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Howling Moon Bundle 2 (Brandy Corvin)

Howling Moon Bundle 2 by Brandy Corvin

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Interested in what happened to Tyler as he became a member of the pack? This bundle brings you the next three shorts in the Howling Moon series. Watch as Tyler falls for a vampire and questions everything the werewolves have fed him while he lays with the vampire, the pack alpha and with his professor once again! All this and more with a bonus erotic werewolf story by Annabel Bastione!

Price if bought seperately: $11.96
Price of bundle: $8.99 -> You save 25%!

[WARNING: This bundle contains stories of gay sex, menage, paranormal sex, werewolf-vampire relations, oral, anal, whipping, bdsm and much more! Adults only.]

Howling for the Vampire: MM Paranormal Erotica

With the memories of his first hunt still fresh in his mind, Tyler finds it hard to think of anything else. But this all changes when Julian, the vampire he hunted appears in his bedroom! Julian knows more than he lets on, and can't forget being hunted either. For the sake of the truth behind his family's slaughter, Tyler offers to pay with his body. The question now is: Will Julian accept?

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[WARNING: This 4000 word sizzling paranormal erotic story contains explicit gay sex, blowjobs, anal sex, whipping, bdsm, bondage, ménage, werewolf sex, sex with partially transformed body parts and much more! Adults only!]

Interrogating My Werewolf Professor: MM/m Paranormal Werewolf Erotica

Free from punishment, Tyler changes into a werewolf under the full moon and makes his way to Professor Wolfenstein's lab, only to find Julian waiting and eager to help! Restraining the professor to a specimen table, the both of them take turns to 'interrogate' their masochistic subject… with their cocks! Will the Professor hold out or will he give up and spill his secrets?

[WARNING: This 4000 word sizzling paranormal erotic story contains explicit gay sex, blowjobs, anal sex, bondage, ménage, werewolf sex, sex with partially transformed body parts and much more! Adults only!]

Gangbanged By Wolves

Shrugging off her vampire mentor's warnings about werewolves, Penny continues wandering in the night, looking for unsuspecting victims to feed. That is, until a pack of werewolves corner her. With nowhere to run, she offers up her body, giving her some time at least, to enjoy herself, and plan her escape... An MMMMM/f story.

[WARNING! This sizzling story contains gangbangs, oral sex, anal sex, handjobs, paranormal sex, vampire-werewolf relations and more!]

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 8 / 2012

No. words: 15000

Style: Paranormal Erotica, Supernatural Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Howling for the Vampire
Brandy Corvin

Copyright © 2012 by Brandy Corvin
* * * * *
Memories of my first hunt were still fresh in my mind when I got into bed that night. They continued to linger till the next morning, and the morning after that. I couldn't focus in school, daydreaming about the whole surreal experience. Such an adrenaline rush probably wouldn't be forgotten in a very long time.
"Tyler… Tyler?"
I snapped back to cruel reality.
"Yes, Professor Wolfenstein?"
"What's your answer?"
"Uh, what?" I muttered, it was painfully obvious to the class that I wasn't paying any attention at all.
The Professor sighed, "See me after class."
I groaned.
It was going to be a long afternoon.
* * * * *
The sun was beginning to set; its warm orange glow caressed my face, giving me unexplainable energy.
I sighed loudly as I trudged along a gravel path on the college grounds, my feet crunched the small stones beneath me, aching to turn back into a werewolf so that I could leap and pounce with abandon. The blasted Professor had made me stay back to recite several physical and behavioral characteristics of vampires from memory before he finally let me go. But that, of course, was the least of my preoccupations. I wanted to hunt with the pack again, to join them in their bloodlust, to take painful revenge on the vampires. Now that I was a fully turned werewolf and a full-fledged member of Alpha's pack, was it simply too much to ask?
My dorm was in sight. Soon I would unlock my door, throw my bag onto my bed, take a refreshing shower and do my homework. Okay maybe not my homework. My mind would probably wander back to my unforgettable experiences of my first hunt yet again. I licked my lips thinking of the vampire I hunted that night with the pack and how he felt so good on my throbbing member. If I ever saw him again, who'd knew what I'd do.
Doors were now fickle human constructs, pesky annoying things that need opening and closing before you could go anywhere. As a werewolf I'd much prefer a lack of doors, tearing each one down like cardboard. But such behavior would be in poor taste in my dorms. Practical considerations overrode my natural animalistic instincts. I gripped the doorknob tightly and turned my wrist. The knob turned under my exertions, making the door pop open with an audible click.
It was the usual dingy place that I came back to every day. Who needs a clean and tidy place to live in when you're a werewolf?
My lethargic feet carried me down the corridor towards my bedroom at the end. Releasing the weight of my book bag off my shoulder, I swung it around me, preparing to toss it onto the bed.
Except that I couldn't do my usual routine and let my book bag fly onto my pile of pillows.
"Why are you here?" I questioned tersely. My voice grew deeper and deeper as I quickly let my bloodlust take control of me. Fur began sprouting on my skin, my skull started changing shape and my fangs were starting to grow.
Right in front of me, violating the sanctity of my bed was the vampire. Not just any vampire, but the pretty boy vampire, the victim of my first hunt. The sight of him brought back wonderful memories that quickly flooded my mind.
And now there he was, sitting right there, as if inviting me to hunt him again. I licked my fangs, wondering how awesome a second time with this vampire would be.
"Wait!" the pretty boy called out, raising his hands in defense.
"I'm not here to harm you," he continued, cowering under his arms.
Regaining my rational mind, the fur receded back into my skin as I became more and more human by the second.
"What do you want?" I asked, finally a human again.
"You dropped this when we last met," the vampire replied, throwing something at me.
I caught it instinctively without even realizing what it was. There, laying the palm of my hand was an amulet, my brother, Gabriel's amulet. I only remember seeing it a few times in my life, and the last time I saw it was many years ago, the night everything changed.
"Where'd you get this?" I asked curiously, "I didn't drop such a thing when we last met."
"But you must have! I only realized it was on me when I escaped!" the vampire protested.
I had half a mind to transform now and tear him apart. But a little voice in my head told me that there might be a grain of truth to his words. After all, there was no reason to lie about this.
If Gabriel's amulet was indeed there on the night of my first hunt, Perhaps, someone in my pack knew of his whereabouts!
The vampire in front of me wasn't a creature to be abhorred and hated. He was a companion and a valuable aide! Maybe I still have not forgiven their kind for the wrong they wrought upon me. But I can't have only one specific vampire bear the burden of my hatred, especially for such a manly and handsome vampire.
"Well, I suppose you have helped me after all. So, um, thanks," I concluded weakly.
How could I not have noticed until now that he was wearing such a seductive looking black leather outfit! Given half a chance I would tear it off and show him the ways of werewolf love in a heartbeat. I felt a stirring in my loins as wild fantasies clouded my mind in his presence.
Professor Wolfenstein mentioned during one of our little supernatural research sessions that vampires were extremely sensitive to their surroundings, some purporting that they were even able to read minds. I wasn't so sure about how conclusive such theories might have been. But the look in the vampire's eyes clearly told me that he wanted the same thing.
"Since you've helped me…" I wondered, letting my voice trail off.
"You're thinking of how to repay me, aren't you?" the vampire finished my sentence, his eyes fixated on the raging bulge in my jeans.
There was nothing left to say, the synchronized beating of our hearts as we pressed our bodies close together on my bed was more than enough.
I dove into him. Our lips touched and I found myself devouring his kiss. He tasted of blood and roses. Heh, I thought, you could always trust a vampire to be both savage and classy. My tongue entered his wet mouth, wrestling with his tongue in a big slobbering kiss.
We writhed on my bed, rocking it loudly. The confounded squeaks coming from it constantly reminded me of how violent our movements were. One moment I would be on top, a quick roll and I would find myself on the bottom, watching this beautiful vampire sit on me, watch me, and yearn for more of me.

Author Information

A student majoring in feminist studies by day, smut writer by night, Brandy Corvin ensures you'll never be bored with the paranormal/fantasy erotic stories she narrates from her world.
Her work can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Rainbowebooks, AllRomanceEBooks.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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