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Outraged In The Outback (Debbie Durschka)

Outraged In The Outback by Debbie Durschka

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    • Average 4.3 from 3 ratings

Liberty and Rachel are free spirited girls on an adventure holiday in Australia when everything goes wrong: their only vehicle goes up in flames, taking all their possessions, including their clothes, with it.

Purgis, a hunter, finds the girls and takes them back to his homestead. His intention is to sell the girls, after he and his sex mad cousin Kretch have made use of them. The girls are horrified at their fate but have no choice other than to submit. Then a gang of bikies arrive... from then on there is nonstop sex and abuse for the hapless girls, until finally fate, in the form of a razorback hog and police officers doing their job, come to their rescue!

This sex-adventure includes abduction, erotic male-dom, lesbianism, dealers, biker-gangbang, police cover-up and it has a cliff-hanger ending! Explicit and graphic sex throughout!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2013

No. words: 43423

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter One

It was Liberty's idea for the two girls to finally rid themselves of their bikinis.
The gritty suntan lotion was proving a constant irritant against the lush pink of their skin and now even the modest strips of rayon had become intolerable.
The brunette gave her best friend an impatient snort of assurance. No one was going to notice a couple of naked girls bouncing around the Australian outback in a battered pick-up. After all, they had to be at least a hundred and seventy miles from the nearest civilisation.
The blonde was the more cautious of the two, but she allowed herself to be persuaded by the evident emptiness of the endless tracts of desert.
Rachel Moorhouse admonished herself to stop worrying.
It might even be fun. Two innocent nineteen-year-olds gone au-naturel with the wind in their hair.
What could possibly go wrong?

Liberty Dubonnet shrieked with laughter as the brutal terrain caused their breasts to bounce wildly up and down in the cab. The heat was overwhelming. Even with the windows wound fully down, precious beads of moisture continued to pop all over their bodies.
The tender inner flesh of Liberty's crotch was beginning to drive her crazy. She gave her pal an apologetic smile then spread her feet atop the dashboard and angled her groin to take full advantage of the air vents. The tepid stream of air about her sex gave at least an illusion of relief. She decided to hell with convention. She used the tips of her fingers to wipe the itchy beads of perspiration from her labia then threw back her head and sighed with kittenish pleasure.
The truck hit a particularly uneven series of bumps. The girls were forced to hang on for dear life to prevent the slick skin of their naked bottoms sliding about the fake leather upholstery.
It was the very first week of their Antipodean sabbatical from Oxford University. Ancient caves full of Stone-age art awaited them in the bush somewhere far ahead and the promise of real adventure beckoned.
Rachel dismissed her annoying big-sister inclination toward caution and turned the radio up full blast. The erratic performance of the engine had sometimes occasioned her to crease her pretty forehead with worry, but the hardy old pick-up seemed unfazed by the occasional bouts of wheezing and coughing. She decided to trust the nonchalant assurances of the garage owner. He surely knew his stuff and what could the girls expect for a hundred dollars anyway? A Rolls Royce?
It would be fine. It was only for a long weekend. They'd been smart enough to pack enough water and food to last them for several weeks. Their mobile phones were on charge in the cab and ready for use in an emergency. They had GPS, for God's sake! Liberty had even brought along her laptop.
There was nothing to worry about. Slowly but surely, the blonde was beginning to relax with every passing minute of their crazy journey.
Two hot babes alone in the bush. Both deliciously nude, and assuredly free from the lascivious attentions of horny male-kind. Who knew what wonders they might encounter on this most magical of mystery tour?s?

A clump of eucalyptus trees promised a welcome reprieve from the fireball in the sky. It might even provide an ideal location for a picnic.
Rachel killed the radio. She parked the vehicle and advised her pal to leave the doors open. The plastic seats had become a sweating torment and the girls sighed with relief as the dry desert wind soothed the tender pink of their bottoms. The blonde was about to switch off the engine, but the thought of returning to an airless sweat-box made her grimace.
She made a decision. She made sure the fans were switched on full blast then she abandoned the truck with its motor still running.
How glorious it was to be able to flounce around bare-bottomed in nothing but a pair of flip-flops.
Her brunette pal had managed to locate a wild flower. As Liberty bent over to sniff the yellow petals, Rachel took time to cast an envious eye over the lithesome curves of her body.
She was gorgeous alright. A five-foot Madonna boasting an hourglass figure topped by a cute pair of boobies the size of freshly ripened cooking apples. Rachel was secretly jealous of Liberty's sky-blue eyes and the cute spray of freckles that flared across her shoulders and the uppermost borders of her modest bust-line.
The blonde was built on more generous lines. She sported a pair of magnificent 38s, but the youthful elasticity of her body ensured they remain jutting proudly upwards and outwards without the tiresome aid of a bra. Under normal circumstances her chest measurements proved an endless source of embarrassment for the Anthropology student. She was sick to death of the repetitive sexist jokes she was forced to endure around campus, but out here in the wilderness she was free at last to spread her limbs and bask naked beneath the indifferent gaze of a benign mother nature.
There were no male pigs around now to ogle the thrust of her nipples or the tantalising vee between her mammaries. No testosterone-fueled morons to drool over her narrow waist and the curvaceous succulence of her generous derrière.
The brunette suddenly squatted. She spread her knees wide and let loose a golden stream of liquid that sparkled in the sunlight. She gave her companion a cheeky grin then she sighed with exaggerated pleasure.
'Liberty!' cried a shocked Rachel. 'What are you doing?'
'Relax. No one can see us now, you silly thing! We're in girly heaven!'
She was right. Rachel cocked an ear and listened. She could hear nothing but the sighing of the wind through the branches of the eucalyptus along with the intermittent chuntering of the engine as it idled beneath the bonnet.
What the heck...
Her face began to redden but she willed herself to lower her haunches. She had to admit it felt wonderful to feel the fresh air wafting about her vagina and gaping anus. At first nothing happened, but after a few pounding heartbeats the tension left her bladder and she was finally able to relieve herself.
'Feels good, doesn't it?'
Liberty collapsed in a fit of giggles. She cupped her breasts in her hands and rolled over onto her back, giving Rachel a clear view of her artfully depilated sex-lips.
The blonde had drawn the line at a full shave of her own nether regions. A careful plucking of the bikini line was about as far as she was prepared to go. The modern penchant for the schoolgirl look disgusted her feminine sensibilities.
Liberty seemed utterly shameless. She gripped her ankles and forced her feet behind her head in a boastful display of youthful suppleness. Rachel flushed in horror at the sudden rush of excitement between her legs. She was powerless to arrest the wanton image of herself methodically lathering Liberty's honey-pot and back passage with her tongue.
I'm not a lesbian!
But the recurring fantasy had come back to haunt her. She gave a toss of her head in an effort to dismiss the perversion, but a delicious horny thrill continued to writhe in the depths of her belly.

With Liberty's encouragement, the girls began to explore their surroundings. Rachel gave the truck one last glance to satisfy herself that all was in order then followed her friend beyond the shade of the eucalyptus.
There was surely nothing to fear. They were but two lost souls alone on a drifting planet. She sat down on the sand beside Liberty to stare up at an impossible blue stretching seemingly without end across the vast expanse of the horizon. It was breathtaking. She started when Liberty reached for her hand in an innocent gesture of shared wonder. She fought the pounding of her heart and gave the fingers a squeeze of girlish solidarity. They sat quietly for a few moments, and then Liberty lay back and closed her eyes. Rachel was suddenly overwhelmed by a bout of trembling. She contrived to lie down alongside her friend until their shoulders and hips were barely touching then she reached once more for her companion's fingers. Liberty elicited no obvious resistance to the seemingly innocent gesture, and soon they were both adrift in a deep and intimate slumber.

Rachel had thoughtlessly denied the pick-up a similar surcease from its labours.
The temperature between the engine block and the hood had finally become untenable.
The carburettor had been quietly leaking petrol for the last thirty miles. Most of the inflammable liquid had vaporised harmlessly in the air stream, but the doomed vehicle was now standing stationary and sweltering beneath the full glare of the sun.
A growing pool of petrol began to feel with volatile fingers about the surface of the crankshaft. Inevitably it began to drip downwards until it encountered the reddened glow of the exhaust manifold.
The benzine gave a sudden hiss then it exploded with rage. Within seconds the flames had leapt to envelope the fuel lines and then the entire vehicle ignited.
Rachel took fatal seconds to attach any significance to the sudden whumping sound.
Something wasn't right.
It took a moment for her to swim her way back to consciousness and then she felt a thrill of unease.
She raised herself and twisted about to locate the source of the disturbance. Her befuddled mind tried to make sense of the strange apparition.
A pretty orange mushroom was growing ever larger beneath the pick-up truck. It expanded and towered upwards until it enveloped the entire vehicle. The windscreen suddenly exploded under the intense heat and then Rachel began to scream.


Well thought out and recounted story. Certainly erotic enough but a bit too gross for my tastes, otherwise it would have been a 5 4 out of 5 (Sooty)

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If you like sex, hot sex, mingled with adventure and crime then come and let Debbie chill you, thrill you and excite you in more ways than one.


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