to have done differently?

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