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SUPER BEAST (Lindsey Rae LaVanway)

SUPER BEAST by Lindsey Rae LaVanway

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An enthralling new book of romance, vampires and other things that make life worth living!

Reese Dennings was a happy-go-lucky young woman with plenty of friends and dreams—until she awakened one night in a strange place, and in an even stranger state. She had been turned into one of the undead, and her entire life turned upside down.

Reese was not to be left alone, however. Instead, she was presented to a preternatural world of nightmare creatures like vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves, a world in which she now had to find a place.

Though her heart and mind were a whirlpool of confusion, there were upsides to her bizarre new body and social landscape. Reese found herself discovering new talents and friends nightly, and quickly learned to do countless things others could only fantasize about.

She will soon learn just how necessary those talents and friends are. When Reese is threatened by Giapetto, a master vampire with a thirst for world apocalypse, it’s up to a band of demonic beings to defend her—and the fate of the entire world.

...And then there is Niko, another man who walks at night and causes Reese to wonder whether one monster could (or should?) fall in love with another.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 10 / 2013

No. words: 66000

Style: Erotic Fantasy

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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AHHHHHHH! What was happening to me!? It felt like I was falling into a black hole and all around me was streaks of red that were spinning and twisting. All I saw was the color of crimson and the ebony color of the hole. Every way I turned I saw the same thing ... blood. It was all around, through, above and below me. I couldn't seem to rid myself of the blood! And oh, was I in pain! I felt like my whole body was on fire! It felt as if my veins were boiling within themselves trying to break free of my body just to rid itself of the ache. What was going on?! I closed my eyes and tried to relax, even with the feeling of falling into nothingness. I seemed to continue falling and swirling around and around no matter what I did. I tried again, this time concentrating more on the task at hand, which was getting out of the nightmarish pain. Trying to catch a breath, slowly and cautiously, it seemed to help me a little, as now I could breathe without faltering. I took a few slow deep breaths, filling my lungs to the brim and tried to continue to relax.
As I did this, I slowly came to out of the twisting and twirling, blood red hole of a dream, and seemed to feel a little lightheaded. It was as if I had been knocked out and was just now coming to.
Once my vision was no longer blurry, I noticed I was in a room, and I was in a nice, queen size bed, with four posts that seemed to go as high as the ceiling. I raised the blanket to see if my body was fully intact and noticed that I was naked. Weird, how did this come about? I don't remember getting naked, I thought to myself. I could see that the bedspread was a charcoal color, with black lace on the ends. I looked over the side of the bed and noticed that the bed skirt was the same, as were the few pillows that I had been lying on.
I continued to look around the room and noticed that there were no windows. There was one lonely painting on the wall, of a tigress with her cubs. The light was on, but even though it was dull, I could see as though it was the brightest light bulb in the world. I pondered over this for a moment, wondering how it was I could see this good, even with the low lighting, and then I heard something; it seemed like it was supposed to be faint, but I could hear it clear as day. I then turned to the door, which at this moment was shut, but I could hear someone or something approaching it.
For some reason, instead of cowering under the covers, I got up out of the bed and went to where the closet was and crouched down behind a rocking chair that was sitting there, waiting for whatever it was that was coming my way.
The door slowly creaked open and there stood the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on. He had such amazing features; chiseled cheekbones, full luscious lips and an, ever so slight, cleft in his chin. His hair was a light auburn brown and was wavy toward the tips. Oh and his eyes! A beautiful icy blue cascading out, but with a slight lavender hue just on the outskirts of the iris. It was almost as if they were glowing ... I was amazed with myself that I was able to see his features as well as I was able to, considering I was a good ten feet from him and it was darkly lit.
He looked around the room, obviously searching for me. He called my name a couple of times, but I didn't respond just yet. He looked under the bed, and then stood up and continued to look around. I wanted him to acknowledge my presence when I was good and ready. I was hidden from his sight at this moment, but that didn't last for long. As soon as I was about to stand up, I had a very strange feeling course through my body. It felt as if boiling hot water was flowing through my veins, but an icy cold was meeting the hot in the middle. I could feel my limbs and torso growing and shrinking all at once. I couldn't understand this feeling, it didn't hurt, but I could feel the changes happening nonetheless. I looked down at my hands and feet and noticed they were no longer there. Instead, there were monster paws with sharp, pointy claws protruding out. This made me quiver slightly, but what really got me was when I noticed the mirror across the room. I noticed I was no longer myself. I was a full-grown tigress! However, I was not the only one to notice my ... transformation. The beautiful man looked in the mirror at the exact moment as I did.
It felt as if time had frozen during those few seconds. When I looked at him through the mirror, I saw the awe in his eyes, but at the same time, he looked as if he knew it was going to happen. Which made me wonder who this guy was, where I was, and what the hell was happening to me.
I expected him to slowly advance towards me, but instead he took one step and was right in front of me. Now I really didn't understand what was going on. He moved lightning fast. I wanted to attack him, but he didn't seem a danger to me at the moment, so I waited.
He spoke first, "Da-a-aling, zhere iz no need to ve afraid of me. Veese, my name is Niko Banyai. I need to speak vith you about ze changes you vill soon be going through. Not ze animal changing part as much, but ze ... ozer zings you vill be dealing vith. You need to change back to a human so we can discuss vut is going to be taking place." His voice was like liquid gold. His accent sounded like he must have been Hungarian, and it was nothing but music to my ears. As if he wasn't stunning enough, he had to have an accent too.
I just looked up at him. I didn't know how to change back to a human. I didn't even know how I changed into a tigress in the first place, it just kind of happened. I sat there for a moment with my eyes shut tight, envisioning my tigress form as my human form. I opened my eyes, but nothing happened. I was still a tigress.
He apparently knew I was trying, but to no avail, because the next thing he said was, "Try not to zink about it too much. I am no scholar on shape shiftas, but I zink you are trying too hard. Let it come nat-u-rally."
So with this new bit of information, I tried it. I closed my eyes and stopped thinking about it as much as I had been. I tried to have the thought there, but kind of hidden somewhere in the back of my mind. As I did this, I felt the same hot/cold feeling, but just a little fainter this time, and then within the next instant, I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. I was myself again! However, I was no longer wearing any clothes. How embarrassing!

Author Information

Lindsey LaVanway's lifelong enjoyment of all things vampire made writing Super Beast a natural extension of her passion for these blood sucking "monsters".

She lives in Cheyenne, WY with her wonderful and supportive family where she is working on her next novel in the series.


Publisher Information

Renaissance E Books publishes the best in classic and contemporary popular fiction and nonfiction through its PageTurner imprint, and the best in classic and contemporary erotica through its Sizzler imprint.

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