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State Rule - Book 1 (Steven Drukker)

State Rule - Book 1 by Steven Drukker

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    • Average 4.0 from 9 ratings

SSW’s - State Supervised Women - are attractive young females inducted by the State for use by all, a sentence of servitude which lasts for fifteen years.

Ringed and depilated, the women and girls are ordered to wear clothing which carries the SSW insignia and displays breasts, bottom and sex for all to see. They are punished severely for any infringement of the stringent rules set out for them. All punishments are carried out in public.

Please note the paperback edition for this book includes Books 1 and 2 combined.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 9 / 2013

No. words: 36000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM), Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


In a future world, not all is as it seems.
They came for her in the morning. She hadn’t expected them and wasn’t ready. It may have been just as well; she may have never been ready. She answered the knock at the door, not even sure it was a knock it was so faint, timid even. When she opened the door, her heart sank. They were frightful looking, huge, black and in uniform.
“It’s time,” one of them said.
She blanched, shivering in dread of what she knew must come. “I’ll just get my purse.”
“You won’t need it. Step out into the hall, please.”
Sharon had dressed for work, just about to leave when she heard the knock. She wore her Glen Plaid suit, a tan silk blouse with a full Jabot at the throat and her maroon heels. Underneath she had on matching bra and panties in lacy black, the bra low cut, the panties high with a French cut leg. A matching garter belt with thigh high nylons completed her ensemble. Smart and dressy on top, sexy and revealing underneath, her outfit matched her personality in many ways. She hated tights, but loved the feel of the silky lining of her skirt on her bare legs above the stocking tops. She wondered if these giants would appreciate her good taste.
They moved apart as she stepped out in the hall. They dwarfed her, standing much too close. “Should I take these off now?” She fingered the frilly Jabot at her throat as synecdoche for her clothing. She knew she had to perform the rituals undressed.
“No, we’ll do it outside.”
“What are they going to do?”
“The usual.”
Sharon looked both puzzled and frightened. She felt like a rabbit about to run.
“You aren’t thinking about running, are you?” one asked, as if reading her mind. Sharon’s eyes flashed in panic. Her knees trembled. She nearly wet her pants.
“Come on, you have to go now.” With that both men languorously placed their hands under her jacket between her arms and waist as if to put their arms around her waist. With a dexterity that belied their easy manner, large hands on her back rose to her shoulders. Her jacket hiked up in the back and, with a gentle and slow downward push on her shoulders, Sharon bent forward with her slim forearms trapped bent up in the crook of their massive arms.
“Oh!” she cried in surprise at how easily they bent her forward. They moved down the hall, Sharon skittering along between them. Helpless in their arms she hurried down the stairs and out onto the street. Head down, knees slightly bent, they hurried her along among the early morning crowd toward the exhibition stand that had been raised earlier.
“Oh look. There goes another!” someone said as she hurried by. All Sharon saw was the sidewalk as she moved along toward the exhibition stand, leaning over in the arms of her escorts.
“Here comes another one!” Sharon could see crowds of feet moving back forming an aisle for her and the two burly black men hustling her toward the large raised platform. She looked up at the stairs rising in front of her. She felt as if she were being led to an execution – hers. She wished she’d had some warning. She wouldn’t have had breakfast. She worried about embarrassing herself in front of the crowd. If she could have fasted for a couple of days, put herself on a liquid diet it wouldn’t have been so bad she thought. She worried about getting sick. Some girls had. She literally ran up the stairs, nearly stumbling near the top as she was forced to climb quickly onto the platform.
There were nine girls including her. They all looked nervous and frightened. Sharon let out a big sigh as she was released to stand in line with the others.
“We have three more coming. Then we can begin. Ladies, you can remove your clothing now.”
Sharon shuddered at the command. She looked down at the gathering crowd, at the other young women and at the scores of husky black men on the platform with them. Those in uniform looked stern, they carried riding crops for the most part. The others looked virile, anxious. Three more young women walked up on the platform unescorted. They looked around, bewildered and frightened. They too took in their surroundings. They couldn’t find a place to hide either. Clothing came off. Sharon undid her skirt and let it fall. Not much point in prolonging it, she reasoned. A lot of heads turned her way as her nylon clad legs and brief panties appeared. She took off her jacket and blouse. Two or three of the girls were already nude. They picked up their clothes and handed them to one of the initiation team. They moving to the line, toed it and assumed the position of initiates. Sharon began to undo her garters and stockings. One of the uniformed men approached.
“Leave those on. Just give me your bra and panties.” Sharon looked up at him in surprise. He looked down on her, unsmiling. She slipped her fingers inside the narrow waistband of her panties, slipping them down over her hips; lowered them to her knees and let them fall. Stepping out of the silken hobbles around her ankles, she bent her knees, leaned down, and picked them up. She tried not to make eye contact with the crowd or the man whom she handed them to.
“Now your bra. Hurry up and get in line. We have a dozen of you to do today.”


Way too short. 2 out of 5

Looked to be an interesting tale to begin with, but sadly went downhill. However, not as boring as State Control Book 2!!!! 3 out of 5 (Drayman)

I alway enjoy his writings and this is up to his usual standard. 5 out of 5 (SM)

Have enjoyed a number of this author's books, although he tells rough stories. Were the introductory chapter(s) omitted from this format? Could not determine how the strict environment came to be, nor understand the point of the cruel, harsh story. Decided not to bother reading the sequel. Would like to be able to delete books from members' library and to organize by author or topic, and ask that these capabilities be added to the pkg. Thank you. 3 out of 5 (Lena)

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this author believes all women should wear chains all the time...


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