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Rebecca Craig - The Iron Mistress (Dr. Jane Foxx)

Rebecca Craig - The Iron Mistress by Dr. Jane Foxx

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Rebecca Craig loved men, as long as they were on their knees and worshipping her. And Rebecca did mean worshipping, in the most physical, sensual way possible. But as for the man… well, Rebecca had no intention of giving him any pleasure. Not only that, but she was intent on ensuring he received no satisfaction when he was away from her, either. After all, a man who was desperately frustrated was so much more enthusiastic and attentive when it came to providing pleasure for Rebecca. Although, it was not that she was unwilling to take an interest in her men. Quite the opposite. There was nothing Rebecca liked better than to give a little attention to a man’s most personal areas… a little painful, tormenting attention.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 10 / 2013

No. words: 29300

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It was right after one o’clock in the afternoon when Rebecca Craig showed up at my apartment door, and it certainly was a moment to remember.
As I opened the door, I quickly discovered the most overriding feature about Rebecca Craig was her towering height. She was slightly over sixty-nine inches tall, looking something like that wonderful lady of the “Alien” films, much taller than the average woman and one I really had to look up to in more ways than one.
Rebecca Craig had a wealth of long, shimmering, dark hair, which was pulled back from her bewitching face into a bouncy ponytail. She also featured a pair of piercing brown eyes, and thrusting breasts hidden behind a crisp, white, cotton blouse and black jacket.
I liked what I saw, including the slender shape of her lower body, which was encased in a glistening green skirt. Black heels on her feet completed the picture and, I decided, over all she was quite attractive, even more so whenever she smiled in my direction.
“Greetings, JB!” Rebecca Craig offered, showing a sparkling set of white teeth and acting as if she was very glad to see me.
“Wow!” I instinctively replied, and, with a wave of my hand, I invited the dominant lady inside to show her around my mid-town apartment.
“Very impressive,” the dominant lady announced as she walked through the various rooms. “I like this place. Did you do the decorating yourself?”
A few moments later, the lovely Rebecca Craig was sitting on my living room couch, with her long, sexy legs nicely crossed, right there in front of me. Phew! That delicious smile remained fixed on her face, and, truthfully, I was already in love with the lady. The complete picture she presented was entirely to my lustiest liking.
Rebecca had a very large handbag with her, which she informed me was filled with various sex toys she often used during her sessions with various men. Well, that was a real turn-on for me. It was, also, the same moment I sat down across from the dominant woman, and she asked if I liked what I saw of her.
“Oh, yes!” I replied. “Definitely!” And I thought that was a great beginning for both of us.
“You’re not so bad yourself,” Rebecca told me. “I like a man who is trim, and in shape. It turns me on and makes me feel rather horny!”
As she spoke, Rebecca kept looking me straight in the eye and she had a very playful, kind of devilish smile on her lips.
The talk went back to how much the dominant lady liked my furnished apartment, and how impressed she was that it appeared so neat and clean. Evidently, some people can be pure slobs about the way they live from day to day. That is not the way I am, and, as my guest, Rebecca Craig obviously appreciated it.
Eventually, we found our way back into my bedroom where the dominant lady sat on the edge of the bed, as if to test it out. The fact is that I have a queen-sized waterbed in my apartment, which can be a real shock to those women who do not expect it. Rebecca sat down, sank in a bit, and fell backwards onto the bed. I could tell, as predicted, it was something of a surprise for her.
“Goodness! It’s a waterbed!” she exclaimed. “This is great! I’ve never been on one before!”
A few seconds later, Rebecca Craig was up on her feet and starting to undress. I could see that she was wearing a pair of super-sexy, black stockings, with panties, a bra, and a garter belt to match.
I was told to strip down to my underwear and, of course, I lost no time in doing what she wished. Thus, in our remaining outfits we went back into the living room to sit on the couch together.
Rebecca asked to see some of my FEMDOM magazine collection, and she began to flip through the pages, looking as if she was rather amused and excited by what she was seeing. I pointed out the pictures I liked, and she did the same.
As we went along, the dominant lady read from some of the short stories and letters I had pointed out, but after a few minutes Rebecca told me, “I don’t see much of what interests me most in these pages.”
“And what is that?” I asked.
“I prefer using my hands to do most of my tormenting of a male,” the dominant lady replied. With that said, Rebecca put the magazines aside and reached to find the waiting cock inside my shorts.
A moment later, the dominant lady had grasped and pulled my entire genital package out over the top of the waistband. Needless to say, she had a very tight hold on the situation, and I already felt as if I was completely at her disposal.
“Peel your underwear off,” the lovely Rebecca Craig ordered, “so I can clearly see just what we have here.
As I struggled to do what she ordered, the dominant lady kept a very tight grasp and guided me to my feet. Honestly, I felt there was absolutely no way I could have resisted her in any way.
When my shorts dropped to the floor, Rebecca Craig ordered me to remain on my feet in front of her. That was so that she could closely inspect everything of mine she was still holding in her hand.
“Stand perfectly still!” the dominant lady insisted. She said it in an authoritarian, no nonsense voice, which clearly meant she was totally in charge of the ongoing activity.
“Yes, M-mistress!” my quavering voice replied. Rebecca’s grip of my cock and balls rather hurt me, but inwardly I was pleased with her total control of the situation.
“I think you’re right about your silly cock not being inherently larger than average,” the dominant lady informed me, “but, nevertheless, I think it will do nicely for my purposes.”
There was a very deep, punishing squeeze at the end of Rebecca Craig’s statement, as if to emphasize her powerful position over me. I grunted painfully in reply, which I noticed brought a smile to her luscious red lips. Obviously, it was abundantly true that the dominant lady enjoyed being in charge at all times.
“Yes,” she stressed, “your cock and balls will do very nicely indeed!

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