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The 180 (Charlotte Redland)

The 180 by Charlotte Redland

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The concept of force when combined with sex can be a touchy subject with many people, and with good reason. However, for those of us with a taste for it, that is simply not a good enough reason to not privately indulge ourselves in a little fantasizing every now and then. You see, the beauty of erotica is that it is a fantasy. No one is getting hurt, no one will object, and there is no place in it for reality; as such it is a safe and guilt free place to let your darkest desires run wild! The 180 is such indulgence. It is an erotic, primal tale of sex, power exchange, and understanding through both pain and pleasure. So, if you have ever engaged in any type of rough sex yourself, or if the idea just turns you on, this is the story for you!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Burping Frog Publishing    Published: 3 / 2013

No. words: 17000

Style: Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The 180 Excerpt
Copyright © 2013 Charlotte Redland
Published by Burping Frog eBooks
Detroit, Michigan

Once he had worked himself all the way into her ass, SPC Lines paused for a moment before slowly easing himself back, then gently pushing forward a second time. Now that she had finally relaxed LT Cordyís endorphins kicked in, and she sighed. It still hurt, but it wasnít nearly as bad as getting paddled with her own hair brush had been. The vibrations of his balls slapping her pussy felt good, and his cock was hot inside her. Not only could she do this, but she could enjoy it.

More enjoyable still was SPC Linesí reaction to the feel of her ass around his cock. She could feel him shuddering and shaking above her, and hear him groaning. Her ass was so hot and tight that he could barely contain himself, and every so often he would spread her cheeks wide and watch the hard length of himself disappear into it.

Every time his balls slapped her pussy she twitched, and eventually her ass hole began to twitch in time. The twitching hurt and she tried to shift to avoid his balls, but he felt it and grabbed her hips to hold her in place. He buried himself in her, then reaching around with one hand he began move one finger around in little circles on her clit. SPC Lines was clearly as aware of what was happening to her as she was, and LT Cordy couldnít help but wonder how she looked to him in this moment.

Soon it wasnít just his body heat she was feeling between her legs. Her own heat was rising, and her pussy was starting to drip. As the walls of her vagina started to tense up, her ass did the same, clenching down on him. It hurt, but he clearly loved it and pushed into her even deeper. She started panting and shaking, her body and her brain both confused by the heady combination of pleasure and pain.

As her orgasm ripped through her, her poor empty pussy clenched down on nothing but air, while her ass spasmed around SPC Linesí rock hard cock. She felt like she was flying, and was cumming hard even though she didnít want to because of how much it intensified the pain. From his heavy breathing LT Cordy could tell that SPC Lines knew exactly what he was doing to her, and was enjoying the look and feel of her impaled on his cock. Circling frantically, he worked his finger over her clit, taking total control of her and forcing her over the edge.

The moment she stopped screaming, SPC Lines dug his fingers into her hips and pounded into her twitching ass as hard as he could. She could feel every inch of his shaft sliding in and out of her, catching on the tight ring of muscle that hugged his cock. In moments he was cumming hard, howling like a wounded animal. She lay there limp, taking it as best she could because she had no choice. When he finished they lay there for a few moments, shaking like a pair of leaves. When he could stand again, SPC Lines scooped LT Cordy up in his arms and placed her on the bed. Exhausted, she instantly passed out into a deep and dreamless sleep.

LT Cordy found herself slowly regaining consciousness, feeling safe and warm. Her expensive sheets were soft against her skin, and there was a comforting smell coming from the kitchen. Lethargic, she stretched like a cat, vaguely becoming aware of the slow pleasant ache in the center of her body that only a truly good fucking can cause. Content, she turned over and found her face against something cold and hard, which didnít feel good on her injured skin. This startled her, and she opened her eyes to discover it was a chain. Oh yeah ... SPC Lines. Coming fully awake, she sat up and reached for it with her bound hands, and gave the chain an experimental tug. It was securely attached to both her collar, and the head board.

While it was obvious she wasnít going anywhere, the chain did give her enough slack to take a look at herself. Her shin was bruised from kicking SPC Lines during their fight, her ass was a mass of brush-shaped marks, and if she strained she could just barely see the welts on her back. From the feel of things her face was a little swollen, she had a cut above her eye, and her hair was a damp, tangled clump. The more she moved the more her sore body protested, but somehow that didnít bother her. She found the evidence of last nightís ordeal gratifying. With all LT Cordy had been through, it seemed right that she was torn up. The only truly unpleasant aspects of her condition were that she really had to pee, and was ravenously hungry. Unfortunately since she was tied to the bed she had no idea how to fix either of these conditions. Perching on the side of the bed, she settled in to wait for her captor.

Author Information

Charlotte Redland lives with her husband and three large dogs in Southern California. At first glance she seems like any other normal thirty-something. However, those that get to know her quickly learn that the twisted little brain hiding behind her calm and disciplined exterior is anything but ďnormalĒ. Between the dirty jokes and her fondness for sex shops Charlotte is the quintessential closet freak, as are many of her friends, on whom she does not hesitate to draw on for inspiration. In fact some of her more kinky story elements are based on the antics of those closest to her ... whether or not she was involved she declines to say! However, her vivid descriptions and ability to make her readers live vicariously through the characters she creates stem from this insistence on writing about what she knows.

Charlotte has been writing erotica for years, but has only recently decided to share her work with the rest of the world. While many may find her work controversial, the heat in her story lines is undeniable, making her one of the generaís newest rising stars. Charlotte is able to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, creating a delicious guilt-free zone within the mindscapes of her readers. Her work is intended to be an indulgence; rich and decadent like fine European chocolate. Simply put, if your taste in sex is dark, kinky, sadistic or masochistic, Charlotte Redland is the erotic author for you.


Publisher Information

Burping Frog Publishing brings you the hottest new authors to erotica fiction, with a growing collection of titles to keep our readers wet and hard with a variety of spicy themes, from bondage to incest to anal and interracial. Look for our newest ebook releases in mystery and erotica at burpingfrogebooks.blogspot.com.

If you have a story you would like to publish, please contact Burping Frog Publishing at burpingfrogbooks@yahoo.com.

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