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Hairy Peter And The Prisoner In Tasha's Barn (Susan Strict)

Hairy Peter And The Prisoner In Tasha

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An erotic parody of the adventures and misadventures of witches and wizards, whose libidos and abilities are so very much more powerful than those of mere non-magical men and women.

At Fessewarts University for Witches and Wizards they study to graduate in all forms of magic and learn to take their place in wizarding society, and that place, for a wizard, is almost invariably under a witch, when he’s not suffering pain and torment for her amusement.

This term starts badly for Peter. Rescued by Herniame from the unwanted attention of the huge Lotta Bottomley towards the end of the spring vacation, he first finds himself a not entirely unwilling prisoner as she and Wong Wei, the sadistic oriental lesbian, experiment to find new ways of tormenting and humiliating a wizard.

Meanwhile, Hecate’s incredible powers are worrying the Ministry and she has been incarcerated in London. Peter, Herniame and their friends must rescue her, of course, but are they being followed? When Don disappears, it may be that the new student, Myra, has kidnapped him and imprisoned him at her home in the mountains where Myra’s mother and her six sisters will undoubtedly find plenty of ways to make his life extremely unpleasant. He, too, must be rescued, but that is far from simple.

To complicate Peter’s life still further, he seems to have attracted the attention of the Russian Professor Joostvin and her daughter, both capable witches and both rather larger, more solid and more athletic than the average British witch. At the same time, Nymphomona is as keen as ever to occupy as much of Peter’s time as possible in new and exhausting activities, and that’s quite without whatever he might find he is obliged to do to satisfy Sherina and her twin sisters Freda and Samantha.

Perhaps it is as well that wizards have over-active libidos, but Peter’s may well be stretched past breaking point, along with various parts of his anatomy…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 11 / 2012

No. words: 97500

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fantasy

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The Guardian was ready for them when Peter, Hecate, Freda, Samantha and Sherina returned to Tooley Street.
“All right?” she asked. “I hear rumours about some trouble at the Ministry. Nothing to do with you, I suppose?”
“Don’t ask,” said Peter. “I’m sure you’ll hear all about it, but right now we need to get back as quickly as possible and see Chancellor Fumblebum.”
“Quite right,” agreed the Guardian. “The Chancellor is the best wizard you’ll find anywhere. If you have a problem, he’ll sort it out.”
“Peter,” said Sherina suddenly as they were hurriedly changing back into their wizard’s and witches’ robes without bothering to take the clothes into separate rooms. For once, there was not the slightest hint of any sexual spark between any of them. “Peter, and Fred and Sam, do you think we should tell Mum and Dad what’s happened? They ought to know that Don’s missing, shouldn’t they?”
“It’s only a few hundred yards down the road,” said Samantha. “I’m sure Don will turn up all right, but Mum’s going to be furious if she finds out we were so close to home and didn’t go and tell her about it.”
“We’ve got to get those papers back to Fessewarts before something else happens,” said Peter, looking worried. “All right. Sherina, you come with me. For a start, in view of what’s happened, Walter and Polly will be furious if they find out you took such a risk. You need to be safe back at Fessewarts, and you, Hecate. Fred, Sam, you go to see your mother, if you want. Come back to Fessewarts as soon as you can. It’s too dangerous to hang around in London until we know for sure what’s going to happen at the Ministry and until we find out why Don disappeared.
“Just three of us to go back right now,” he told the Guardian, who was watching with interest as Peter finished adjusting his robes. “Could you make sure you’re ready when Samantha and Freda are ready to follow, please. Also, Don Weenie and Herniame are still out there somewhere. They’ll need to come back sooner or later.”
“I’m not allowed to operate the Port Quay for anyone who hasn’t been authorised by Chancellor Fumblebum,” the Guardian informed him. “As far as I’ve been told, Miss Grimwaite is the only one of you who has authorisation. I can’t let any of you go anywhere on the Port Quay network unless she’s with you.”
Peter stared at her in horror. “We need to get back to Fessewarts urgently,” he told her. “As I said, we need to see Chancellor Fumblebum. It’s critical we see him in the next few hours. Can’t you get a message to him and confirm we can use the Port Quay?”
She shook her head. “Not a chance, I’m afraid. I can’t risk contacting the Chancellor direct. You know we need to keep this operation secure.”
Peter was desperate. “I’ll do anything,” he promised. “You can see the clump of green hair just to the right of my genitals shaped exactly like a peacock again, if you want, or…”
“Very tempting,” said the Guardian. “Not the clump of green hair just to the right of your genitals shaped exactly like a peacock. I’ve seen that, and I have no great desire to see it again. But Herniame was right. You are exceptionally good at what you do when you’re underneath a witch. One of the best I’ve had, I think. Probably the very best.”
Peter gulped. The Guardian was a heavy witch, and much, much older than almost any witch who had decided to sit on him before. But it was an emergency…
“I’ll do that, if you like,” he promised.
“You’ll do it if I decide you’ll do it,” she told him sharply. “Wizards do what they’re told when a witch demands it. It has nothing to do with whether you agree to do it or whether or not I allow you to use the Port Quay.”
“I… I…” Peter stuttered, and before he could say any more the Guardian had flicked her spell crop in his direction and the robes he had just put on and carefully adjusted fell to the floor. “Hey!”
Sherina and Hecate watched open mouthed as Peter rose into the air, his arms seemingly fixed to his sides and his feet held together. He sailed smoothly into the Guardian’s bedroom.
“You,” said the Guardian, pointing the spell crop at the two young witches, “Will stay here until I’ve finished with him.”
The door of the Guardian’s bedroom slammed, just as Peter descended onto her bed, his arms still held rigidly at his sides by her spell and his knees and ankles feeling as though they had been glued together.
Her robes were in a pile on the floor in less than a second, and she leapt onto the bed astride him with remarkable agility for a witch of her age and size. Unlike the sensual treatment he had received from her on the previous day, the Guardian made no effort to be gentle with him. She was aroused, highly aroused, in more ways than one. She slammed down onto him and ordered him to lick and suck, but he hardly had the chance. She began sliding backward and forward on him, pressing down, almost bouncing on him but never completely losing contact with him. Her heavy thighs pressed crushingly on the sides of his head, her muscles flexing on him, gripping and relaxing as she moved.
It was nearly ten minutes before the Guardian gave a gasp, shuddered, and her muscles spasmed repeatedly. She eased away from him and looked down at him.
“Not bad,” she declared. “A few more like that and I might let you go tomorrow, or the next day. Maybe.”
“I… I’ve got to get to Fessewarts,” Peter gasped. “You don’t understand. It’s critical that we…”
The rest of his words were lost as she descended onto him again.

* * * * *

“Did you hear that?” Sherina asked Hecate. “She said she’s keeping him until tomorrow or maybe longer. We have to get to Fessewarts.”
“We can’t get out either,” said Hecate. “I’ve just tried the doors and windows, and they’re all locked – by magic, I think. We can’t even get into that room.”
Sherina pulled out her spell crop and pointed it at the Guardian’s bedroom door. “Otkrey,” she commanded. There was a fizz, a slight pop, and then nothing. She shook her head. “Too powerful for me,” she said. “Could you do it, Hecate?”
“Not me,” said Hecate, “But maybe my crop can. Crop – we need to get Peter out of there.”
The spell crop rose into the air, pointing at the door. Hecate and Sherina ducked, expecting an explosion, but there was only a faint click and the door swung open. Hecate and Sherina stared at the Guardian and Peter – or, at least, all of Peter that they could see. Most of his head was obscured under the thick, heavy thighs and wide, solid buttocks of the Guardian.
“Crop!” said Hecate sharply. “Get her off him, please.
“And keep her off,” she added.
The spell crop twitched, and the Guardian rose smoothly into the air. It was several seconds before she realised what was happening and stopped moving back and forth. She gave a shriek of rage and turned towards the two young witches. There was nothing she could do. The spell crop twitched again, the double doors of a large cupboard opened, and the Guardian flew in. The doors closed.
The spell crop made a final twitch and there was a squeal from inside the cupboard, and then, with a dip of its tip in the direction of Hecate and Sherina, it settled on the end of the bed next to Peter’s feet.
Peter appeared stunned by his experience. He lay still, and at first the witches were unsure whether or not the Guardian’s spell that had restrained his arms and legs was still active on him. They soon found that it was when Peter said weakly, “I can’t move.”
The witches looked at each other in silence for several seconds.
“No…” said Sherina. “We do need to get back to Fessewarts.”
“We do,” agreed Hecate. “We haven’t time for anything else.”
“He looks so cute like that,” said Sherina.
“Makes you want to…” started Hecate.
“…keep him like that?” Sherina finished.
“Actually, I meant that it makes you want to… do things to him, doesn’t it?”
“Oh yes. Lots of things.”
“I could just….” said Hecate.
“Sit on him!” confirmed Sherina.
“Among other things,” said Hecate. “I do like to play with his bits. He’s so funny when he goes all tense and then it… well, you know what I mean!”
“All over everything,” said Sherina, wrinkling her nose. “Ugh.”
“We really ought to ask my crop to release him,” said Hecate.
“I know,” said Sherina. “The trouble is, I feel all… you know. A helpless, naked wizard is always exciting, and when it’s Peter…”
“I feel ‘all… you know’ as well!” said Hecate. “A helpless, naked wizard is always exciting, and, as you said, when it’s Peter….”
“We have to get to Fessewarts,” Sherina reminded her.
“We do. Is a few hours going to make any difference?
“I shouldn’t think so. What did Nymphomona say? The First Minister will be out of action for a day or two at least.”
“We should be helping to find your brother Don.”
“With the best non-magical security firm in the country, courtesy of Herniame, and all the phylaxes, courtesy of Nymphomona, are two young, inexperienced witches going to make any difference at all?”
“None at all.”
As they discussed it, Hecate and Sherina had been moving closer to the bed where Peter lay still unable to move. They now stood either side of him. Peter gazed up at them.
“We need to get to Fessewarts,” he said weakly.
“We do,” agreed Sherina.
“We will,” Hecate assured him. “It’s just that…” She reached down and almost, but not quite, touched the end of his erection. “…you seem to be a little excited.”
Peter sighed. “You’re both beautiful witches,” he told them. “Now please release me.”
“We wouldn’t want you to be frustrated,” said Sherina. “That can be so uncomfortable for a poor wizard.”
“And we wouldn’t want to be frustrated, either,” said Hecate. She looked across the bed at Sherina. “Together?” she asked.
“Together,” Sherina confirmed, and they both reached for the clasp on their robes and dropped them to the floor.
“You can’t do this now,” protested Peter as they both sat on his chest, completely naked.
“Plenty of time,” said Sherina as she slid forward and pressed gently against him.
“Lots,” agreed Hecate as she slid back, raised herself a little, grasped his erection firmly in one hand and directed it between her legs. She gave a long sigh as she sank down onto it.
“Suck,” demanded Sherina as she positioned herself carefully. “And if I don’t have an orgasm before Hecate, I’ll be punishing you most severely.”
Hecate giggled. “And if I don’t have an orgasm before Sherina, then I’ll be punishing you most severely,” she warned.
Peter groaned.

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