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To Be A Slave (Bob Masterton)

To Be A Slave by Bob Masterton

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Jonathan is a voyeur who is trapped by his own desires into becoming the slave of a dominant lady – who has dominant friends. He is quickly initiated into the life of a submissive male and finds it is very much to his liking.

Later his new-found Mistress introduces him to a true Master, who is ‘training’ the Lady Jessica for her master. Jonathan is trained alongside Lady Jessica, as well as exerting the dominant side of his nature and doing some of the training himself.

But it is as a slave he is most happy, hanging in bondage alongside both Lady Jessica and the Master’s own slave, Linda, giving displays of endurance and suffering to the Master’s guests.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2013

No. words: 34000

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Jonathan Willery was a voyeur. In fact, he'd always been a voyeur, ever since the age of eight when he'd seen the lady next door walk naked past a curtain that was only half closed. Then there'd been the time when he'd visited the seaside at the age of twelve. He'd been standing by the railings at the edge of the promenade when he glanced down towards the beach immediately below him. And there, standing right up against the wall, was a plump middle aged lady getting changed, and he could see her huge melon sized breasts with thick black hairs between them. No doubt she'd been standing so close to the wall in order to conceal herself ... but she'd been wrong!
Watching became his obsession. As a youngster he'd always been rather shy, particularly with girls, and his father, a strait-laced vicar, did little to encourage him to socialise with them. So rather than get involved, he preferred to watch them, unseen, from a distance.
When he was older he went to see 'X' films and strip-tease shows, but here he discovered a curious thing: they were nothing compared with the thrill of watching a girl or a woman who didn't know she was being watched! It was strange, but he found it much more exciting to get a brief, surreptitious glimpse of breast or buttock at the seaside than to watch a stripper gyrating stark naked.
Doing something he shouldn't be doing had tremendous appeal for him. Invading someone else's privacy to him as well, and he was fully aware of how anxiously people guarded their privacy and their naked bodies. He knew, of course, that when he watched people it was important not to be caught, and this, he realised, was the risk his pastime involved. On the whole, however, he was lucky. He had a few narrow escapes over the years and on a small number of occasions he was very fortunate he didn't end up in serious trouble, but his first major escapade occurred when he was only 18...


Mrs Wagstaff was an old friend of his mother's. She lived in a different part of the country and Jonathan had never met her before. She came to stay for a few days one summer while her husband, a university professor, was away in America, and Jonathan found her strangely exciting. She was a tallish, pleasantly proportioned, slightly overweight lady of around 45, a platinum blonde with wide blue eyes that seemed to look right through you. From the first, he found her fascinating, her legs in particular. They were a little on the e large side but firm and shapely, and he had no difficulty in imagining the large thighs and the big bottom that undoubtedly existed further up.
But like many other 18 year olds (shy or not) he found it was one thing to desire her but quite another to actually do anything about it. For the sad fact was, he had no idea of how to chat up a girl of his own age let alone a grown woman. He would sit there at mealtimes utterly tongue-tied, unable to say anything beyond banalities such as 'good morning' or 'good evening'. He was nothing more than an awkward adolescent, while she was an elegant lady who wore expensive clothes and spoke clearly, confidently and intelligently in a posh, well-to-do accent.
He would think of her big, ample thighs while he masturbated in bed at night, but was this really all he could do? No, it was not and it wasn't long before he thought how interesting it would be to spy on her through the keyhole in the bathroom door.
It would really be quite easy - he had done it to his elder sister a couple of years previously. His parents' bedroom was right at the front of the house, his own was in the middle, while his sister's room and the bathroom were at the back. But, very importantly, they were both out of sight of his parents' room because the upstairs passage was L-shaped. And most importantly of all, his sister was away on holiday with friends in Wales at the moment and Mrs Wagstaff was occupying her room.
He decided to do exactly as he'd done with his sister. Mrs Wagstaff had a bath every night before going to bed (as his sister did), so nobody would be around. And, just as before, if he heard his parents' door open while he was in the act of watching he would simply nip into the loo which was immediately next to the bathroom.
There was only one snag - if he were caught, either by his parents or by Mrs Wagstaff, he'd be in much greater trouble than if he were simply caught peeking at his sister. In fact, he shelved the idea for a whole day, until he caught a tantalising glimpse of smooth white thigh as she sat down in an armchair after dinner. Yes, he would do it! That very night!
The TV news ended at half past ten and everyone rose to go to bed. Up in his room, Jonathan changed into his pyjamas, put out the light and stood listening by his door. Soon he heard his parents' door close for the last time; then, after another minute or so, he heard the door to his sister's room being opened and then closed again. This was followed by the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing and it was then, silent as a cat, that Jonathan crept out of his room and along the passage.
It was pitch black and he could heard the sound of water running into the bath. Good! That would prevent Mrs Wagstaff from hearing any creaking floorboards out in the passage. Jonathan was wily enough to know that that sort of thing could give him away! He rounded the corner and saw the strip of light at the bottom of the bathroom door.
Moving very gingerly now, Jonathan edged forward. His penis was already stiff with anticipation of what he might see. The sound of running water grew louder and louder as he approached.
Very, very slowly indeed, he knelt down and looked, goggle eyed, through the keyhole.
And what he saw took his breath away - it was beyond his wildest hopes! He found himself staring at Mrs Wagstaff's large, white, shapely buttocks - big, bare, naked, well-formed buttocks as she bent over the side of the bath. Then she stood up, turned, and climbed in, her superbly shaped thighs and big, pink nippled breasts being fully visible through the keyhole.
Jonathan's cock was now rigid and rock solid. He dared not touch it for her knew what would happen if he did. Watching Mrs Wagstaff in profile as the sat in the bath, he could see her massaging her big, bouncy breasts with frothy, bubbly water.
Then she leaned forward towards the taps which were just out of Jonathan's line of sight. She turned them off and the noise of running water ceased. It fell silent. For a moment Jonathan couldn't see what she was doing, but then she sat back again, holding the shower hose which she must have attached to the taps. It squirted out a fine spray of water which she directed over her face and then down towards her breasts.
She stood up again - still in the bath - and removed the spray attachment so that the water came out of the hose in a steady stream. She turned so that she faced Jonathan with her legs wide apart so that he was able to see that mysterious slit between her legs, clearly visible because the hairs around it were somewhat sparse.
He gasped. He slobbered. He held his breath, utterly hypnotised by his first ever sight of a grown woman's vagina.
Then she leaned over to the taps again and turned one so that the water came even faster out of the hose. Still facing Jonathan, she held it now between her legs so that the water shot upwards towards her vagina which she slowly began to massage with her free hand. The water flowed back down her Venus de Milo thighs and sometimes straight down between them.
Once again she leaned over to the taps and turned the water off. She sat down in the bath again and lay back, staring straight ahead of her. It was suddenly very quiet, so quiet that Jonathan felt slightly uneasy. If he moved, wouldn't she hear him? His uneasiness was just beginning to turn to alarm when mercifully, she leaned forward and turned on the taps again. As she did so he had another glimpse of her big bouncy boobs and he slowly, cautiously, began to rub his cock up and down.
With the water still running, she got up out of the bath and moved out of Jonathan's line of sight entirely. The she moved back again, her beautiful ass towards him and sprinkled something out of a plastic container into the bath. Then she moved back out of sight and a moment later she opened the door wide, stark naked, staring down at Jonathan with his cock sticking up out of his pyjamas like a telegraph pole.
For a few moments that seemed to last a million years they just stared at each other. The water on her wet body trickled down her voluptuous legs which were slightly apart. She gazed at him with her wide blue eyes and he looked away, away from her expressionless face and down towards her glistening breasts. His eyes moved down even further until they came to rest on her slit which was barely two feet in front of his face.
Uncontrollably his cock squirted up huge globules of milky sperm which splashed onto her thighs, her legs, her feet and the carpet.
Silently she closed the door. He still knelt there, shivering and trembling in the darkness.

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