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Black Master's White Sluts (Abel)

Black Master

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    • Average 3.9 from 9 ratings

Ailsa Bennett QC is a high-profile barrister but she has a secret kink, she visits a man she knows only as Harold for no-strings weekly spankings.

After one session she is suddenly snatched off the street, bundled into a car, and driven a long way from London.

Ailsa finds herself imprisoned in a cage and held as a sex slave by a black man called Morris. It turns out that she prosecuted Morris fifteen years earlier but has no memory of him or the case in which he was involved.

Morris invites Harold to become his partner in sexual sadism.

Ailsa has her head and body shaved, is extensively pierced and tattooed.

Eventually more girls join Ailsa in her cage and endure similar abuse.

Abel is a new writer who specializes in strong BDSM content with an interracial flavor.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2012

Also Available in Paperback - Click Here

No. words: 25380

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


First, a ball gag was pushed into her mouth with the straps secured behind her head.
Zaheera had her large breasts bound together with ropes and cable ties so they bulged hugely like overripe melons. Her arms were pinioned behind her back and her wrists tied to the single rope Morris lowered from the gantry which was then passed over the pulley so Zaheera could be hoisted by her arms well above the floor which Ailsa knew must be excruciatingly painful and could cause dislocation of her arms. Her long hair hung down like a curtain hiding her face and making it difficult for Ailsa to see her expression.
Morris tied her ankles together tightly with a chain to which he hooked a weight, also clamping her nipples and suspending weights from the clamps. He explained to Harold that he was rubbing sambal on her cunt because the hot chili would help to prevent her fainting with the pain.
Zaheera was helpless and vulnerable to any outrage the men wished to inflict. Harold poked his fingers into her cunt which he described as dripping wet and into her anus followed by thrusting his stained fingers under the girl’s nose so she was obliged to smell her own shit.
Morris went to the rack and fetched a short-handled whip with many thongs and the violet wand.
He adjusted the main suspension rope roughly so Zaheera’s body experienced a juddering drop, leaving her hanging just above the floor. He lowered more ropes, removed the suspended weight and the ties round her ankles, and used the extra ropes to re-position her arms and legs so she resembled someone spread-eagled in mid-air doing a parachute jump. This caused her pouting cunt to be exposed between her cheeks and presented an inviting target for his whip.
Morris flogged Zaheera’s dark vulva mercilessly while Ailsa looked on in horror. Ailsa saw spit drooling from Zaheera’s mouth round the edges of the gag and her face contorted in a twisted grimace and marveled that the girl could derive any pleasure from what was happening. It must have gone too far, progressed beyond a point where there could be any enjoyment.
Morris had the wand and was enjoying giving Zaheera shocks on her back and bottom. When he tired of this game, he brought a rattan cane into the cell and flogged her fleshy cheeks while Morris continued to whip between her mocha colored buttocks.
Then Ailsa suddenly realized she was so wet she was literally dripping, drops of her juice falling on the stone floor between her legs.
Watching Zaheera’s pudenda under such attack was arousing her despite her revulsion at the barbarism of the two sadists. She was amazed and appalled in equal measure. Was it the just the sight of Zaheera’s beautifully rounded bottom and her prominent and now engorged labia that was exciting her or was she enjoying seeing the younger woman being hurt and humiliated? Was she sharing the sadistic feelings of her torturers vicariously or was she identifying with Zaheera in a masochistic way? She had to admit to herself that part of her wanted to be in the other woman’s place but she knew she wouldn’t be able to bear the pain. Again, another strange impulse made her want to join in what the men were doing. Was she being brutalized by these monsters? Was she becoming so used to the sado-masochistic behavior that were accepted as normal in this dark place that she was becoming infected, catching it like a virus?
Ailsa began to masturbate.
Morris and Harold were not looking, concentrating on what they were doing to Zaheera. Ailsa rubbed her clit with her two longest fingers as she always did when she pleasured herself and plucked her nipples with her left hand. Part of her brain told her she was disgusting, everything the masters said she was, a whore and a slut; another part didn’t care, even took pleasure in her self-disgust. The men were right. If she got horny watching another woman being flogged, what sort of woman was she when all the veneer of civilized life was stripped away?

As always Morris had made careful preparations for the next phase in the development of his enterprise, creating more stalls in the stable block, building stout kennels and cages outdoors, and putting the finishing touches to the little chariots he’d made. It was time to make his transform his slaves into the animals he’d always intended, Gina a fine looking pony, her mother a human canine, and Ailsa a pig. If Zaheera returned she would be a natural to be housed in the cow byre for Cow Play. He would use the Bondageinc site to invite people to drive the carts, bring their own animals to the centre for training, or to use his girls in any manner they pleased, there being plenty of scope for individual flights of imagination.
Gina wore nothing but leather harness and halter, brightly colored feathers in a head dress, and knee-length black shiny boots, and Morris and Harold began her training in the paddock moving her round in a circle on the end of a thirty foot rope and with the aid of a horsewhip. She was forbidden to speak but in any case the introduction of bit and bridle made it almost impossible. The same rule was applied to Paula and Ailsa and all were ordered to indicate their needs in ways appropriate to their adopted animals, for example Gina was coached at whinnying like a horse.
As it was summer, Gina spent some nights tied up in the paddock where there was a water butt provided for her to drink, otherwise she slept in one of the stalls in which case she mucked out herself each morning and lay down fresh straw for the next night.
While Gina remained on her feet except when sleeping, Paula and Ailsa were required to stay on all fours. Paula, as a human canine, wore a collar and harness and knee pads for protection but Ailsa simply got down in her sty as she was, being fed on slops and made to grunt, her final humiliation.
Paula, who at night was protected from the elements in a very well built and substantial kennel, was trained in agility, jumping through hoops and over obstacles. She was taught to walk to heel on her lead and to obey simple commands, achieving a high level of obedience. She too was trained to pull the carts Morris had designed but as Paula crawled along on all fours she could only manage one adult at a time whereas Gina could trot along with two people in a sulky but only with a considerable effort if faced with a gradient or the ground was sticky after rain.

After a time Morris and Harold risked taking Gina further afield even as far as the forest. With almost constant activity Gina developed strong muscles especially in her legs and was able to pull two men with greater ease though her near naked body was always bathed in sweat.
She looked a magnificent sight with her teenaged body so well toned; her blonde hair tied back, her long legs and slim ankles so resembling those of a filly; at once delicate and yet strong; her buttocks dimpling with each stride. Morris marveled at the combination of grace and power as though Gina had always been destined for this equine reincarnation. She carried herself proudly and yet seemed sublimely submissive in the same way as a horse is once she is broken and schooled.
None of the defiant and sulky teenager remained. She moved her head up and down and from side to side, especially when bothered by flies and other insects, whinnied or blew down her nose, stamped her feet, all in precise impersonation of a pony but without a hint of rebellion. The long tail made of real horse hair (which Morris had bought on the net) added greatly to the sense of realism.
The two masters were so proud of Gina they were impatient for the first meeting of the Bondageinc pony club so they could show her off being convinced that no-one else would produce a prettier or more convincing human equine. Their message publicizing the event had attracted a surprising amount of interest although most of the masters said they would need to hire the carts from Morris as they didn’t own a sulky. This was fine as a potential money maker but it meant Morris had to work long hours making sufficient numbers of the chariots.


One of the best ever! payback blackmailing Slavery and humiliation Black master and Mistress Obese master and of course ponygirls and modification 5 out of 5 (Ruthy)

  Author reply: Always gratifying to get a 5/5. Glad you enjoyed the story. Abel

excellent piece : the main Master is a vivid character knowing to play with the sluts both mentally and physically and the flavor of Black dominance is nice ; could be stronger in my humble opinion. 4 out of 5 (ohu)

  Author reply: Glad you liked the main master. I try to avoid cardboard cut out characters. Abel

Very impressive scenes of training and submission. 4 out of 5 (Giles)

  Author reply: Glad you enjoyed the training scenes. Will try to write more of the same ilk. Abel

His captured women give in too easily 2 out of 5 (Chicagossl)

  Author reply: Perhaps they should struggle more! Abel

Author Information

Abel is an English writer who has built a reputation for hard hitting stories featuring physical and psychological bondage, often with an inter-racial flavour.


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