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Ball Busters (Will Buster)

Ball Busters by Will Buster

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Rod Longwood is an uptight, aristocratic screen play writer who inherited some money and earned the rest. Fortunately for him, his old man had been in the media production industry which made it quite easy for him to break into the porno film market. In this futuristic tale, Rod starts his sexual voyage as a shy, considerate person. However, as he is enticed and pampered by the young lovelies of Eros Unlimited, he descends into the lowest levels of sexual depravity imaginable. At the same time he ascends onto glorious new plateaus of carnal ecstasy. He quickly learns that his hired sex service providers have mastered every possible fancy trick to addict him to the lurid pleasures that only Eros Unlimited can provide.

However, it is not as simple as all that. What is the dark, truth that lurks behind the seemingly unremarkable sex service organization? To what depths will they descend to in order to gain political influence through sexual power?

This is Will Buster's most sexually explosive book yet, describing Rod’s incredible sexual adventures in breathtaking detail

“I even get into the minds and very souls of many of the characters in this story. Ashley Cooper owns a pair of genetically engineered holes the squeeze every last drop of ball juice from Rod’s straining cock. Hallie Hunter, an insatiable blonde nymphomaniac, becomes the ultimate playmate of carnal vice for both Rod and Ashley after many Eros chicks have been impregnated by Rod for a bogus government project. If you’re looking for non-stop action and some big surprises, this book will leave you panting and craving more…”

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2012

No. words: 95799

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Fantasy, Dark Secrets Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1
Welcome To Eros

“So, Mister Longwood, how can Eros Unlimited be of service to you?”
Rod thought to himself that the question was both academic and mildly hypocritical because he knew damned well that the elegantly dressed matron knew precisely how her organization could be of service to him. Apart from the name, the very frank advertisements had made their “inventory” quite enticing, to say the least. You couldn’t miss their exotic ad with the flashing one 800 number, directing interested, high rollers to their consummate pleasure women whose beauty was only exceeded by their superb sexual skills.
He sipped from the tall glass still half full of some very expensive vintage wine. It had a lovely subtle, fruity aroma. The very delicious white liquid went down his throat smooth and warm. However, the rose tinted perfume that wafted from the very healthy blonde who sat across from him behind her highly polished desk was nearly as intoxicating.
“As you already know, I’m a highly successful writer in both the porn and Avant Garde film industry. However, I value my privacy and I have yet to find that special someone. I’ve heard of too many horror stories where the rich and famous get bilked by gold digging slutty wives who try to grab millions from wealthy men. Although these wealthy gents may well be worth many millions, still, these female vultures should not be given the huge settlements that they have been receiving. After all, these women didn’t earn or create this money for the most part. There are exceptions of course, such as the girl met in college who helped our bemused millionaire develop his monumental career. In those cases, the girl should get a very fair settlement. If a big timer is worth a hundred million and he runs into one of these money grabbers late in life, a few million should be sufficient for her and an adequate lesson for him. I don’t intend to fall into that terrible, tender trap known as a designing woman.”
Glenda smiled at her new prospective client. “I see, Mister Longwood. I understand from the financial statements that your accountant provided us that although you are not worth hundreds of millions, you still have a nifty fortune in excess of 15 million with residuals on your scripts constantly adding to your little nest egg.” Her laugh was musical. He noted she must have been over forty because of the tiny crow's feet that lined the edges of her lovely sea green eyes. Her teeth were perfectly white and gleamed in the intimately soft lamp light. Her lips glistened with a mild pink shade of carefully applied lip gloss. For a brief moment, he wondered what that mouth would look like while sucking on a long, rigid cock. She went on. “As you are well aware, our female attendants sign very strict contracts. You pay their salaries and they provide whatever sexual services you require as long as the girl is not actually injured or suffers excessive pain. We’ve done our legal homework mister Longwood. If any of our ladies attempted to either blackmail a client or unethically attempt to claim a common law settlement, they would be crushed in court even to the extent of being criminally prosecuted. Client confidentiality is guaranteed as long as you keep your end of the bargain.”
Rod raised his eyebrows ever so slightly. “Oh?”
The glittering smile returned to the sophisticated business woman. “Well, if you decided to blab to the news media that you hired several mistresses for their sexual favors, it wouldn’t be our fault, would it?”
He sipped some more of the very tasty wine. “Well, yes, that’s common sense. So what are the terms and conditions?”
Glenda pursed her lips. “Well, obviously we have a lengthy contract for you to read over and sign. We suggest you discuss this with your lawyer. However, the major point is that you must deposit an advance retainer of $250000 into our account. This will insure that the first six months of wages are covered. Now it very well might last longer, depending on how many women you require and how long each mistress stays at your domicile. If you do change your mind, you will be refunded the unused portion of your deposit. At the end of six months or so, we will require another deposit. We take special care of our precious ladies. For that reason, payment is expected to be made in advance. You see, we believe that a woman is best enjoyed and appreciated when there isn’t any clock ticking in the background. Your lovely houseguest should be extensively and thoroughly savored like the wine you are sipping. On her days off, we arrange for one or more ladies to entertain you during her absence. The minimum time period for a girl to stay with you is one month, weekenders excepted. We suggest a maximum of 12 months unless you actually decided to consider marriage as an option. Some of our girls have made very successful marriages and I don’t mean money wise, I mean compatibility wise. Several have lasted over 20 years and look permanent. After all, love can flourish, even in the sex trade mister Longwood. “
Rod finished his drink, carefully placed the empty glass on the shining desk top and stood. “All right, I’ll go through the contract and if everything is acceptable, I’ll take care of the deposit next Tuesday.”
Glenda stood up as well. Her well-endowed chest threatened to burst through her tight, clingy lemon colored blouse. Yet her apparel was tasteful and conservative. “Very good, Mister Longwood. At that time, I’ll have one of my secretaries help you select your first mistress. We have a large selection of female companions from all over the globe. It may take you a while because we have literally hundreds of very attractive, highly skilled sex partners for you to choose from. So you should come early. I suspect you won’t want to be alone any longer. You’ve told us your dating success in the past has been extremely disappointing and unproductive. It surprises me because you are quite handsome for a relatively short man.”
He bristled at that but showed no reaction. He was only five feet 4 inches, indeed short for a modern man. However, his wavy, fair hair and well sculptured features certainly made up for that. His brown eyes were sharp and penetrating. There was just a faint trace of a British accent, inherited from his straight laced father, which complimented his cultured speech. This gave him an air of subtle superiority while embellishing excellent manners.
“Apart from my financial concerns, I am somewhat reserved in public. I find it difficult to break the ice, if you know what I mean.”
“You’re from Manchester U.K. aren’t you?” It was more of an observation than a question. She’d obviously read his dossier.
“That I am. However, that point is irrelevant to the object of my quest for safe and secure dalliance. I pride myself in my social graces and I certainly would never injure a lady or a tart for that matter. It’s not dignified and such conduct is beneath contempt.”
Glenda’s smile increased. “Ah, an old-fashioned gentleman! It really is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I almost wish I could be one of your prospective bed mates. Alas, I’m very happily married to someone who originally paid for the privilege of my warm, enchanting company.” Her laugh was genuine and warm.
Rod’s voice became aristocratically dry. “I can quite imagine. Good day to you, ma’am.” He even bowed ever so slightly and then he was gone. Glenda was impressed and began to think. She’d rarely seen such fine manners from anyone, including her adored husband. She would make sure that this mild mannered young man was given extra special consideration. She started looking through the files.


“Hi! My name’s Cindy. Glenda told me you’d be stopping by, Mister Longwood. You could look through the complete inventory, but we carefully studied your questionnaire and I’ve selected several possible candidates for your consideration. Would you like to see what we picked out first?”
Rod sat back in the exceptionally comfortable stuffed chair. Cindy’s office was small, yet very richly adorned. Expensive paintings hung on the velvet covered walls. It was meant to put him at ease, as the sparkling brunette was also doing. “All right, Miss, please proceed.”
She chuckled, “How formal we are. Please call me Cindy.”
His smile was thin and a bit forced. It was obvious he was a little uncomfortable with the situation. Cindy wore a very fetching costume. Her small breasts were clearly shaped by the tight, sleeveless blue blouse. The effect was enhanced by a short, dark blue skirt. Her slender legs were enticingly sheathed by dark nylons and revealing sandals. Yet she was quite professional in her approach and deportment. Perhaps it was the topic of conversation that was making him a bit nervous. After all, one didn’t just discuss potential sex partners like this as if one was selecting a vehicle to lease or an apartment to rent. It just wasn’t done, at least not where he’d come from. Well, apparently things were done differently out here in sunny Los Angeles.
Cindy had selected a dozen of what she considered to be ladies of fashionable, discrete sexual prowess who would be more sensitive to a man of discriminating tastes. They were sophisticated and petite for the most part. Cindy knew from experience that most men did not like to look up to taller women. It was one of those deeply ingrained male phobias. At least it was for most men. Psychological studies had indicated that a majority of men had an inner urge to dominate women to some extent. You couldn’t very well do that if the girl in question was three to six inches taller. Even a flat footed draw was usually a problem because the woman might wear high heels and fancy hairdos could add another inch or two, even if it was more illusion than reality.
Cindy also knew that very petite women had a tendency to be a bit tighter in all the right places which was a very exciting bonus for the male.
She looked straight into those knowing brown eyes. “As you well know, all of our ladies are thoroughly trained in all the arts of love. However each girl is different in the style of her sex play, the sounds she makes during possession and her overall deportment in and out of bed. We find that virtually all men prefer either one or two partners at the same time. There really is no need for three. You can only enjoy two ladies at the same time whereas a girl in the right frame of mind could enjoy three men at once.” She giggled when she saw the shock on his face. “Oh you sweet dear! You really are the shy one. Well once you’ve had a chance to be with a few of our fine service providers, I think you’ll grow out of that.” She shook her head as she handed Rod a folder containing some photos and printed information.
“All of these girls I am showing you are what we call in the industry, full service companions. They excel in all sexual practices including anal and oral skills. They will dress any way you wish or they will remain stark naked for you. You basically own their lovely, passion filled bodies for their entire stay with you. I assure you that absolutely nothing you can think of or say to them will shock them. They are all very sophisticated and carnally expressive. Their beauty is much more than skin deep. Each of them kindles fiery passion with every technique of interplay.”
Cindy sat a little closer and described each prospective partner to him. “This is Myra. She’s in her late thirties but we find that she’s an excellent starter girl for the male who is relatively new to the dating scene. As you can see, she is a bit tall for you but she’s very submissive. She’s been enjoyed by literally hundreds of men. Her two sexual orifices are exceptionally talented and compliant to any sized male sex organ. Her oral skills have been described as amazing, delectable and downright unquenchable. She thirsts for male cum and will suck and swallow all the day long if you let her. Her red hair has been only slightly altered by the highest quality hair colorings. As you probably know, a woman reaches her sexual peak at Myra’s age. To delve inside her sizzling depths is like enjoying a rare vintage wine. To Myra love is more than just lust, it is an art to her. She will show you some very fancy techniques that can only be learned after many years of unbridled debauchery. When she gets through with you, I am willing to bet that you will enjoy the other ladies even more. However, you might want something younger.”

Author Information

I’ve been writing erotica for almost ten years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings from ancient Egypt to the distant future. I attempt to put more in my books than simply sex encounters. To me the story is of paramount importance. I will never insult the reader by assuming he or she is only purchasing my book for a few cheep thrills.

My interests vary widely from classical music to major league baseball results to reading many kinds of fiction including movies. My all time two favorite producers were Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik. I’ve tried to incorporate the realism of Kubric and the suspense thrills of Hitchcock whenever possible. So I hope you will be greatly entertained when you read my novels.


Publisher Information

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