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Amanda & Jane (DeAnna Sodus)

Amanda & Jane by DeAnna Sodus

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    • Average 4.5 from 13 ratings

In “Absorbing Jane” by DeAnna Sodus, Joe Dolan’s indiscretions are discovered by his co-worker Emily. She uses her knowledge to blackmail Joe and, more especially, his attractive wife Jane into becoming her virtual slaves. To insure Jane’s compliance, Emily often threatened to also involve the couple’s college aged daughter, Amanda, in her twisted game.

Jane had hoped to save Amanda by slavishly bowing to Emily’s will. It was a forlorn wish. Emily had already set her younger sister Rachael the task of seducing Amanda. Emily had never had any intention of allowing young Amanda to escape her attentions. The time had come to show her slut Jane that Amanda had been added. In " Amanda & Jane" Emily takes her games with the captive family to a new level. Leading Jane into the further shame and degradation of a relationship was too much of a thrill for Emily to pass up.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2012

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No. words: 122400

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



In the novel “Absorbing Jane” by Deanne Sodus, Joe Dolan’s indiscretions are discovered by his co-worker Emily. She uses her knowledge to blackmail Joe and, more especially, his attractive wife Jane into becoming her virtual slaves. To insure Jane’s compliance, Emily often threatened to also involve the couple’s college aged daughter, Amanda, in her twisted game.
Jane had hoped to save Amanda by slavishly bowing to Emily’s will. It was a forlorn wish. Emily had already set her younger sister Rachael the task of seducing Amanda. Emily had never had any intention of allowing young Amanda to escape her attentions. The time had come to show her slut Jane that Amanda had been added. Emily was ready to take the games with the captive family to a new level. Forcing Jane into the further shame and degradation of an incestuous relationship was too much of a thrill for Emily to pass up.

Emily returned with Amanda in tow in a couple of minutes. Amanda’s eyes looked at my situation, burning into me. My shame was overwhelming. Of course my body picked that moment to totally betray me bursting into a huge orgasm in front of my daughter.
“Oh look at her, sweetie, she came just for you. Isn’t that sweet? Go sit on the couch next to Rachael.”
Why the hell wasn’t Joe doing something? After the orgasm tore through me I couldn’t bring myself to lift my head. Emily fixed that quickly. A small rope wound in my hair attached to my wrists pulled my head upright. Satisfied with her work she turned to Amanda and Rachael.
“See, Amanda, your mom is a slut. To be more specific she’s my slut. She does whatever I tell her to do. You know that Rachael was here with your dad this weekend right? Do you know what your mom was doing? She was the house slut for Zeke. Every guy in that frat house took turns fucking her. I hear a few girls too. Now let’s watch the tape to see what happened while you were at the pool with Noelle.”
As if it couldn’t get any worse for me the TV came back to life. I was sitting bound, totally naked in my living room watching my husband on TV getting ready to fuck some girl while my daughter was sitting right next to me.
Georgia was well into her strip tease. Finishing quickly she mounted Joe’s rock hard cock. It disappeared slowly, inch by inch, into her pussy. She fucked him for several minutes before changing positions to face the camera.
In the room, Joe sat there, obliviously embarrassed at this screening of the tape, with his head down. You could feel the embarrassment flow out of him but he said nothing. On screen they had changed positions again with Joe behind her fucking her doggie style. Her small breasts jerking back and forth as his cock pounded her little pussy. He exclaimed several times about how tight she was. Finally after twenty minutes or so of pure animal fucking he came in her pussy, pumping a huge load deep inside.
As I finally snuck a peek at Amanda she never took her eyes off the screen as her father fucked Georgia. I could tell from her body language that it was having an effect, making her horny to go along with her anger and embarrassment. Emily stopped the tape as someone knocked at our door. Emily got up opening the door for the knocker, Noelle strode in with Georgia close behind her. Noelle moved directly to me with a big smile on her face.
“Hey, slut, now that looks comfortable, let me help you.”
She reached down twisting both nipples at the same time, stretching them until my tits looked like cones. The pain burst through everything else sending my head flailing from side to side in an effort to escape. Finally she released them, adding a slap to my face. She turned sitting down next to Emily. Georgia was totally unaffected by this, she went directly to Rachael and cuddled up on her lap. Noelle was the first to speak.
“So they’ve seen the tape?”
“Yes just got done, slut here had her first orgasm already.”
“Right in front of your daughter? God you are white trash. Well Georgia said your husband was a great fuck. She should know I can’t keep the little slut’s panties on. No matter how hard I try.”
“Let me lay this out for you, Amanda. Georgia is the granddaughter of the president of the company your father works for. He would not appreciate watching his granddaughter getting fucked by one of his employees. We want these tapes to remain private, as do you. I am sure you don’t want to see your parents living on the street for this. They will both be finished. And by proxy so will you, no money for college, a black cloud hanging over you for the rest of your life. So we don’t want that right? Now what your parents don’t know is that you and Rachael are more than friends, is that also correct?”
“Uh huh.”
Her stammered reply and flushed face said far more than her words could.
“Well I want you to make the same deal with Rachael that your mother made with me. You are to become Rachael’s property, her slave if you will. You are best friends anyway, right? You have played the slave game already so it’s not that big a deal. It will be like the playtime stuff you have already done. If you say yes we will hold these tapes and no one else will ever see them.”
Joe was ready to pop up to protest. Rachael tapped his stomach pointing to Georgia who was nestled up on her lap stopping him cold.
“Mr. Engal would make sure you couldn’t get a job collecting garbage Joe. Now just sit there and be a good boy.”
He slumped back in the seat. I could see the fight drain out of him. From what I knew about his president it was the right thing to do. I had met him twice and both times he struck me as a real straight laced guy. I am sure that he would see no humor in one of his sales people fucking his granddaughter on tape.
“Ten minutes before your father’s tape is delivered to all the wrong people. Only you can stop it. Now what’s it going to be, Amanda? Do you want to submit to Rachael? It will stop all of this.”
I wanted to scream at Amanda, to tell her no. Let us go to jail or live on the street anything please just stop before its too late. But I couldn’t, Emily had known that would probably be my response to the situation. She’d made sure all I could do is sit there and grunt around my gag.
“I guess it would be cool, Emily. What would I have to do for Rachael?”
“Not much more than you have already, sweetie.”
“Like what else?”
“Well for starters you know that by submitting to Rachael you are also submitting to me?”
“I guess so.”
“Good. Rachael, why don’t you and Noelle take Joe into the bedroom? Really wear him out; we need some girl time here to talk in private.”
“Sure Em.”
Both of them took Joe by the hand leading him out. He looked back at me. In his eyes I could see the sorrow and the pain, but it was too late for that to do any good. Georgia was starting to follow them.
“No, Georgia, you stay with us.”
Georgia plopped down on the couch next to Amanda.
“Ok, Amanda, I want you to show your mom that you are serious about this. I want you and Georgia to have sex right here. Once you make each other cum you will be done for now. It’s to show your mom that she doesn’t control you anymore. Will you do that for me?”
“It’s kinda embarrassing with you guys watching so close. Do you have to watch?”
“No, honey, I guess we don’t as long as we can hear you. We can go to the kitchen till you’re done. But we have to hear you cum, ok?”
“Ok Emily.”
“No more Emily, Amanda. You call me Mistress or Ma’am.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Help me drag your mom out into the kitchen.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Without untying me they grabbed the back of the chair, dragging it out into the kitchen. They pushed me up to the table dropping me in place. Emily kissed Amanda’s cheek as a thank you.
“Now go do Georgia for me. You know how much she loves sex. I want to hear you cum too.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Amanda went off to the living room. The noise from the master suite had already started drifting in as Emily sat down next to me.
“See now isn’t this nice. Everybody is getting fucked in one form or another, except me.”
It didn’t take long for the noises to start coming from the living room.
Georgia was easy to distinguish as I knew those sounds from her on the tape with Joe. Amanda’s sound was different. She was making this high pitched squeaking noise.
“See, slut, the best part of this is now I have both of you. All three actually but I don’t care a bit about Joe except as a tool. As long as he stays out of my way you will all be fine. I know that you will do exactly what you are told. You know why? I have a camera in the living room right now recording your daughter having sex with the same girl that your husband did. Gee you are such a nasty family. Bottom line, before I had you by keeping Amanda out of it. Now I have you for good by getting Amanda into it. She would suffer the same fate as all of you. It would ruin the rest of her life, period.”
An evil smile was plastered all over her face. She was enjoying my torment. The dawning realization of our situation was taking a toll on me. Listening to the sounds of my family having sex was not helping matters any. Emily sat for a minute studying me before continuing.
“My thing is that everything you do will be controlled by me. If Joe shuts up and sits down; he can stay to the side of this. You on the other hand will submit totally to me, absolutely and completely. You will cook and clean for me, suck and fuck whoever, when, and where ever I tell you. Nothing that you do anymore will be on your own. Everything is at my bidding, under my control. This is the price you pay for Amanda’s security.”
I knew that she was playing me, but I was powerless to stop the protective feelings that her words invoked. I had to do everything I could to protect Amanda. Sadly I was sure that Emily knew exactly what I was thinking.
“You fuck up anywhere along the line and I will burn all of you without hesitation. Both Joe and you will fall hard but I will make sure that Amanda will fall first and hardest. That part is all up to you, slut.”
She had me and she knew it, I could never do anything to hurt my baby. I would have to totally submit, regardless of what that meant. As if to punctuate I heard someone cry out in orgasm from the bedroom and the living room at the same time, while all I could do is sit at the table and cry.
Emily disappeared briefly only to return with Noelle who walked into the kitchen totally naked. One look at her pussy told me that she was freshly fucked. Her body was very curvy in a Marilyn Monroe kind of way. Her breasts were firm round globes topped with very large nipples.
“Get the camera in the living room along with Georgia. Take her home, hand the tape to Donna later please. Tell her what it is. She will know what to do with it.”
“Ok, Em. Hey, bitch, your old man’s not a bad fuck.”
She reached in between her legs scooping out the wetness there. Moving to me she wiped it under my nose around my upper lip. Giving my nipples one last savage twist she disappeared toward the living room.
“Georgia, get your face out of the little cunt go get cleaned up. I have to get you home.”
“Yes Mistress Noelle”
“Get moving right now.”
“Sorry Amanda, I have to go, maybe again tomorrow ok?”
“Don’t worry about the little cunt, she will be fine. Cunt, get over here lick your fathers cum out of my pussy.”
I couldn’t believe that Amanda would do that but soon the noises from the living room told me otherwise. Noelle was egging her on to lick faster and deeper. It continued until Noelle cried out in orgasm. The whole time Emily just sat there smiling.
“You just sat there listening to your little college princess eating her father’s cum out of another woman. How did you like that? Maybe soon she can get it from the source. When they are gone I will untie you. We can all get together to talk about your new reality.”
Noelle came back to the kitchen fully dressed with Georgia and the camera in her hand.
“See ya, Em.”
She kissed her cheek then moved quickly, pulling Georgia out the back door.
Emily started the long process of removing my ropes after they left. As she was almost finished Amanda came back in the kitchen. She was fully dressed. Gingerly she sat down across from me. When Emily finished she ushered both of us out into the living room calling for Rachael to come out and bring Joe. Rachael was topless with a pair of his boxers on. He was wearing boxers and t-shirt looking very sheepish. When he sat down next to us on the couch Emily started.
“Well I want to talk about the new living arrangements. First, Rachael is going to move in here. Where she sleeps is up to her. None of you has any rights here anymore.”
“Joe, neither one of us is interested in controlling you. You can do your own thing as long as you stay out of our way. The girls belong to us now. Any one of you does anything stupid and the tapes will be distributed and everyone’s life goes to hell. Nobody wants that including Rachael and myself. Now are there any questions?”
What was there to say? The reality of the situation was undeniable. Emily’s reach had extended to Amanda. Nothing I could say or do short giving up everything we worked our whole life for would change it. I didn’t have any tears left. All my emotions simply left me. It didn’t even register that I was sitting naked next to my daughter.
“Joe, take your wife to bed. She needs rest to assimilate this. Slut you can have the day off tomorrow. Enjoy it; it’s your last one. I will come over tomorrow night to explain your duties.”
Joe took my arm. I allowed him to lead me to the bedroom. Dropping on the bed the last thing I remembered was Joe lifting my feet up. It was a deep, dreamless sleep lasting through the morning.


WOW....one of the strongest and hardest stories I've ever read. A non-stop description of total submission and degradation of a mother and daughter with absolutely no punches pulled. Not for the faint of heart nor those who don't relish the mental as well as physical aspects of submission and humiliation. BUY THIS CLASSIC of its kind! 5 out of 5 (Eljay)

  Author reply: Thank you so much for your kind words. I don't think Jane is done yet so keep watching.

I loved how Jane debasement sinks even lower when her daughter is involved. On the other hand the ending seemed to be at odd with the overall path the book was taking. It looked like there was no ending to the torments when suddenly out of the blue comes a happy ending. In my opinion there could have been at least one more volume where Jane and Amanda could have been degraded even further. 3 out of 5

Extremely strong story of sadomasochistic humiliation and almost non-stop degradation. Just about every conceivable taboo or sexual kink is explored, with pretty much non-stop sex. Well written, and without the typos and poor grammar many books have. Beware, this is not for the weak of heart! Enjoy. 5 out of 5 (Bigrdr)

Outstanding erotic story. Would like to see their adventure continued. 5 out of 5 (JG)

Outstanding erotic book. 5 out of 5 (Chicagossl)

Very good. Keep them coming. 4 out of 5

A nice follow on to "Jane". Sex is descriptive and as much psychological as physical. Good read 5 out of 5

Some sections of this story just didn't grab me.Seemed to miss the IT factor at times. Other areas were quite well written and enjoyable. 3 out of 5 (Fred.)

Excellent writing, good story of domination through blackmail of a entire family 4 out of 5 (Flash)

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Just an average housewife and mom here. Love writing erotica. Please follow me on Facebook. Thanks for all your support.


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