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Per Orgasm Ad Asstra (Lucy)

Per Orgasm Ad Asstra by Lucy

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In this slippery tale about the the power of pussy and other silly figments of a dissolute imagination Stella Gamberoni is abducted by aliens because she, like every other female earthling, holds the secret to the ultimate Power - between her legs. As usual, the aliens hold all kinds of gruesome experiments in store for the sassy chick. However, quite annoyed about being made to miss her iced tea, reading a sizzling graphic novel and have some quality time with herself in her garden, Stella decides to turn the tables on the evil aliens. After all, she’s got the power of pussy with her.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 1 / 2013

No. words: 32200

Style: SciFi BDSM/Bondage, Bondage/BDSM and Humor

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The mind is a beautiful and powerful device. It can take you to places far away and never heard of before, it can make you dream and fantasize or it can invent new things. It can do things our bodies can’t even dream of. Alas, it is also very difficult to control. For the last quarter of an hour I had tried to force myself to think of something else, had wanted my mind to take me to some other place, had imagined a secluded meadow on a sunny spring day, the yellow of the first dandelions mixing with the white and violet of the last crocuses and the morning dew on the grass still glinting in the sun. A blanket on the grass, me on the blanket, my skirt around my hips, one leg raised, one stretched out, a man - Fred, maybe? - on top of me, kissing my exposed throat, a hand caressing my breast through the top, his warm thigh gently pressing against my pussy, a hand stroking my hair while I fumbled with his belt, not in a hurry, taking my time, knowing that we had all the time in the world, well, enough time for whatever we wanted to do anyway. I tried to imagine how he grew hard in my hand, how I stroked him, felt him pulsate, the soft skin gliding back over the glans, his moans as my finger ran along the ridge, his hips moving as I directed him towards my waiting, eager cunt, the lips already parted in anticipation, glistening and slippery with excitement, my loud moan as he entered me, stretched the walls of my pussy as he slowly pushed inside me and filled me.
However, my mind wasn’t nearly as powerful as I wished it was. The image of myself and the guy making love on that meadow wasn’t strong enough to drown out the harsh reality. Reality was that Troglodyte kept piercing my flesh with needles. Reality was that I had already peed myself out of sheer panic before he had even begun his cruel and nonconsensual play, reality was that I was sobbing and crying, both out of fear and out of pain, but also out of helpless rage about his blatant disrespect of my limits. But it was also real that my fantasizing and the constant buzzing in my cunt had gotten me extremely aroused, despite the pain, despite the tormenting of my flesh, as Troglodyte pushed yet another needle through my breast.
The pain wasn’t even the worst. The worst was my own fear. Even now, after he had created a star of six needles on my left breast, I was just as terrorized whenever he picked up a new one, holding it up before me and delighting in my inability not to look at it with my eyes wide open.
Every once in a while he reached down, fucked me a couple of times with a finger or two, commenting that obviously I liked what he was doing. This time was no different. He slid a finger inside me, rubbed my clit with his thumb, kept doing it until I moaned, both from my arousal and the pain.
“I knew it. You cunts are all the same, crying ‘No! No! No!’ when actually you mean ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’. You like it, huh?”
I shook my head but couldn't utter a word. He took hold of the end of one of the needles in my tit and twisted it.
“Like it?”
I shook my head violently, sending droplets of sweat in every direction. He twisted it a little bit more, listened to me wincing, and slapped my cunt. Then he reached around my neck and unbuckled the leather strap that held my sodden bikini bottom in my mouth.
“I want you to tell me how much you like it, how much it gets you hot,” he said and pulled the bikini bottom from my mouth.
“Du huere gottverdammte Schafseckel!” I panted, trying to gather some spittle to spit at him. It wasn’t only time to swear, it was also time to do it in a language I felt comfortable with, at least when swearing. Unfortunately, Swiss German dialect isn’t well understood by anybody but the Swiss and even those sometimes have troubles since the dialects are quite different and rather peculiar in their pronunciation. I remember a skiing holiday with my parents, a long time ago, in some of the remoter valleys of the Valais, where the natives talked in a dialect that was little more than gibberish to me. Which didn’t matter too much since they didn’t have anything to say which I was remotely interested in. Admittedly, this last part was probably rather my fault and not theirs, but there’s just not very much a fourteen year old teen is interested in, let alone when surrounded by bloody mountains and in the company of her parents. “Arschgfiggte Soubock!” I shouted angrily.
Troglodyte stared at me blankly. “Huh?”
“You don’t want me to translate, believe me. But rest assured: It didn’t mean ‘Yeah, I like it’,” I spat.
“OK. Suit yourself.” He gave the needle a final twist, I screamed and kicked out uncontrollably with my legs, which didn’t hurt him at all of course since they were firmly chained in position. He hoisted me further up, until my feet were about fifteen centimeters off the ground. Just about the perfect height to fuck me, I realized through the haze of pain and pleasure. And fucking me was exactly what Troglodyte had in mind.


Bill and Joe stared at the screens in utter disbelieve. This was simply not possible. The data they had seen earlier had been impressive enough, almost unbelievable, but what flickered across the various screens now was way beyond anything they had imagined. 
Joe turned up the volume once again, glancing at the screen with the live feed, as the grunting and moaning interspersed with slurping sounds of the two earthlings filled the room again. The male was rhythmically moving back and forth, his penis gliding in and out of the female’s reproductive channel. It apparently produced quite some sensations in the female’s germ infested hole, or cunt, as the male kept referring to it. But that wasn’t what amazed Joe and Bill. They had seen it before, they’d known that the female was capable of much more than she was aware of. They’d known that at least since she’d cum in the spaceship and since she had literally mindfucked a giant gas planet into oblivion.
However, now she had apparently decided to merge her brainwaves with the sensations and nerve firings in her cunt. The result was a force and power that was so far unequalled in the history of the universe. It was, of course, also extremely dangerous. If the girl decided to direct that power outward she could well do the same with Alda’aran as she had done with Jupiter. Hell, with the amount of power she could take out the whole friggin’ solar system. Joe heavily doubted that the protective measures with which the giant hall was outfitted would be much of a deterrent. It was time to take evasive action, 
“Stop him!” Joe barked at Bill. “Beam him away! Quickly!”
“To the nearest bar, with a pint of lager.”
Joe rolled his eyes. “It doesn’t fucking matter. Back to Earth, where he came from!”
Bill began to tap away on the keyboard. Of course, there was no real keyboard to tap on, he was merely doing it in his mind. Unfortunately for Bob, Bill was distracted when the naked, bound girl arched her back and screamed into the void above her and one of the expensive data recorders exploded and went up in a cloud of smoke because it couldn’t handle all the data coming from the depths of the female earthling’s pussy.


“Go with the flow,” the saying goes and that was exactly what I did, figuring that since I couldn’t go anywhere else, not even in my mind, I could just as well make the best of it. OK, so I would be fucked. No biggie, it has happened before. I usually enjoyed being fucked and today would be no different, I told myself. It’s just a question of what frame of mind one is in, and I was good at getting into the right frame of mind. Particularly when it came to being fucked.
And so, when Troglodyte unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground, I was ready. My pussy was dripping, a rivulet of my juices ran down my thigh as he took hold of the chain attached to the egg inside me and pulled it out and when he rammed his massive cock inside me it was more pleasure than pain I felt. 
“Tight cunt,” Troglodyte grunted.
“Yeah, I know,” I replied, wincing when he slammed into my bruised flesh, moaning when he took ahold of my buttocks and kneaded them roughly. As long as he didn’t start to fool around with the needles in my tits I’d be fine. 
“Like my cock in your cunt, huh?”
This time I didn’t have to lie. Getting fucked felt much better than having needles pushed through my tits. “Yeah, feels good,” I moaned, wishing he’d shut the fuck up. I don’t really like it when guys comment all the time during sex. I like to hear them moan and groan and scream when they fuck, not make conversation with them. 
However, he apparently thought otherwise, for he went on and on, how he would ram it up my ass, but not before he had had some fun with it, because, as he put it, it was so much better to fuck a girl when she’s screaming in pain. I didn’t do him that favor, though. Instead, I forced myself to like it, thought about how much I loved a good cock in my cunt and began to scream with pleasure as he drove his dick deep into me, again and again and again.
And then, just when I was about to explode with a powerful orgasm, he was gone. One second he was inside me, his hands spreading my asscheeks, a finger inside my asshole, his cock almost reaching the end of my cunt, filling and stretching it perfectly and the next second I was empty, the feeling of his cock and hands and fingers lingering for a moment as I shrieked and cried, shaking and trembling in the bonds. My cunt tried to clench around the cock but there was no cock left to clench around and so there was just void. Void and disappointment.
“What the fuck is happening here ... ?!” I gasped as soon as I was able to talk again. Which was a completely moronic thing to say, because, quite obviously, ‘the fuck’ was exactly what wasn’t happening anymore.

Author Information

If I'm not tied up otherwise I enjoy writing about those times when I'm tied up.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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