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Church Whores (Boyd Agate)

Church Whores by Boyd Agate


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    • Average 4.8 from 4 ratings

When newly ordained priest, Rory O’Toole arrived at the sleepy country parish of St. Valentines, he expected nothing more that a gentle introduction into church life. But the handsome young curate was destined to spend most of his time attending, not to the pastoral needs of his flock, but to the massively repressed sexual appetites of his lady parishioners. Ladies who thought nothing of baring all, both in the vicarage and the confessional, as Rory got to grips with all his many Church Whores.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 09 / 2004

No. words: 11000

Style: Spanking and Bondage, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


The housekeeper slowly put down the magazine on the corner of the bed. I knew every page of it back-to-front of course, I had read it so many times, but I tried to look at it as if I had never seen it before. The title banner seemed to scream out at me, ‘Lactating Babes’. Bridget picked the other glossy out of the case and it seemed to spill open in her hands at the centre fold as if with a prurient will of its own. My humiliation was complete as I stared across at the overblown figure of the nude model sprawled across the centre pages.
“Is this the kind of women you like to look at father,” asked Bridget quietly, she turned to the front page and read the title aloud in her soft country brogue, ‘Mature Breast Queens’.
There was something almost reassuring in the calm tone of her voice that made me answer truthfully, albeit after a long pause during which time I could not think of anything better to say than, “yes.”
Bridget flicked slowly through a few pages. “I think my boobs are bigger than all these girls, father,” she said at last. “What do you think?”
I simply could not believe what I was hearing. I had not been in the house more than twelve hours and already I was discussing the size of the housekeeper’s tits with her.
“I’m sure I wouldn’t know Bridget,” I managed at last, trying to swallow the coconut lodged in my throat.
Well you ought to know father,” Bridget contradicted quietly; “you had a good enough look at them in the kitchen.”
I felt my scrotum begin to tighten and my cock slowly uncurl between my thighs as the temperature in the room seemed to suddenly zoom to thermo-nuclear proportions. Bridget had not reacted as I would have expected after finding the porn. No protestations of feminine outrage, no threats to tell, no name-calling, or any of the hundred other reactions I might have expected had I had time to think about it.
The next words Bridget spoke almost floored me.
“Would you like to see my breasts, father?”


Great short story with some quirky characters. Well done. 5 out of 5

  Author reply: Its really nice to hear such positive comments. I think Father Rory will have to make another appearance in 2013, if the publishers are so inclined.

Hot short story 4 out of 5

  Author reply: Much appreciated.

Great story. Really entertaining. As a life-long Catholic, would like to think priests really have this much satisfaction and adventures. Hope the author keeps writing! 5 out of 5 (Lila)

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