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Pony Slaves (Terry Wakelin)

Pony Slaves by Terry Wakelin

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    • Average 3.8 from 4 ratings

Mother and daughter enslaved and turned into human ponies for the amusement and satisfaction of rich, sadistic men and women!

For all lovers of the pony scene this is an 'in-depth' look at the training of these unfortunate women!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2013

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No. words: 17314

Style: Male Dom - M/F

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Mademoiselle Sacho was an agent, an agent for the widespread white slave trade in Europe which is responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of women every year. Unlike other agents, Mlle. Sacho did not get her supply of human flesh from the seedier ranks of show-business by chance abduction, or the brothels. She ran a most respectable boutique in Paris, catering for a middle to upper-class clientele, and the international police never so much as suspected her of being involved or indeed instrumental in the removal of women to ports east of Suez.
She was selective to the point of supplying goods to order. She did not touch the demand for cheap inmates of disease-ridden brothels in Arabia, but specialised in obliging a few customers with quality goods.
Her hunting ground was her boutique. Under the perfect disguise of selling ladies' lingerie it was child's play to make her unsuspecting victims strip naked while she recorded their figures by a hidden camera and noted down their statistics as well as addresses. Dozens of women came 'on the market' in this way every week. Clever, casual questions from Mademoiselle would reveal vital details of age, relatives, where the victim could be found etc., and under the pretext of pulling down a corset or adjusting a brassiere, the texture and firmness of soft flesh could be ascertained quite easily.
Mlle. Sacho would issue a dossier on perhaps four or five selected women every week, complete with photographs. These documents would soon be in the hands of selected clients and middlemen. More often than not, however, Mlle. Sacho would be engaged in finding merchandise 'to order' which she found a much more rewarding business.
Wealthy clients would often specify their requirements to suit their particular taste, and pay well for her efforts. In rare cases she would be asked to arrange for the disappearance of a person which her client, for one reason or another, wished to have delivered. This was a tricky business however, and it was often impossible to find a suitable and safe opportunity to abduct the victim, especially if she was well-known.
Mlle. Sacho would check her books at the end of the week, pay her two young assistants, and then retire to a back room to look after her other 'business'. Contact men would then call either with requests or for details of victims to be collected during the following week.
To arrange for a disappearance was a skilled job. First the victim had to be studied carefully to find out her movements. If no suitable point for the abduction could be found, then the victim would be made unconscious immediately by using a cloth soaked in ether, then she would be bundled into a car, tied and gagged, and transported to a small airport or a waiting boat. Within a few hours the victim would be out of France, never to return.
If a client, as in a recent case, wanted a slim girl with disproportionately large breasts, Mademoiselle would soon be able to oblige by checking through her brassiere sales records. The girl would be contacted, abducted and delivered trussed up like a chicken to the delight of the customer.
What her customers wanted her victims for did not worry Mlle. Sacho, although she had often seen their plight during visits to old clients - naked women kept in chains in cellars waiting for their master to abuse their bodies in a thousand degrading and painful ways.
Two of her most recent sales were a Mrs Hart and her young eighteen year old daughter, Susan. Both were her clients in the underwear department, and as soon as a certain Madame Cruel had ordered two additional pony slaves of excellent physique, Mademoiselle had at once taken steps to remove Mrs Hart and her daughter from the Paris scene.
This is where our story begins.


Mrs Hart and Susan had been captured and whisked away from the streets of Paris and secretly sent to Madam Cruel's slave farm on a small island in the Pacific. When the women woke up from their sedation they found themselves in an underground cell in Madam Cruel's castle. Shortly afterwards the cell door opened and a huge Negro beckoned the two women into a large hall where their new Mistress and another Negro attendant were waiting.
Mrs Hart was on the point of protesting, but Madam Cruel cut in:
"Let me explain that you and your daughter have been brought here at my command. My agents in France have removed you from society at great expense and considerable risk. You will both be presumed dead by now, accidental drowning. In fact you are here for my pleasure and profit and will shortly become my obedient slaves. Before I explain any further we had better dress you in the basic uniform of a slave."
The Negro brought some lengths of gleaming chain which he dropped with a clatter on the floor in front of the two women.
"My slaves serve me totally naked at all times," continued Madam Cruel. "We will begin with you Mrs Hart. You will undress completely keeping only your high-heeled shoes on. You can choose between being undressed by my negro servants, or by obeying me yourself."
Mrs Hart and her daughter did not believe their ears. This was impossible, but as one of the Negroes approached, Mrs Hart decided quickly to start undressing in the hope of saving her daughter from a similar fate. The buxom woman unzipped her expensive dress and stepped out of it.
"Now your petticoat," snapped Madame Cruel, and Mrs Hart obeyed revealing a pair of tight black briefs and a forty-two inch 'C' cup brassiere, the latter straining under the volume and weight of the full creamy globes of her mature breasts.
Madame Cruel had picked up a wicked looking horsewhip from the table behind her. As Mrs Hart hesitated, she cracked the whip viciously in the air; "Now the brassiere" and Mrs Hart released her breasts, large, well-shaped and slightly drooping because of their mature weight. Crowning each breast was a surprisingly large amount of almost black nipple, semi-erect with the woman's anxiety.
Madame Cruel pointed to the briefs, and Mrs Hart bent to remove them, but she could not reveal herself in front of the two leering Negroes - she almost straightened up again in defiance, when Madame brought the whip down on her naked back. The hard leather bit like fire, and Mrs Hart screamed in pain, trying to clutch her hurt back. "Remove those briefs at once or you will be undressed by the Negroes and receive twelve lashes for your disobedience," snapped Madame Cruel.
Mrs Hart sobbed and tore down her pants, revealing the thick black hairs which covered the pouting mound of Venus between her well-shaped thighs. The stockings quickly followed and she was utterly naked.
"Now for your symbols of slavery," said Madame. "Put your hands behind your back."


Writing which veers from good to not so good. The premise is interesting, mother and daughter becoming pony girls, but then the author has them follow different storylines... Marred slightly by spelling/grammar glitches e.g. sceptre for septum, nevertheless I'd buy the follow-up and see if the author corrects the flaws. BTW there is some female circumcision, not my cup of tea- some enforced pleasure does a pony the world of good! 4 out of 5

Author Information

Terry Wakelin is the founder of the independent publishing company, Olympia Press as well as being an author in his own right. He lives and works on the beautiful Isle of Wight.


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