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The Grand Dragon Of Washburn County (Shooter3704)

The Grand Dragon Of Washburn County by Shooter3704

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    • Average 4.8 from 5 ratings

The year was 1934 and the setting is deep in southern Georgia where it was taboo for white women to have any kind of relationship with men of color. Sex between the races was illegal and a black man could and would be hung from the nearest tree for even looking lustfully at a white woman.

If a white man, wanted to "change his luck" by screwing a negro woman, it was winked at. Sex between a white woman and a black man was only cautiously whispered and never spoken of openly.

In this epic period novel we find out what happened in Washburn County. The whispers became muttering and the muttering became open conversation between certain people. Secret desires became known. Fantasies became stark reality. Sexual desegregation became a fact in Washburn County long before it happened all across the land.

What happened when the leader of the local Knights of the Ku Klux Klan found his wife fucking a black man? What did he do after watching that big black cock defile his wife's little white pussy? What happened to his killing rage?

Later in the story we discover how prisoners committed to the cruel chain gang became playthings for a select few white women. We discover white women doing things with black men that whores in a whorehouse wouldn't do.

Award winning author, Shooter tells this story in his usual raw language and pulls no punches as he verbally illustrates how it all came about. Nothing is left to the imagination as the story unfolds. There is nothing soft or sweet about this rank, raw story. The characters are certainly no one you would ever want to meet in real life. Of course the story is fiction...or so we are lead to believe.

Editorial: Certain language in this novel reflects the Deep South drawl and attitudes of the 1930's.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2012

No. words: 39400

Style: Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



It was nineteen thirty-four in South Georgia and Jack Wilson was a man filled with pride. He had rose through the Klan ranks to Grand Dragon of the whole district. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan had accepted him and his initiatives on how best to control the niggers. Deep down he knew for all of his rhetoric and his hell-fire lectures, he really didn’t hate colored people. He just didn’t like how fuckin’ pushy they were becoming. Hell, they were even playing nigger music on the radio.
Jack Wilson had some thoughts that he would never express to anyone. When they hung that nigger a couple months back for allegedly touching a white woman, he just couldn’t help but fantasize about what it would look like to see a nigger fuck a white woman. He had harbored these thoughts for a long time. His cock would automatically get hard when the thoughts entered his mind. Of course he would never share his thoughts with anybody.
Late one night after a Klan meeting he drove his old truck into his driveway. Like a lot of people in rural Georgia, Jack kept a few cows and hogs, and he decided to check on one of his cows he had stalled in the barn. It was her first calving and she was having some trouble. His decision to check on her came after he had parked his truck at the house and shut off the engine, so he made up his mind to walk to the barn. The homemade whiskey he drank after the meeting was making him slow to think.
“What the hell?” he muttered reaching the barn door. There was a sliver of dim light coming through the cracks in the barn and around the door. Had he left the coal oil light on? No, he was sure he blew it out before he left.
‘Probably Mary had come to check on the cow,’ he thought. “Damn good woman,” he muttered, opening the smaller walk-in door beside the larger one. Suddenly he stopped and cocked his head to listen. There were strange sounds coming from inside. One was a sound like a donkey might make. He didn’t own a donkey, so that couldn’t be it. There was also a rhythmic squeaking sound. That one he identified as the springs of the old cot he kept in the barn. He had it there for when he had to sleep in the barn when a mare or other animal was birthing.
Jack’s first thought was Glory, his nineteen year old daughter, had snuck in with one of her boyfriends. He almost went back to the truck to get his shotgun, but he changed his mind. There wasn’t a handful of men in the county he couldn’t whip with his bare hands and none of the boys stood a chance. Jack silently eased along the runway to the crib where the bed was located. Some young whippersnapper was going to get his ass whipped tonight.
The squeaking sounds became louder as he got closer. He could see the light was brighter also. He was beginning to really get mad. It was bad enough that Glory was lying with some local Romeo, but having an open flame in an old barn was downright dangerous. He’d take a plow line to Glory’s ass when he finished with the boy.
He paused at the crib door to get the .22 rifle he kept there hanging on a couple nails. He kept the rifle there to shoot rats. He took the rifle down and checked to make sure it was loaded. Now he could hear the moaning and groaning coming from inside the crib.
Jack grinned and shook his head. Some lad was really giving it to Glory. He eased over and peered through a crack in the wall. Jack Wilson nearly dropped the rifle. He could see in the dim coal-oil light, four naked legs. What shock him was two of the legs were black! What the hell? Was Glory Rutting with a colored man? He put his eye back to the crack but couldn’t see the upper bodies of the fuckers. He moved back to another crack to get a better view. That crack wasn’t any better so he went into the adjacent stall.
“Man alive, your pussy feels mighty good,” a male voice said. “Been thinkin’ ‘bout it all day long. Thought my dick was gonna bust a couple times.”
Jack found a crack wide enough to see into the crib and when he did he nearly fainted from the shock. It wasn’t Glory; it was his pretty wife of twenty-two years being fucked by a big ol’ buck nigger! He could see her face plainly and he could also see the big nigger dick in Mary’s white pussy. The son of a bitch was raping his wife!
“You feel mighty good, Willie,” Mary said in a breathless tone. “I’ve been givin’ your big ol’ dick a lot of thought, too. Kiss me Willie, and fuck me harder.”
A murderous rage settled over Jack. He knew there wasn’t any rape going on. He gripped the rifle hard. He was frozen in place, his face to the crack. Mary’s small white hands were on the back of the nigger’s wooly head, her white legs wrapped around his shiny black ass. Jack helplessly watched as the buck plowed into Mary’s cunt hard for a while, then slow down to a stop only to start fucking her hard again. Mary was making the donkey sounds when the big nigger fucked her hard.
In spite of the rage he felt, Jack felt something else, too. He realized that his dick was hard. His cock had swelled and was painfully hard. He wanted to kill the black bastard that was fucking his wife and making her sound like a donkey. She never made noises like that when he fucked her.
“When you reckon the mister will get back?” the man asked.
“I don’t know,” Mary answered. “God, I love your nigger cock in me. I’m…having…another…good…one. Fuck me, Willie!” Her voice grew louder as she reached a climax.
“I like how my big old dick fit’s in your pussy, Mary,” Willie said his voice heavy with passion.
“Let me get on top of you and ride you like my black stallion,” Mary said urgency in her voice. Jack watched as they changed places on the narrow cot. He saw his beloved white wife rise up, reach down and grab the shiny black cock, and position it at her white pussy. He saw her settle down onto the stiff cock. He heard her moan in pleasure as the big black cock filled her. He watched, frozen in place, as she started bucking up and down on the cock. He listened as she started braying again as she reached another orgasm.
“What’ch think ol’ Jack Wilson, the Grand Dragon, would think if he could see my black cock in your tight white pussy?” the man asked. Mary didn’t answer him for a few moments. She was busy riding the cock to another climax.
“I guess he’d shoot both of us,” she finally answered. “Right now I wouldn’t even care if he did. Come on, Willie, come in me. Fill my pussy up with your nigger seed!”
The rifle he held tightly grasped in his hand had been totally forgotten until Mary mentioned him shooting them. Why hadn’t he done so? There wasn’t a court in the land that would fault him. Why was he still watching them fuck like animals?
It was a cool night so why was he soaked with sweat? Why was his cock as hard as a rod of iron? Why was he just watching that nigger defile his wife? Jack wiped the sweat from his face and put his eye back to the crack. Mary was lying on the man, neither of them moving. Jack saw the softened black cock slip from his wife’s swollen pussy, followed by a big glob of sperm.
“That was great, Willie,” Mary said softly. “You always do me good. You niggers do love your white pussy, don’t you?”
“Sure do,” Willie answered. “Can’t get enough white gash.”
“Well, boy,” Mary said with a soft laugh. “You can have all my white pussy any time you want it. I know how you black men love to stick your big old black cock in the wives and daughters of the white men around theses woods."
"You sure got that right ...nothing feels better than slipping my black cock into a tight white pussy. Mary, of all the white bitches I fuck, you seem to like my cock the best.”
“God forgive me, I do love it!” Mary said forcefully. “Can you get it up again?”
“You might want to suck on it a bit,” Willie said. “Might be one more ride in it.”
Jack watched in complete fascination as his wife twisted around and put her mouth on the black cock. His hand went to his crotch and he squeezed his cock to relieve the building pressure. ‘What was she doing to him?’ he thought. ‘I heard about it but she never done that to me.’ He had heard that there were whores in New Orleans that did that to a man.
“Oh, good, Willie,” his wife said. “It’s getting hard again. Let me get on my knees and you do me from behind.”
“Sure, Mary,” Willie said. “I’ll fuck you like a bitch dog. You like it that way, don’t you?”
Jack unbuttoned his pants and took his throbbing dick out and stroked it as he watched the black man ram the black cock into his wife. ‘What am I doin’?’ he thought as he stroked his cock. ‘I’m jackin’ off while a nigger fucks my wife. I got to be plum crazy.’
“Fuck my pussy!” Mary yelled from the crib. Jack saw the big black cock piston in and out of her white pussy. “I’m coming again!” she yelled. “Shoot your black seed in me, Willie!”
As the black man filled his wife with nigger sperm, Jack shot off on the wall. He stood bewildered, watching his come ooze down the wall. He could hear them rustling around inside the crib getting dressed.
“Jack’s got a meeting tomorrow night in Haynesville,” he heard Mary tell the nigger. “I’ll see you then?”
“You bet you will,” the man said with a low rumbling laugh. “I’d crawl through broken glass for some of your fine pussy.”
“I can’t wait,” she said. “He’ll be gone all night and Glory will be gone, too. We can use the bedroom.”
“When you goina let me fuck your girl?” Willie asked. “I’d sure like to get my peter in her.”
“Willie, Glory is only nineteen. She couldn’t handle your cock.”
“Huh, that don’t mean shit. Daisy Cook done let me have her daughter. She’s ain’t but eighteen or so. Daisy held my cock and put it in the girl. Age don’t mean much.”
“I think Glory may still be a virgin,” Mary said. “Nigger’s cock ain’t no way to start out.”
Jack set the rifle down and leaned it against the wall. He beat a hasty retreat from the barn. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but whatever it was, he’s wait and think on it some. When he got to his truck he let it roll down the drive until it was out of sight. He waited for twenty minutes and got out and cranked the truck back to life. He drove back to the house and got out.
“How was your meeting?” Mary asked meeting him at the back door. There were damp spots on her dress so apparently she had washed the nigger stink off her.
“Meeting was all right,” he answered shortly. Jack didn’t know if he wanted to be pissed off or if he wanted to fuck her. His libido won out over his anger. He pushed her to the bedroom and ripped her dress off of her. He mounted her with a combination of anger, frustration, and sexual excitement. He was amazed that her cunt still felt tight even after that huge nigger cock being in her. He fucked her as hard as he ever had fucked any woman, and he couldn’t help but smile when she brayed for him just like she had for that damned nigger.


Very Good non-stop action Black on White M/F 4 out of 5 (Sooty)

  Author reply: I'm glad you liked Grand Wizard

This is a great read and has lots of hot sex between black men and white women hope you enjoy it as much as I did, this is one of my favorite authors, I give it a 5 5 out of 5

I loved this story! 5 out of 5 (Amaretta)

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