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A Slippery Slope (Shooter3704)

A Slippery Slope by Shooter3704

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When one jumps the fence they always land on a slippery slope. When Holly decided to find a lover she knew she was in danger of trouble but she did it anyway.

Holly met a hedonist named Gloria and Gloria fixed her up with some studs to take care of her sexual needs.

This is a yarn by Shooter so it has a lot of interracial sex. Black men with huge cocks on a small horny white woman. Holly was enjoying sex with multiple partners of both sexes. One on one sex, two on one foursomes and moresomes and a gang-bang that made her head spin.

Holly was living the good life until her husband found out about her cheating and then the wheels came off the wagon. It's easy to slide when on a slippery slope.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2012

No. words: 13000

Style: Interracial Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


I didn't set out to cheat. It wasn't something I thought about and just decided to do. It simply happened.
My name is Holly Graves and I was married to Gary Graves for nearly six years. I can't complain about the life Gary gave me with the single exception he was gone most of the time. Gary's job required him to travel extensively. After he made vice-president I thought the travel would be less but it actually became more.
For several years he was gone during the week and home on weekends but after his promotion he was gone for weeks at a time. He went to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Actually he went all over the world except Antarctica and he would have gone there if his company had an office on that chunk of ice.
I tried to explain to Gary that at twenty-six I had needs that required a man in my bed. He laughed and bought me a battery powered dildo. I wore out the first plastic dick and bought myself a bigger, better one.
I never cared for it but I got used to eating alone, going to a movie alone, and doing just about everything alone. All my friends were married and they were gracious but I was always the third wheel. Sometimes I was so lonely and so fucking horny I was actually sick to my stomach.
Three times a week I went to the gym to work out my frustrations. The gym was where I started my slide downward.
Since I was a member I had access to one of their personal trainers. Usually I worked-out alone but one day I asked to be assigned a female trainer. Her name was Gloria Smith and even to a straight person like me she was hot.
"What you need," Gloria said to me at the juice bar after an intense work-out, "is to get laid. How long has it been?"
"Last week Gary breezed through and sprayed some cum in my direction," I said bitterly. I don't know why I was so candid with Gloria but she was easy to talk to and she listened. "Ten minutes of hunching, panting, and dribbling some semen in me and he was finished and gone the next day."
"Like I said," Gloria said. "Nothing wrong with you that a hard cock wouldn't cure. What's the problem? You are young, good looking, and you have a body to die for. Do you want me to fix you up with one of the studs I know?"
"No, I couldn't do that," I said thinking just how wonderful it would be to have a man's body on mine, to feel his hands on my body and his hard cock in my pussy. I got wet just thinking about it. I reminded myself I needed to pick up some fresh batteries on the way home.
I discovered sex at a fairly early age and liked it from the very beginning. I liked everything about sex. I was known in my small town, first as a hand-job queen and later as a blow-job queen. Not much later I was known as an easy lay.

(Author's Note: The reader should keep in mind that nothing of a sexual nature happened before any character in this story turned 18. Teenagers never even touch themselves or think of sex, do they?)

If I went on a date and I liked the guy, I always gave him something to remember me by. The truth of the matter is I liked giving head. Most of the time I could give myself an orgasm just from sucking a dick. Unlike some of my girlfriends, I didn't consider sucking cock as something absolutely necessary. I cheerfully and gladly went down on a guy without him begging for it.
After I discovered fucking, I still liked giving head. I thought of it as a great prelude to fucking. My mother realized I was a hot chick so she got me on birth control early. I was happy to give up condoms because I loved to have a guy cum in me. I wasn't overly worried about STD's at the time because all my boyfriends were clean. The concern about disease came later when I was in college after my roommate got gonorrhea.
After I met Gary and we became a couple, I was still used to a lot of sex. Even after we got married Gary made sure I got a lot of his stiff dick. The trouble came when he got on the fast track and his job became more important than I was.
For the next few days after my discussion with Gloria I gave sex a lot of thought. Even more than usual which was a lot. One day I asked for Gloria by name. I had to wait a short while until she finished up with another member.
Gloria seemed to know I needed a hard work-out and she put me through the paces for nearly half an hour. Later after we showered she invited me to a bar. Not the juice bar but a real one just down the street from the gym.
With the exception of an occasional glass of wine, I seldom drank since college. Drinking by yourself makes things even lonelier or so it seemed to me. With Gloria I quickly discovered that tequila shooters are a quick way to get drunk.
The second shooter set my belly on fire and the heat spread to every part of my body but seemed to settle mostly in my pussy.
"Do you have a preference?" Gloria asked me.
"About what?" I asked.
"A man," she said. "I'm going to fix you up today with some man-meat. I have white bread. African American, and Asians to choose from. I prefer black myself, but you choose or I'll choose for you. Today is the day, Holly."

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