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Gerald Visits The Facility (FerranArtist)

Gerald Visits The Facility by FerranArtist

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    • Average 3.9 from 11 ratings

Follow Gerald, a man who has made a living out of exploiting and selling submissive women, as he takes a tour of The Facility for Females, a shadow organization that has been silently correcting the secretly huge imbalance of women to men around the world, for centuries, reprogramming them to be the useful, intelligent, feminine, and insanely desirable creatures that they were meant to be.

There is only one catch: due to the possibility that any woman could be the next great changer of the world, be she an inventor or civil rights activist or anything, all women must remain ignorant of The Facility, as some just might choose a life of submission, and that could be disastrous in an era of equal rights for men and women. Once they are pulled in, however, they will quickly learn their place, through methods that range from devious to horrible.

Gerald is joined by Amy, a fully trained inhabitant of The Facility, who essentially belongs to him while he is on the tour, acting as his guide while simultaneously driving him mad with desire and submissively explaining everything about the technologically advanced establishment as they go.

Will his intuitive questions bring down the walls of her training, exposing the real Amy beneath? Or will she show him that the women of The Facility aren't reprogrammed at all, but deprogrammed, released from the social expectation that they should be anything like a man, as she truly seems to believe?

Will Gerald's personal reservations about the wholesale subjugating of women prohibit him from taking a job offer, or will he somehow be otherwise convinced? The things that he will see, the things inflicted on the poor women who are brought to The Facility, will be far more intense than anything he has ever seen or done to a woman.

Will he decide that this treatment of women is acceptable, or despicable?

This novel, which is an account of Gerald's tour through The Facility contains over 70,000 words.No one will be bored with a tour through The Facility!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2013

No. words: 74104

Style: Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Bondage/BDSM and Horror

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


All of the women in the room fell into one of three very obvious categories: women who were on display, women who worked in the cafeteria, and servants who had accompanied men to lunch.
The big room was cordoned off into sections, and the women who were on display were the primary separators, lining the queue for food on either side, and keeping empty areas of the cafeteria blocked off, presumably until they were needed.
Each girl was mounted on a black metal stand that penetrated her cunt and ass, grabbing her as if she were a bowling ball, lifting her from the ground with all of her weight pressed onto the thin metal that supported her plenum and her clitoris. Their arms were held behind them with cuffs that were built in to the ends of thick metal bars, pushed back and out into a V, forcing each hapless woman to lean forward, into the rods that penetrated her. Each woman\'s legs were spread horizontally into a line, held wide apart and forced into a split by metal bars that were attached to the stand, the bottoms of each girl\'s shoes flush against those of the next girl over on either side.
Because the stands had big bases and locking wheels, a moveable, adjustable wall had been created, and Gerald thought it to be the sexiest, if most evil, crowd control mechanism that he had ever seen. The line of legs came up to his waist, and was, as far as he could tell, uniform around the cafeteria, where the decorative girls were used as barriers and queues.
Never had standing in line for lunch been so erotic.


Very good descriptions in the book. Very good psychological and societal discussion. But virtually no sex. That is why I downgraded the book. 3 out of 5 (Slade)

  Author reply: It's funny that you would say "virtually no sex" considering there at least four different scenes that involve blatant sex, and quite a few more with penetration. I will concede, though, that a lot of erotica is 90% sex, and 10% story. I prefer more story than sex, to be honest, especially when that story involves lots of sexual torture, if not actual intercourse. I wish I knew a way to make it clearer that this is how I write, but unfortunately the labels provided aren't terribly descriptive when it comes to sexual content.

Loved this book so much. It was full of bondage, torture (no blood), gags, and high heels. 5 out of 5 (BondageFan)

  Author reply: Thanks for the kind words!

If you enjoy institutionalized female slavery fantasy, this book is for you. I enjoyed it and would love to read a sequel. 5 out of 5

  Author reply: Thank you for the kind words! I've got about a bazillion sequels in mind, but I keep getting distracted by other stories that pop into my head. There will be other books written in this world, though, I promise you that! You might want to check out The Competitor and the Distraction as well, if you haven't already.

The story was excellent but the ending was disappointing. Gerald finds that he's going to get paid and all his moral qualms suddenly disappear? WTF? 4 out of 5 (grinner666)

Interesting idea but the author did not seem to develope it. I was disappointed. 3 out of 5 (SM)

Having read "I bridgette" and "Joan Gets The Point" i expected a darker tale especially given what happened to Joan in the Facility. I also found the ending a bit too easy as if the author could not find a better way to solve the main character's dilemma. Still, it was enjoyable. 3 out of 5 (darklord)

Author Information

FerranArtist writes BDSM fiction involving the erotic mistreatment of women. His stories are often disturbing, sometimes almost clinical, and he has been told that he is going to hell on more than one occasion. If so, he hopes Satan holds a position for him, coming up with unique and interesting ways to torture women. As fans are the main reason for his writing, he really hopes that you will leave some reviews on his books, shoot him an email, and maybe even find him on Facebook and/or FetLife!


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