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Forced Into Womanhood (Chris James)

Forced Into Womanhood by Chris James

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    • Average 4.3 from 3 ratings

It seemed like a nice idea, spend a month dressed as a woman, living a female lifestyle, ordered around by a Mistress, so Matthew, soon to become Martine, signs up and pays his money.

But nothing is as it seems at the secretive location and it soon becomes clear that the 'clients' are there not to have fun and enjoy life in women's clothes but to be donors for women who wish to become men!

In turn they are to receive the female organs and be sold off to rich customers. Martine's fate is to be married to a vicious Laird on an isolated Scottish island, there to give him heirs to the Fraser fortune.

The penalties for disobeying rules are strict, beatings are routine and Martine experiences a savage bastinado after making a very serious effort to escape her fate.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2012

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No. words: 35000

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



I relaxed into the corner seat of the compartment as the train gathered speed out of the station, on my way to what promised to be an adventurous month experiencing life as a woman.
I had heard of the small hotel set deep in the countryside of Devon as a result of continually pestering a contact made years before, someone called Rachel, who now lived full time as a female and whose hobby was bondage. This was something that never appealed to me, but I had nevertheless visited her in order to play out my fantasy of being forced to dress as a woman; the idea of going as far as her and living one fully certainly did not come into my reckoning.
However, I lived alone and had been made redundant, so could not resist the offer to spend a full month being forced to live, work and dress as a female, having no choice but to do as I was told by my mistress.
Rachel had given me details of how to trace the firm on the Internet and had little difficulty in persuading me of the satisfaction I would get from this fantasy which so matched all that I had been trying to achieve for so many years. So with little delay I had looked up the relevant pages on the Web.

Have you ever wanted to have that female body, to experience the full and complete life style of a woman for perhaps a week, or, to be more realistic, a minimum of one month?
We give you breasts that are fixed for the duration and need the same control as those of any other female. All signs of your male organs vanish and are replaced with the outward appearance of a woman, that clear cut look and feeling between the legs has to be experienced to be believed. A hair extension and perm, total hair removal from the rest of your body and careful application of cosmetics, make you the girl of your dreams.
To find more about this rare opportunity, E-Mail my personal number, enclosing telephone number, age, size and family details. I shall reply within three days if you are suitable.


I replied to the E-mail address without delay and within days of terminating my employment.
To my amazement a reply was waiting for me immediately I opened my computer the following morning.
'I am interested in pursuing your request to become one of our female volunteers and would like you to telephone the following number between 9.0am and 5.0pm today, so that the matter can be discussed further.'
I couldn't wait and immediately lifted the telephone and dialled the number.
"Hello, is that Female Reality Experience?" I had said with some hesitancy.
"Yes," came the abrupt reply. " What can we do for you? Our service is a very specialised one and is rather expensive. We only accept clients by special selection and after a thorough check of their reasons for wanting our help, also that no ulterior motive is involved. Obviously it is your desire to spend time learning how women are expected to dress and behave, otherwise you would not have bothered to contact us, or give details of your address and telephone number."
"Well, no. I mean yes. I have always wondered what it would be like, to have no option but to dress, behave and even work in the female role. A friend of mine gave me your Web details and suggested that I contact you for further details." I paused and awaited her reaction.
"Oh, and who was this friend?"
"I don't know whether she would want me to say." I replied quickly
"Well, it doesn't matter, it could only have been one of two people who we agreed could pass on our special coded pages to you. We cannot discuss this matter further on the telephone, I need your address so that I can call and see you, explain fully what your commitments would be and take your measurements."
I once again paused, considering the implications of giving away where I lived.
" Never mind," she replied. "I know it already, 39 Beechwood Road - Do I need to continue. Right; I am in your town on Thursday, will 11.00 am be convenient?"
"Yes. I will be in," I murmured the reply, still wondering how she could have possibly have found my address.
The telephone immediately clicked to indicate she had replaced her receiver, but I sat for several minutes clutching the phone and wondering whether I should confirm my address by meeting her as arranged.
The following two days passed in a daze; should I or should I not meet her, would it get rid or her if she received no answer when calling. Probably not, she certainly seemed totally in command and not likely to accept 'No' for an answer. In any case I actually craved for the opportunity of spending time as a female under what I was sure would be a firm guiding hand.
Still uncertain of what I should do, the time had come for her to call and at precisely 11.00am the doorbell rang. My mouth felt dry and a feeling of anxiety hit me, as I mechanically stood to my feet and moved towards the door. It rang again as I slipped the lock and turned the handle. Before me stood a well groomed middle aged woman dressed in a smart, navy blue suit with skirt just to her knees and well shaped legs clad in dark shimmering stockings above medium heeled black court shoes.
"Well, Matthew, are you going to invite me in, or do I stand on your doorstep?"
Without a word, I waved my arm, bidding her enter. She looked around and tutted before carefully examining the seat of the sofa and elegantly sitting.
"Obviously, you intend to progress this need of yours further, or you would not have invited me to your home. Not very tidy, or clean, is it? You will certainly learn to do better than this when you become one of our female guests."
I was still standing by the door, but hurriedly closed it and moved across the room, before sitting on the armchair.
"I am sorry about the cleanliness of my flat, since losing my job I have been feeling depressed and rather lonely."
"No girlfriend, or family?" she enquired.
"My family split up years ago, my mother is somewhere in northern England, but I have no idea about my father. I split from my girlfriend several months ago, when she caught me wearing female clothing, so I have nobody really."
I stopped and looked at her, admiring the impeccable make up that covered her face, the white crispy blouse she wore under the well tailored suit, her shimmering knees and legs clad in nylon and wondered how well I would look dressed in that manner, if she gave me the chance to spend that month with them.
She coughed lightly, as she observed me studying her, and then continued.
"Yes quite, there are many men who get these feelings and desires and we plan to cater for their needs. However I warn you, we do not take this lightly, nor allow our clients to either. The minimum stay is for one week, but we normally accept 'Patients' for one month, this being the shortest time in our view for anybody to possibly get a full and proper experience of life in a totally different role. Our charges reflect this as you would pay almost the same for one week as for the longer period.
“Our preparation of you for the change is, of necessity, the same. Well, do you want to make any further comment at this stage?"
I again hesitated, before falteringly asked, rather foolishly.
"You talk about the, hum, well, hum, preparation. What exactly does this entail?"
"Young man, it ought to be obvious even to the most casual observer that the two sexes look very different to each other and we have to start by making our clients, as near as possible, looking like a female of their own age and size for the duration of their stay. Once committed you have no option but to see it through and spend the period of your stay in all ways as a female. When we have finished your preparation the important parts of your body fully resemble that of a female. Without going into specific details at this early stage, it does mean such things as spunking off into the frilly nylon knickers that you might be wearing is a definite non starter and even physically impossible. Am I making myself clear?"
She stopped, obviously awaiting my reaction and answer.
" Yes and I would like to find out more, also whether I could afford your fees. Do you supply all the necessary clothing and such like, or do I bring the clothes?"
She interrupted me, at this point saying.
"Young man, you have been recommended to us by Rachel who feels that you badly need this treatment, or should we call it 'Experience'. The normal fee for one month is £1,000 plus the cost for such extras as perming your hair, manicuring your hands, giving your face a full skin treatment, plus false, but realistic breast forms and finally, but not least an artificial feminine looking appearance between your legs. It would be totally defeating the whole exercise if any of these things were omitted, you must be made to feel that you have indeed been transformed into a member of the feminine sex, even if it is only going to be for a short period of time.
“However, you can recoup some of that cost by carrying out proper work duties at our centre. These will naturally be of a kind normally associated with women's work and paid at the lower feminine rate of pay. Don't even breathe the word equality, for centuries we have been paid less for the same work and you have to accept this fact now."
I nodded in agreement and a new and exciting feeling that I wanted to be treated as one of those disadvantaged females, also to know that even the most elementary things like going to the toilet would need to be done in that feminine manner.
She looked hard at me once more before continuing,
"Do I take it from that nod you wish to continue? Come along, answer me, not dumb, are we?"
"No, eh, I mean … yes I do want to undertake the experience, as soon as possible."
"Very well, you obviously have a wardrobe of feminine clothing, whether it will satisfy our demanding level is a different thing, but meanwhile I want to see you properly dressed in this room, in shall we say thirty minutes.
“I realise this is far too short a time for proper use of cosmetics and other preparations, but I cannot spend longer with you today. Go on, go to your room and get changed. I have two telephone calls to make and notes to write up on my first impressions."
I quickly scurried from the room and virtually bounded into my bedroom, moments later my bed was strewn with feminine underwear as I considered what to wear. Should it be the strong panty-corselet to give me a severe constrained figure, or the somewhat lighter elastic one? Perhaps a brassiere and suspender belt would be more appropriate, after all I was only twenty-five years old and women of my age did not usually wear firm foundation garments.
Definitely a pair of my favourite pink nylon knickers with the elasticised leg and lace edging, nylon stockings, full length petticoat and my two inch heel black court shoes. Within minutes I had stripped off my masculine clothing and quickly showered, sprinkling a perfumed shower spray over me, as I did so, one that I rarely used because of the lingering smell afterwards. Soon the brassiere, suspender belt, nylon stockings petticoat and knickers adorned my body and I turned to the wardrobe, to once more agonise over what top clothing would impress my guest the most. Several more minutes elapsed before I settled on a simple but crisp white blouse, which suitably emphasised the false bust that I wore, then a plain black pencil slim skirt to again show my figure.
A shout from the other room interrupted my preparation.
"What progress are you making, Martine, my time is precious."
"Sorry, " I replied, "Just need to do my face and I will be with you."
"Right, my girl. I know you should never, ever rush that job, but pretend you have just ten minutes to get to the store before it closes, nobody you know is likely to see you and the items needed are vitally important."
While she spoke, I was quickly applying base make-up, blusher and lipstick, then clip on earrings and two rings on my fingers, then hurried through to the lounge.
"Right, stand there in the middle of the room. Turn in an elegant feminine manner, now sit on that chair opposite me."
I did as I was told, trying to sit as demurely as possible, taking care to keep my knees together, this being aided by the skirt I now wore.
"Good. Not a bad attempt at all. Very well, we will accept you for our extended longer course, starting a week next Monday morning. Make your way to Salisbury railway station, purchase a single ticket to Exeter and join the 10.15am train. When you arrive at Exeter, I or one of my colleagues will meet you, waving a copy of the Daily Telegraph. When satisfied that you have carried out our instructions, of wearing a complete outfit of feminine underwear for your journey, we will drive you to our base to begin the complete transformation."
With relief and an audible sigh I replied,
"Thank you, oh thank you very much."
"Well, I should wait and see before you get too enthusiastic, as I said before, this is not a quick five minute game. You will be committed to spending the whole time as a female and to make it as realistic as possible the preamble to it, involves mock signing of documents agreeing to a sex change, name change and then the treatments I outlined when I arrived."


Super slick idea (sick but neat). Well written. Hope to see many others in a series. First group had 3 operations we were told of only one patent what of the other other two operations and fate of other 4 people? Surly there are other in the Que. 5 out of 5 (FSG)

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This author specialises in first class enforced feminisation stories.


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