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Sharing His Student (Laura Lovecraft)

Sharing His Student by Laura Lovecraft

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Lynn and Rob have a great marriage. Like all great marriages they share everything. In Rob and Lynn's case they even share a woman from time to time.

They've done this for years, but always out of town due to Rob's position as a professor of a major university. In the past they have always picked up a woman around their age, but lately Lynn has a new craving.

What she wants next is a hot young girl who's never been with a couple before. That's easier said than done as the only girls who would do that are either escorts or have done it before.

It's not looking good for Lynn's latest desire, that is until Rob comes home with good news. It seems one of his students, a 19 year old blonde cutie named Krissy has gotten in trouble for buying previously written papers.

Krissy is beside herself as the university could revoke her scholarship and she'll have to leave school. Krissy is so desperate she tells Rob she will do anything to stay in school, including sleeping with him.

Rob knows Krissy can't get him in trouble without getting herself thrown out old school so takes her up on her offer.

Krissy shows up at their house, dressed to kill and eager to please, which is when she finds out that the professor and his wife are a package deal.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 7 / 2013

No. words: 12333

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Shut the fuck up Tom. We got more important things to worry about,” growled Jed. He unlocked Katie’s cage and swung the door open.
“Out!” he ordered impatiently.
Katie dropped down onto her balled fists and crawled forwards, through the doorway and into the middle of the room. She had seen Jed pick up a tawse from the small table when he placed his bunch of keys down, which made her hurry forwards, but she didn’t see him raise his arm. THWATT!
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrr!” screamed Katie, as a burst of pain exploded across the upper slopes of her bobbing buttocks.
“Not quick enough Pig! Sit!” he yelled. The others gathered round, as Katie leaned back on the balls of her feet and pushed herself up so she was sitting on her heels. Once she had her balance she opened her knees and placed her mitts behind her head. It was such a degrading position to assume, especially in front of four men, because they all had a perfect view of the full length of her splayed cunt.
Katie knew the two brothers who had kidnapped her and their older white haired father, but she didn’t know the larger man who knelt down to examine her. He grabbed her chin and looked her in the eye.
His small brown piercing eyes, looked odd above his large nose and beneath bushy black eyebrows. He had neat dark hair, which was greying at the edges and a ruddy complexion that suggested he suffered from high blood pressure. When he opened his mouth Katie saw that his teeth were stained yellow, probably by many years of smoking or chewing tobacco. He placed his thick stubby fingers on her knees and exerted pressure to part them further.
“Come on little piglet, let’s have a look at that sow cunt of yours.” The big man spoke in low gravelly tones, which gave Katie the shivers.
She looked up and saw that Jed was hovering around with the leather tawse in his hand and threatening to strike her with it at any moment. Katie was bursting to protest at such inhuman treatment, but didn’t dare speak, because that would break one of Jed’s rules. The big man held her right knee with his left hand and then slid his right hand down her right thigh, right up to the apex, where his stubby fingers began to rub her tight lipped pussy.
Katie’s first impulse was to clamp her thighs together and trap his hand before he could violate her, but once again she opted to suffer sexual abuse rather than physical abuse. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, when his middle finger slid into her cleft, over her clit and delved into the soft whirlpool of her gushing vagina.
A terrible feeling of guilt washed over her, when she felt her body responding to his violating stubby digit. One finger became two and together, they immediately began to rapidly finger fuck her with short sharp stabbing motions.

I watched him guide her head up and down then, quickly pushing the door open, yelled, “Rob, what the hell are you doing?”

Rob looked over at me and doing a remarkable job of staying in character, exclaimed, “Lynn!”

Krissy had pulled her head from his lap, and looking up at me from her knees cried out, “Oh my god!”

Her face immediately turned beet red, and as I reached them she began stammering, “I…I’m sorry! I…”

“Sorry?” I asked her, enjoying the look on her face, “I catch you blowing my husband and that’s all you can say?”

“Oh my god!” She said, making a ridiculous effort to pick her shirt up and try to cover her chest with it, “I…I didn’t know he was married I…”

“Don’t lie to me.” I told her, lowering my voice. She really looked scared and I didn’t want her to try to run out on us. “You knew he was,” I gave her a wink; “You’re just a naughty little thing that doesn’t care.”

“No, I…” she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and her lower lip began trembling, “Please, d…don’t get me in trouble, I…I’ll leave and I won’t come back! I…”

“Leave?” I dropped down to my knees in front of her, “Now why would you leave?”

“Umm,” she looked at me confused and my eyes locked onto that
trembling lip, oh how I wanted to kiss her. “B…because I was…”

“Going down on my husband?”

“Well, I guess and….”

“And doing a pretty good job.” I told her, “I can do better, but you are young.”

“I…I have to go!” Krissy blurted out and started to stand.

Reaching out quickly, I placed my hand son her shoulders and pushed just hard enough to keep her from standing.

“No honey,” I said softly, “You have to stay.”

“But…” she trailed off and looked at Rob, who was sitting there with a slight grin on his face, he was still rock hard and Krissy shook her head, “I…I don’t understand, I… I need his help and he said we could do this and I thought it was okay! I…I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be,” I whispered while moving my hand from her shoulder and reaching for her face. Krissy started to pull back, but stopped when I gently caressed her cheek with the back of my hand. “You are a pretty little thing aren’t you?”

Krissy swallowed nervously and looked back at Rob, who’s gaze was fixed on the two of us, waiting for the show to start.

“How could I be mad at such a sweet young girl?” I laughed softly, “No, wait, you were sucking a married man’s cock so sweet’s off the table, so we’ll just say” I smiled, “Such a good girl.”

“I’m…a good girl?”

“Yes you are,” I leaned closer and turning my hand, ran my red nails lightly down her cheek. “So pretty,” I whispered, “So soft… so…” I felt a shudder go through me. “So perfect.”

Looking down I grabbed the shirt and gently tugged on it, “Why would you cover up such a nice body?”

She let me take it from her and as I tossed it away I looked down at her tits. This close I could see through the lace and found myself staring at the cutest little pink nipples.

“You…you’re not mad at me?” she asked.

“No,” I shook my head, “I’m mad at him” I pointed at Rob.

“Because he wanted me too?”

“Nice try you naughty little thing.” I laughed, “From what I heard you volunteered to come be a bad girl.”

“You knew?” he blue eyes grew even wider.

“I did, what I was mad at when I came in, is Rob knows damn well he’s not supposed to start without me.” I looked over at him.

“Sorry honey,” he gave me a sheepish grin “I thought you were coming right in.”

“Hey!” Krissy said and pulled back from my hand which was still on her face. “I…I get it, you two…” she seemed to be thinking, “Share.

“Yes we do,” Rob nodded, “We share everything.”

“See honey, what Rob didn’t tell you is I’m part of your little deal.”

Author Information

Like her famous namesake, Laura was born, raised and still resides in historic Providence, Rhode Island. This Lovecraft's writing however, brings thrills of a completely different kind! As her photo states, erotica’s bad girl is not for the faint of heart. Although she has penned some sexy fun in the categories of group sex and general erotica, Laura has made her bones in the realm of hardcore BDSM. Currently Laura is best known for her dark and sexy series Tales of the Circle featuring a group of wealthy, powerful and sexually dominant men and women who rule the boardroom as well as the bedroom. The Circle has moments of both sweet romance as well as some of the roughest sex scenes this side of safe, sane and consensual. Her latest edition to the Circle Mythos Dark Genesis also contains aspects of erotic horror.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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